The Brilliant Fighting Master
1643 Beginning of Nirvana
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1643 Beginning of Nirvana

"You two can come at me at the same time."

Hesitating, they heard Jiang Chen challenge them to fight him together.

Now, they were inclined to make a move. They'd originally thought that they would have to face the same attack that had just killed Mo Kuang one by one. It would turn out to be an entirely different scenario if they could fight together.

Mang Shan, however, still had trouble accepting the fact that their positions had switched. They'd initially subdued the Heavenly Palace almost totally, yet now somehow the Heavenly Palace had turned the tide.

Although Mo Kuang had been killed brutally, Mang Shan still believed he had a chance to beat Jiang Chen. However, be that as it may, he quickly agreed with Gu Tong's plan.

Not simply because he had changed his mind, but because the troops from the Heavenly Palace had arrived.

Wu Ming had arrived, personally leading the entire force from the Heavenly Palace. This was because Empress Ling Long had said that Jiang Chen had returned.

"Jiang Chen?"

Wu Ming had prepared all the forces to get ready for a real war.

To his surprise, he'd discovered that Jiang Chen had complete control over the situation.

Wu Ming was especially confused because Jiang Chen looked younger.


Wu Ming was convinced that this was indeed his apprentice as soon as Jiang Chen spoke.

"We agree." Gu Tong was so afraid that Jiang Chen and Wu Ming would join forces that he replied to Jiang Chen immediately.

"Then let's begin." Jiang Chen had already expected them to agree.

Listening to this conversation, Wu Ming was puzzled, until he saw Mo Kuang's dead body.

Empress Ling Long explained everything that had happened to him right away.

"What's the point of fighting with them? We can team up and take care of them once and for all." After learning about how tough his apprentice had become, Wu Ming was astonished. He spoke silently to Jiang Chen.

"It doesn't matter. The results will be the same. I just wanted to see the strength of my most powerful attack."

"All right." Wu Ming was thinking to himself that even if Gu Tong and Mang Shan could withstand Jiang Chen's attack, he could move forward and finish them off.

As they were now in a disadvantageous position, Gu Tong and Mang Shan had toned down their arrogance about being Venerable Sovereigns a bit. They stood next to each other, ready to work side by side to counter Jiang Chen's next attack.

During this time, they saw Jiang Chen put away the Heaven-Punishing Sword and switch the Red Cloud Sword from his left hand to his right hand.

"Fire attack."

The two Venerable Sovereigns understood what they would be facing next.

Previously Mo Kuang's eight-headed snake had been annihilated by flames.

With everyone watching, Jiang Chen stood in front of the two Venerable Sovereigns.

Gu Tong and Mang Shan's bodies each flashed a bright beam of light, demonstrating that they had called on their best abilities.

The Three Movements of First Jhana."

Jiang Chen placed the Red Cloud Sword in front of his chest, where a blazing sacred flame radiated from it.

The three Movements of First Jhana were Beneath the Bodhi, End of Samsara, and Beginning of Nirvana.

Jiang Chen had just started to learned the third movement, and he couldn't really control it stably yet. Fatal loopholes in it could be exposed during a combat exercise.

But now with the two people standing still and waiting for him to strike first, it was a great move.

"Beginning of Nirvana!"

Centering around the Red Cloud Sword, the sacred flame transformed into a wheel with firepower surging savagely in its middle.

It looked identical to the sun rising when Jiang Chen lifted the Red Cloud Sword above his head with a great effort.

"Run!" Gu Tong and Mang Shan were utterly stunned. They were petrified as the heatwave rolled in. They didn't care about anything but saving their lives.

They had stayed to grapple with Jiang Chen only to strive for chances for their own people. Only now they realized that they'd been too greedy.

Now they were unsure if they could keep their own lives, let alone if they could amass any opportunities for their people.

"Get back." Wu Ming suddenly struck at them. The rays of his sword turned into a white radiance and blocked these two people's escape. His strike was venting all the anger that he'd accumulated and swallowed during the past three years.

It wasn't that he hadn't wanted to stand and fight ever since these three groups from the Worlds of Meson had started to encroach on the Heavenly Palace.

