The Brilliant Fighting Master
1641 Three Venerable Sovereigns
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1641 Three Venerable Sovereigns

The attack from the Venerable Sovereign was astounding. Even though the black fog hadn't cracked the Athanasia Armor of Divinity yet, it was consuming it bit by bit.

If Jiang Chen had sat idly by and let the black fog eat him up, he would've been seriously injured within 15 minutes. Fortunately, he hadn't promised Mo Kuang that he'd stay inside for 15 minutes.

The Void Divine Wind created a shield out of thin air and circled it around Jiang Chen and kept the black fog out.

Just when the black fog was reaching the critical point, it was picked up and carried by the Divine Wind and swept toward Mo Kuang, who was in the air.


Mo Kuang was both surprised and irritated. Turning his own attack against him was such an insulting move.

Holding his breath, Mo Kuang exerted his power as a Venerable Sovereign. Thundering noises could be heard from the sky.

The billowing black fog met with some invisible resistance and was compressed into a ball.

A leer appeared on Mo Kuang's face. The black fog ball exploded and turned into a dark cloud that enveloped the whole city.

"You're not even a Venerable Sovereign. How dare you fight with me."

"Does one have to be a Venerable Sovereign to deal with you?"

Surprisingly to Mo Kuang, Jiang Chen's voice came from behind him.

He hadn't realized that Jiang Chen had managed to break through the black fog.

"What...what a bizarre method of the void." Mo Kuang's heart sank, especially when he started thinking about how Jiang Chen had vanished before to transport those people who had been prisoners to safety.

Realizing Jiang Chen was stronger than he'd first imagined, Mo Kuang started to condense his Protective Dipper Energy continuously.

Jiang Chen's peculiar physical movements didn't necessarily represent all of his offensive ability

As a Venerable Sovereign, Mo Kuang was confident that he would be able to find a way to handle him.

But Mo Kuang couldn't see Jiang Chen when he turned around. At first startled, he then said with irritation, "What? Are you trying to annoy me to death like a fly?"

"Looks like you're blaming me for not putting in enough effort. I'll grant your wish then."

Mo Kuang couldn't see where Jiang Chen was, yet he could hear his voice coming from all around him, almost like he was everywhere.

Abruptly, Mo Kuang instinctively felt a strong sense of danger.

At almost the same time, a giant black dragon, surging and flashing thunder and lightning, galloped toward him from out of the void.

Frightened, Mo Kuang backed away a few steps before discovering that the giant dragon was only the radiance of the energy that was being emitted from Jiang Chen, who was standing at the center.

Clenching his fists, Jiang Chen rushed toward Mo Kuang with an irresistible force.

"This shouldn't be happening."

For many, many years, Mo Kuang had run into prodigies and masters from all of the races, but he'd never been as astounded as he was right now.

This enemy in front of him was absolutely exceptional at offense, defense, and speed.

This was almost impossible for a human.

For a second, Mo Kuang was wondering if Jiang Chen was just camouflage, hiding his real identity underneath a facade.

He soon realized that he wasn't just a figment of his imagination when Jiang Chen's Thundering Dragon Fist had reached him.

With the boost from the Heart Power, Jiang Chen could easily wield the fifth movement of the Thundering Dragon Fist without even coming close to his limit.

"Heaven Snake Awaken!"

Mo Kuang understood now that he had to go all out even though his opponent was not a Venerable Sovereign.

Inside Yin Xing City, the second in command of the Jet Black Snakes was leading the Savage Snake Fighters in a relentless chase after Ye Xue, yet they still couldn't catch her.

While he was feeling stressed, the second in command heard Mo Kuang's voice booming from the sky, calling out Heaven Snake Awaken. He raised his head in disbelief. "He'd threatened his chief to such an extent so soon?"

The second in command had originally thought that it was going to be an easy hunt.

The so-called Heaven Snake Awaken was a natural talent of the Jet Black Snakes. When it was unleashed, they would gain endless power from it and fight until death.

The physical similarities Mo Kuang shared with his evil kin had become much more obvious. His arms looked almost like snakeskin.

Facing Jiang Chen with the Thundering Dragon Fist, not only didn't he flinch, but he moved forward to meet Jiang Chen.


