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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1640 Black Fog

Troops were hurtling toward Yin Xing City from the south, where the Heavenly Palace lay.

Empress Ling Long was at the head of these troops, with Cang Yue by her side.

They had been extremely distressed ever since Tian Ling had been taken by the Jet Black Snakes.

They'd pleaded for volunteers to go and help bring back the captured disciples of the Heavenly Palace.

"They destroyed our teleportation formation and kidnapped our disciples. How can we agree to pay a ransom to them?" A discontented voice was raised within the troops.

It resonated with many people. They had to stop continuing on this path.

"The vice leader of the Heavenly Palace became a Venerable Sovereign to strengthen us against these forces, but he seems to have lost his moxie," the same person spoke again.

He was a middle-aged man named Xue Shou, who had been with the Heavenly Palace for quite some time.

"You should realize clearly that we are only going to be safe when our Leader comes back." It wasn't that Empress Ling Long didn't feel frustrated with their situation, it was just that she understood Wu Ming's intentions.

It would be extremely unwise to start a war with these three groups of underhanded fighters from the Worlds of Meson. Not only would the Heavenly Palace be in a disadvantageous position, but they might also even bring catastrophe on themselves.

A lot of strong groups would love to take over the Heavenly Defense Field, and they would love to see the Heavenly Palace and the three groups from the Worlds of Meson killing each other.

"Even so, wouldn't you say that the Jet Black Snakes dare to be so audacious exactly because they think that our Leader is never coming back?"

"Even if he comes back, many things have changed during the last three years. Who can even say if our Leader will be as powerful as he used to be."

People all started complaining and bitching.

"Then what exactly do you want to do? Charge over to Yin Xing City and launch a war?" Cang Yue asked with annoyance.

All the senior members of the Heavenly Palace lowered their heads with shame. After all these years, these people who'd pledged allegiance to the Heavenly Palace were all exceedingly loyal. They would never defect or give up on the Heavenly Palace.

But it was exceedingly difficult for them to accept the humiliation and mockery that they would have to suffer during this trip to Yin Xing City.

"Believe in the Heavenly Palace and believe in Jiang Chen. This is all I can say. People who don't want to come with me to be put to shame are free to go back home now," Empress Ling Long said calmly.

Xue Shou, who'd whined the loudest, no longer felt that he'd been right to do that.

"We will share all the good and the bad. Empress Ling Long, please forgive our nonsense," Xue Shou said.

With that, the troops set off again.

When Yin Xing City came into their sights, everyone became sullen and gloomy, and tried to get themselves ready to deal with the challenges ahead.

Suddenly, they noticed a large number of people running out of the city, all of whom looked frightened.

Empress Ling Long could also sense the energy of a Venerable Sovereign in the city.

"What happened in the city?" Cang Yue stopped a person to ask for some information about what was going on.

From that person, the troops of the Heavenly Palace learned about what was happening in Yin Xing City right at this minute.

They were both exhilarated and stunned to find out that Mo Qing and the Jet Black Snakes soldiers had been killed.

The Jet Black Snakes were the most detestable group among the three that had come from the Worlds of Meson. They had raped many female disciples of the Heavenly Palace and inflicted many other indignities on them because of their filthy natures.

Therefore, every single member of the troops was elated on learning that Mo Qing had been executed.

They were also astounded when they heard that Ye Xue was among the people who had murdered them.

They'd originally thought that the Jet Black Snakes had provoked some gruesome adversary or other.

After all, the Jet Black Snakes would certainly have known if the Heavenly Palace had planned to attack them.

Being told that there was a man with Ye Xue surprised and excited people from the Heavenly Palace.

Based on their understanding of Ye Xue's character, only one person could be with her.

The answer was obvious also now that the person was also helping the Heavenly Palace.

"Can our Leader take on a Venerable Sovereign?" They became a bit worried after their initial excitement.

"Rest assured. Ye Xue is there," Empress Ling Long said, comforting everyone.