But Jiang Chen had believed in him and put the Heavenly Palace under his care. He had to bear all their insults and focus on the bigger picture.

Consequently, he had been criticized for losing his moxie and had been mistaken for a coward by the people of the Heavenly Palace.

Fortunately, his apprentice had now helped him to understand the value of perseverance.

The radiance of his sword stopped Gu Tong and Mang Shan. Just as the two started gazing at Wu Ming with rage in their eyes, the roaring inferno hit them.

"No!" Just like any ordinary person being engulfed by fire, the two Venerable Sovereigns were obliterated straight away.

The sacred flame burned them into ashes as if its goal was to eradicate all their evil.

It looked as easy as two common folks being killed.

"What?" Countless people gaped at the scene in disbelief.

In fact, it was perfectly normal. Because Gu Tong and Mang Shan had been too busy running away to defend themselves. If they had been as steady and strong as they had been in the beginning, they might not have died so easily, or at all.

Nonetheless, most things that happen to you in this world don't give any second chances.

Jiang Chen looked tired for the first time since he had stepped back into this world.

The power of the Beginning of Nirvana might be mighty, but he hadn't mastered it proficiently.

If his master hadn't blocked those two people, his powerful strike might have been in vain.

"Supreme Venerable! Jiang Chen! Supreme Venerable! Jiang Chen!"

"Our Leader, the Venerable!"

All of a sudden, everyone from the Heavenly Palace cried out with tears in their eyes.

For the past three years, the Heavenly Palace had been having a tough time and had lost their backbone, especially since these three groups from the World of Meson had been messing with them.

It had caused emotional distress to the members of the Heavenly Palace. Especially the first-generation members of the Heavenly Palace.

They had witnessed the Heavenly Palace grow into the most powerful force in the Seventh Realm from nothing.

For the last three years, they had been bullied by the three groups from the Worlds of Meson during this era of the Endless Continent.

The only reason they had persisted was because they believed that Jiang Chen would come back and change everything.

And Jiang Chen hadn't failed them.

He'd come back in the most dominating fashion and swept away the best fighters from the three groups from the Worlds of Meson.

"Everything that has been stolen from us during the past three years will be taken back in double," Jiang Chen ordered.


Everyone was in high spirits and couldn't wait to eradicate the Jet Black Snakes, the Wizard Monsters, and the Barbarians.

Even though they had originally lived in the Worlds of Meson, their fates had been sealed when they'd decided to assault and destroy the Heavenly Palace.


Meanwhile, inside Yin Xing City, Ye Xue had also finished her battle. The second in command of the Jet Black Snakes and all the Savage Snake Fighters had been wiped out.

Ye Xue was indeed at the first rank of a Venerable Sovereign.

Watching Jiang Chen kill three Venerable Sovereigns, Ye Xue smiled bitterly, yet also felt proud of him.

"Master, I will let you take over the rest."

Now that Wu Ming had arrived, the three groups that had lost their Venerable Sovereigns had no choice but to flee.

"I always knew you were the delegator-in-chief," Wu Ming shook his head with a smile and didn't refuse.

Right after, Jiang Chen and Ye Xue left for the Heavenly Palace, holding hands.

Looking at their backs, Tian Ling and Lin Shuangyue had mixed feelings. They would like to have been the woman next to Jiang Chen.

Regrettably, they both understood it was already quite fortunate for them to have gotten to know Jiang Chen at all. There was no point in dreaming about having a love affair with him.

Jiang Chen took Ye Xue nonstop to the Cloud Reaching Hall and the Divine Tree of Creatures.

"Apprentice brother, is that...?" Ye Xue realized something, her heart racing.

"Yes, come with me to meet my parents." Jiang Chen was heading to the Jiang family home.

"Okay." Needless to say Ye Xue didn't object. But she was extremely nervous.

Later that night, as the three nasty groups from the Worlds of Meson were being obliterated, laughter filled the Jiang family home.

Unlike the members of the Heavenly Palace who had hoped that Jiang Chen would come back to uphold justice and protect their security, the Jiang family had only wished for Jiang Chen's safe return.


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