The Brilliant Fighting Master
1645 The Re-establishment of the Sacred Institute
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1645 The Re-establishment of the Sacred Institute

There were ten or so Venerable Sovereigns among this large group of people. The remaining fighters weren't quite as strong as Venerable Sovereigns, but they were also very strong.

However, Jiang Chen's disdainful tone seemed to imply that they were vulnerable.

Some of them got angry. Some of them were resigned to the new agenda. Some of them were sighing.

Their different reactions demonstrated that they had come with different objectives.

"Jiang Chen, since the end of the war of the Alien Battlefield, all the defectors have been exposed. We realized that the Nether World School had been targeting extremely talented people, you, for example."

"Now the Nether World School has almost disappeared. No one will bully you for any reason anymore."

"The Wizards have come because of the Wizard Monsters. These two other teams aim to seek justice for the Jet Black Snakes and the Barbarians. And we are here to coordinate everything. In other words, we are on your side."

An extremely pretty woman walked out of this large group of people. She was super-elegant and seemed to be almost noble.

"My son went into the Demon City with you and was caught by the Demons. And thanks to you, he was saved." The pretty woman spoke to him through holy awareness. "Unfortunately, his father wasn't so lucky."

This was quite a surprising twist for Jiang Chen. His hostility became a little less menacing, and the Devil Slaughter Tower descended slowly.

"Thank you, senior. May I know your name?" asked Jiang Chen.

"You aren't weaker than me, so it is unnecessary to call me senior. If it is okay with you, you can just call me Mrs. Yang," the pretty woman said.

"Okay, Mrs. Yang, thank you."

Jiang Chen nodded. Then he said in a different tone, "However, we at the Heavenly Palace are not afraid if anyone wants to cause us trouble. Instead, I will be happy to eliminate any annoying race."

His words sent shivers down the Wizards' spines.

"Supreme Venerable of the Heavenly Palace, may I talk to you for a minute in private?" Mrs. Yang asked in a very polite manner.

"Sure." Jiang Chen agreed. He walked into the Cloud Reaching Hall with Mrs. Yang.

And the others stayed waiting outside. They had gotten to a stalemate.

"It's true that the current Heavenly Palace isn't going to allow anyone to provoke you, but you can't deny the fact that the parts of the Heavenly Defense Field where the Jet Black Snakes, the Barbarians, and the Wizard Monsters were living were from their original Worlds of Meson," Mrs. Yang said slowly and patiently. The calmness in her voice had a soothing effect.

"So what? I can't keep putting up with them and letting them do whatever they want to just because of that, can I?"

"Of course you can't, and you don't have to. The thing is there will be a battle to scramble for the Spiritual Lands, and these three forces can give up their own Spiritual Lands to all of the other races," Mrs. Yang made her point.

Jiang Chen looked a little bit more serious after hearing what she had said.

"If that happens, instead of them, any race will be able to come to the Heavenly Defense Field," Mrs. Yang said.

At that time, what the Heavenly Palace would face wouldn't be some small hindrance, but some bigger crisis.

The Spiritual Land Battle was being recognized by all races. After the experiences that they'd had as allied forces, peace was what all the races wanted. Anyone who had the nerve to break the pact between them would be condemned.

"No one will deliberately target you now, but the Heavenly Defense Field is really a temptation for everyone."

Jiang Chen seemed to have guessed the objectives of those people outside, but he still asked about it.

"They want you to apologize, especially the Wizards. If you apologize, the three Spiritual Lands that these three forces control will go to the Heavenly Palace. The only thing they want is that the resources discovered there should be split among all races in a just way."

Mrs. Yang said, "You don't need me to tell you that this is favorable for you."

Indeed, the Spiritual Lands where the three forces had been living did not actually belong to the Heavenly Defense Field, but with this deal Jiang Chen would be able to get the lands, as well as 30 percent of the revenues of those lands.

Jiang Chen didn't answer immediately. Taking a good look at the upright woman in front of him, he asked out of curiosity, "Mrs. Yang, you are helping us so much. I really appreciate that. But is this really just a return of a favor?"

"Of course."

Then Mrs. Yang did something unexpected after confirming there were no other people in the Cloud Reaching Hall.

Her delicate hands untied her luxury dress and took it off. She was wearing a semi-transparent mesh slip and a backless halter-top blouse. Her body could be vaguely seen under those clothes. It was extremely inviting.

Although she was already a mother, her skin was not wrinkled or rough at all. Instead, it looked like a ripe peach that anyone would like to have a bite of.

"You are my hero, and also the hero who saved the whole world. What you have been through is really unfair."

As she spoke, Mrs. Yang threw him an amorous look and took a step forward, her bare feet stepping on the smooth floor. She came up to Jiang Chen slowly.

"I never thought I would see this day."

As a man, Jiang Chen surely couldn't deny Mrs. Yang was a charming mature woman. Her mature charm was something that the women he had been with did not have.

And he was pleased by her character and how she was going to allow him to do whatever he wanted to her. There was a sense of power.

But sure, if he let himself fall and gave in, Jiang Chen would not have been Jiang Chen.

Grasping Mrs. Yang's arms reaching out for him, he said with a smile, "Thank you, Mrs. Yang. But I just got engaged to my girlfriend yesterday. Please understand that I don't want to make any mistakes."

It was a refusal, but his answer made Mrs. Yang flash an interesting smile.

The look in her eyes was even more attractive than before.

She pulled Jiang Chen's hands to her waist. In her soft and gentle voice, she whispered into his ear, "No one would know."

Feeling her waist, Jiang Chen really felt tempted.

"No matter how powerful a woman is, she will still need a man to rely on. Besides, I don't take a fancy to just anyone. Learn to accept me, and I will be a great help for you."

"Don't you think the Heavenly Palace is drifting away from the Middle River, just like you?"

Jiang Chen smiled at her. He moved his hands down and grasped her big booty.

Mrs. Yang looked complacent, but at this moment, he put her clothes back onto her body again.

And Jiang Chen pulled away from her.

"Mrs. Yang, we'll talk about this later if we ever have the chance," said Jiang Chen.

Mrs. Yang was struck dumb by his refusal. She was embarrassed and annoyed. However, gazing at Jiang Chen's smiling face, she understood that it was not as if Jiang Chen had refused her because he didn't like her. He just didn't want to go against his heart.

So, Mrs. Yang's anger was gone very soon.

"I was just attempting to show you how sincere I was," she said, smiling.

"Your sincerity was really pure. Oh no, really big, no, actually, I would say you were really full of sincerity," said Jiang Chen.

Giving him a stare, Mrs. Yang said, "Let's get down to business."

"Before I give you an answer, I would like to know, Mrs. Yang, your point of view. If you are really doing this merely out of good intentions, I would believe you, but why would those people outside listen to you?"

Jiang Chen said, "First of all, you can't talk the Wizards out of this with the argument that I am the world's savior. The Wizards won't buy it."

"You are smart indeed."

Mrs. Yang knew she couldn't hide anything from him, so she told him the truth. "I am actually here on behalf of the Sacred Institute. I'm here to make a ruling on what happened between the Heavenly Palace and the Jet Black Snakes, the Barbarians, and the Wizard Monsters. My solution is also what the Sacred Institute wants to see."

"The Sacred Institute?"

"Exactly. When the allied forces were dealing with the Demons and the Nether World School, they realized there were many problems, like improper direction and too many differences in opinions. As a result, the Sacred Institute has been re-established."


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