The Brilliant Fighting Master
1639 Yin Xing City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1639 Yin Xing City

Immaculate white clothes would make anyone feel awkward and self-conscious. Anyone except Ye Xue. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders like a waterfall and her porcelain-like skin was unblemished.

"Icy Spirit King, are you here to negotiate on behalf of the Heavenly Palace?"

Contrary to Mo Qing, whose head had been turned, the elder attendants with him rushed to calm down the situation quickly.

"Is this true?" It had just occurred to Mo Qing that the Icy Spirits and the Heavenly Palace had often communicated with each other because of the special relationship between Ye Xue and Jiang Chen.

Considering that the Heavenly Palace had been in free fall since Jiang Chen's disappearance, it was reasonable for them to ask the Icy Spirits for help.

"Miss Ye Xue, come with me, please." Mo Qing walked toward her, thinking to himself, "You've delivered yourself to me."

Suddenly, he felt a coldness surrounding him.

"Young master, be careful," the attendants shouted.

To everyone's surprise, Ye Xue, holding a thick sword made of ice, jabbed at Mo Qing mercilessly.

Mo Qing didn't have any time to react and was stabbed in his chest.

Fortunately, he'd survived the attack unharmed because of the soft armor he was wearing under his fancy clothes.

"Go ahead!" Mo Qing ordered his soldiers.

The Jet Black Snakes soldiers surrounded Ye Xue instantaneously.

The onlookers quickly backed away.

"Ice Seal!" Looking straight ahead, Ye Xue chopped downward with the thick ice sword.

The ice and frost covered the ground. The feet of the Jet Black Snakes soldiers were frozen to the ground.

This was only the beginning. The coldness intensified and turned the soldiers into ice statues.

"Break!" Ye Xue struck without hesitation. All the ice statues exploded, one after another.


People were shocked. They didn't expect Ye Xue to be so forceful.

"Did the Heavenly Palace want to start a war?"

This was not impossible. Compared with being completely eaten away bit by bit, it was definitely better to put up a desperate fight.

Although the Heavenly Palace didn't seem to have enough strength to defeat the three groups from the Worlds of Meson.

"Icy Spirit King, how dare you!" The masters from the Jet Black Snakes dashed to the scene. They were all peak Martial Arts Saints.

The one who spoke first was even a titled martial arts practitioner. "The Heavenly Palace and your Icy Spirits will pay for this."

Followed by some more trash talk, the martial arts practitioner led more than a half-dozen Jet Black Snakes soldiers to encircle Ye Xue.

They'd assumed that Ye Xue would move the fight high up in the sky and not disregard the safety of Yin Xing City since she hadn't come here to start a personal war.

However, they soon realized that they'd have to force her out.

Ye Xue's abilities were way beyond anyone's imagination though.

She didn't rise up to the sky or raze Yin Xing City to the ground.

Ice walls descended behind her, one by one, forming a magnificent defense shield.

The shield only covered half of her instead of fully cocooning her. This way, Ye Xue was able to effortlessly fight with the masters and the titled martial arts practitioner from the Jet Black Snakes.

"This woman is probably only slightly weaker than a Venerable Sovereign."

"Of course she's remarkable now that her supreme venerable spiritual heart has grown."

Astonished, people watched the battle from faraway.

"Stop it now! Otherwise, I'll kill them!" Mo Qing snarled, as the Jet Black Snakes soldiers were falling and he found himself in a disadvantageous position.

He placed a sharp sword near to Lin Shuangyue and Tian Ling's necks.

Ye Xue, however, remained unshaken. Her attacks became even more fierce, subduing the Jet Black Snakes substantially.

Mo Qing was furious. His arm that was holding the sword was about to kill off one of the two women.

The next moment, a confused expression crossed his face.

He felt that he couldn't use his arm properly.

He turned around and realized in terror that his whole arm had been chopped off. The incision was so smooth that the blood hadn't even sprayed out yet.

Then, as the blood started gushing, Mo Qing started to howl shrilly.