Their fists collided like two moons crashing together.

"Don't you dare underestimate a Venerable Sovereign!"

Mo Kuang's skin was as pale as paper. His whole body became strengthened and tenacious, and his bones had disappeared.

Mo Kuang's arm that had thrown the punch was like a deft python and swiftly entwined with Jiang Chen's arm. When it reached Jiang Chen's shoulder, his palm suddenly became a snake's head with bloody eyes.

HISS! The snake charged forward, attempting to bite Jiang Chen's neck. The venom in its teeth could easily paralyze a Venerable Sovereign temporarily.

"The sixth movement!"

Just as Mo Kuang was on the verge of succeeding, an even stronger force was discharged from Jiang Chen's body.

Fingers locked and biceps bulging, Jiang Chen was about to free himself from Mo Kuang.

Flashing with electrifying power, his fist smashed into Mo Kuang's chest. Mo Kuang's jet black-colored Protective Dipper Energy failed almost at once.


Jiang Chen battered at him repeatedly. Within seconds, Mo Kuang had taken hundreds of punches.

By the time he'd felt any pain, his Protective Dipper Energy had been completely destroyed and massive injuries were spreading on his body.

What's worse, Jiang Chen's offensive continued without a break, as if it would never stop.

Consequently, the onlookers from Yin Xing City were watching a scene the likes of which they hadn't even been able to dream of.

"Our Venerable Sovereign is being beaten up like a little child!"

"How could a teenager be this powerful?"

"You see, the strength he displayed indicates that he's not a Venerable Sovereign."

"But he's indeed from the human race, isn't he? How can he have a different state system than everyone else?"

Even people with the most outstanding knowledge could only gaze in speechless dismay without understanding what was going on.

Of course, this didn't mean that Mo Kuang had necessarily lost.

His injuries might have been terrible due to constant blows, plenty of wounds, and blood gushing. Nonetheless, his fixation on beating Jiang Chen and his will to fight were unchanging.

"Mahoraga Transforming Blood!"

"As Jiang Chen had started striking him again, the blood flowing from Mo Kuang's body transformed in the air into thousands of little snakes.

Jiang Chen's face changed. He had to pull back to steer clear of the blood snakes.

The blood snakes pranced and hopped around briskly in the air. It would be an unforgettable memory for Jiang Chen if he was ever hit by them.

With all kinds of crazy sounds coming from the snakes, Jiang Chen jumped around in the air, trying to avoid them.

"Do you really think a Venerable Sovereign could be beaten to death by you?"

Mo Kuang mocked Jiang Chen. Immediately after, he sensed something and shouted toward the edge of the city, "You two, how long do you plan on simply watching?"

People instantly felt more energy coming from two Venerable Sovereigns.

"It's the Wizard Monsters and the Barbarians!"

"The teenager is doomed now!"

"It's over. No more suspense now."

The Venerable Sovereigns from the Wizard Monsters and the Barbarians came into view. The onlookers were sure that the fight was over now.

"You Jet Black Snakes are such troublemakers. You destroyed their teleportation formation, kidnapped their disciples, and brought this mess on yourselves. Now you can't fix it and expect us to help. Isn't that a bit unfair to us?"

"Exactly. Shouldn't the Jet Black Snakes compensate us somehow?"

Taking no account of Jiang Chen, the two arriving Venerable Sovereigns started to chat with Mo Kuang.

"Like you people haven't ever done anything wicked? These people killed my son. Even if you don't help, I'll never let this bad blood with the Heavenly Palace go. I'd love to see how you two would handle them if the Jet Black Snakes were wiped out." Furious already, Mo Kuang looked even more ferocious after hearing their remarks.

"Mo Qing was killed?"

The two Venerable Sovereigns hadn't heard about this situation. They both became stony-faced after they had learned what had happened.

"The Jet Black Snakes, the Wizard Monsters, and the Barbarians have a stake in each other's success. There is no tolerance for outsiders who violate us."

"Old friend, rest assured, we'll avenge our nephew!"

The two Venerable Sovereigns from the Wizard Monsters and the Barbarians spoke solemnly.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》