It wasn't that Ye Xue was so powerful that she could guarantee Jiang Chen's safety.

It was because Ye Xue would certainly have let Jiang Chen know that there was a Venerable Sovereign among the Jet Black Snakes.

Knowing Jiang Chen well, Empress Ling Long understood that he wouldn't have come here if he hadn't been absolutely certain about his ability.

"Notify the Heavenly Palace's Vice Leader immediately."

Thinking about the Wizard Monsters and the Barbarians, the two brother groups of the Jet Black Snakes from the Worlds of Meson, Empress Ling Long believed it would be prudent to have Wu Ming here.


Mo Kuang was trying to be cautious as well. The chieftain of the Jet Black Snakes was practically in a frenzy from rage, yet he didn't move impetuously.

Led by their second in command, 12 Savage Snake Fighters surrounded Jiang Chen and Ye Xue.

"Call your Venerable Sovereign out. I will kill you with my own hands in front of him!" Mo Kuang first shouted at Jiang Chen, the murderer who'd killed his son, then looked over at Ye Xue, "As for you! You will taste the Jet Black Snakes' fury!"

"There are no other people around. You need to hurry if you want to avenge your son," Jiang Chen said.

Squinting, Mo Kuang couldn't believe that Jiang Chen had just said that.

Jiang Chen touched his jaw and vanished along with all the disciples of the Heavenly Palace.

"What?" Mo Kuang was stunned. Of course, he'd expected Jiang Chen to run, but he'd never thought that Jiang Chen was this impressive.

He'd disappeared with a dozen people without leaving a trace.

"You've been abandoned."

Mo Kuang clenched his teeth with rage. He wanted to chase after them but he didn't even know where they'd gone. His snake eyes looked at Ye Xue. With the same obscene ideas in his mind as his son had had, those eyes turned even more twisted and evil under the rage for revenge.

Ye Xue remained calm and unperturbed.

Soon after, Jiang Chen came back alone.

Mo Kuang realized then that Jiang Chen had sent the other people to a safe area. Even though he was infuriated, he'd come to understand that Wu Ming was probably not around.

"Since you asked to die!"

All of a sudden, Mo Kuang struck without warning. He wanted to take out Jiang Chen first.

His second in command led the Savage Snake Fighters to attack Ye Xue so that they could take her as a hostage to prevent Jiang Chen from escaping, trying to use the same ruse as before.

"Don't worry about me."

Ye Xue had detected Jiang Chen's hesitation and said immediately, "It's time for the world to see the power of the Supreme Venerable Spiritual Heart."

"All right."

Jiang Chen chose to believe in his apprentice sister and focus on dealing with the Venerable Sovereign.

"Thousands of Snakes Gnawing Heart!" Mo Kuang's technique was more eerie than fierce.

A black fog tumbled around like a smoke signal, heading down from above. The edge of the black fog turned into countless venomous snakes as it was coming for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows. Despite its haphazard look, the black fog had a frightening power to crack a target's Protective Dipper Energy.

Jiang Chen wanted to find out if his Athanasia Armor of Divinity could withstand it. So he let the black fog engulf him.

Mo Kuang couldn't resist a smirk. Nonetheless, this had seemed too easy for him to relax.

He was relieved a bit after realizing that Jiang Chen was indeed inside the black fog.

"Turns out they're just two morons." Mo Kuang felt assured, contemplating now how to torture Jiang Chen in order to vent his anger over the killing of his son.


All of a sudden, Mo Kuang found that the black fog was spinning frantically.

Frowning, he realized that this would never have happened under normal circumstances. No one understood the black fog better than he did.

"Is it possible that he can hold out against the black fog?" Mo Kuang couldn't believe it.

Extremely toxic and corrosive, the black fog had been melted by Mo Kuang himself with great difficulties.

Any enemy, no matter whether they were exuberant and vigorous or exceptionally skilled at defense, would lose their bearings in the black fog.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》