People realized that a young man had somehow appeared on the plaza.

No one knew how he'd severed Mo Qing's arm as he wasn't holding any weapon.

Meanwhile, Ye Xue was also prevailing over all the soldiers with her overwhelming strength.

The titled martial arts practitioner and the other soldiers from the Jet Black Snakes were frozen again with their lives in her hands.

Everyone at the scene was completely dumbfounded.

"How could the Jet Black Snakes be so vulnerable?"

"It's not right. This is only the beginning!"

"Pawns fight with pawns, and generals fight with generals. These two people here are generals who've killed puny soldiers. It won't be a true battle until the big wheels from the Jet Black Snakes come to join them."

Almost right away, numerous bundles of energy burst forth in Yin Xing City. They were indeed the commanders of the Jet Black Snakes.

"The Savage Snake Fighters!"

They were 12 bundles of energy, making up the elite forces of the Jet Black Snakes: the Savage Snake Fighters.

Even though these fighters hadn't reached the titled martial arts practitioner's state, relying on occult methods, they had the ability to employ the level of power only a Venerable Sovereign would have in a short period.

Ye Xue might be unstoppable now, but she would definitely lose ground when she was up against the Savage Snake Fighters.

"Kill him! Kill him!" Mo Qing yowled. it was an unimaginable shame for him to have lost an arm.

He didn't seem to realize that the Savage Snake Fighters were much farther away from Jiang Chen than Jiang Chen was from him.

Using telekinetic power, Jiang Chen grabbed Mo Qing by his neck and lifted him above the ground.

Then the 12 pugnacious Savage Snake Fighters arrived at the stone statue, but didn't dare to move carelessly.

"Don't be reckless. Are you really going to instigate a war?" A middle-aged man hurried over. He was the second in command of the Jet Black Snakes.

He yelled, "If you kill Mo Qing, the Jet Black Snakes will never stop fighting with the Heavenly Palace and the Icy Spirits."

"Just because of what you said, he's dead." Jiang Chen promised. Then brilliant, radiant energy flew out of his fingers.

Immediately, the so-called first young master of the Jet Black Snakes turned into ashes.

At that moment, a huge commotion erupted.

The second in command didn't know if he should continue talking.


People didn't pull themselves together until they heard a thundering bellow.

"It's the Venerable Sovereign of the Jet Black Snakes!"

"He wouldn't dream that someone would dare to kill his son in Yin Xing City."

"Things have escalated. The war is about to begin."

Babbling and yelping, people looked over at the young guy who'd caused the disturbance.

He didn't pay any attention to the powerful strength represented by the bellow. He only untied the detained disciples of the Heavenly Palace.

"You are?" Among the captives, most were still confused.

However, with glints in their eyes, Tian Ling and Lin Shuangyue had already recognized Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen pressed a finger against his lips and smiled mysteriously.

Lin Shuangyue and Tian Ling also exchanged a chuckle.

Their reaction baffled everyone.

The two women seemed to be completely unconcerned that a raging Venerable Sovereign was about to pounce on them.

"Notify the Wizard Monsters and the Barbarians!"

The second in command realized the situation was even more complicated. Wu Ming, from the Heavenly Palace, was probably hiding in the dark.

Under the current circumstances, the pact among the three groups would become effective. When the Heavenly Palace attacked any one among the three, the other two would throw reinforcements into the battle.

This was the only way they'd had to counter the Heavenly Palace and gain more time to develop themselves.

"A war is really coming! The Wizard Monsters and the Barbarians will send in troops soon."

People noticed an exceptionally bright light beam had appeared in the night sky above Yin Xing City.

It was for signaling.

After the light beam emerged, the void outside of Yin Xing City started to twist. A teleportation route was being built.

"Who! Who killed my son!" The Venerable Sovereign of the Jet Black Snakes had arrived.

Upon his arrival, the magnificent power of a Venerable Sovereign pressed on the ground all around around the stone statue.

It was not only a psychological pressure, but a real one.

The entire center area of the city sunk a few feet.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》