The Brilliant Fighting Master
1637 Requisition of Resources
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1637 Requisition of Resources

Jiang Chen neatly deflected Ye Xue's questions about his age.

They wandered among the glaciers. At Ye Xue's request, Jiang Chen took her to the path he used to walk on when he had been troubled by their relationship. He'd been misunderstood by Ye Xue and heartbroken at the thought that he might never see his apprentice sister again.

Listening to Jiang Chen's story, Ye Xue felt guilty and wanted to do everything she could to make it up to her apprentice brother.

Jiang Chen whispered something in her ear.

Ye Xue's lovely face blushed deeply after hearing what he'd said. She asked, "How would that work?"

Looking at the crafty smile on Jiang Chen's face, Ye Xue coyly acquiesced to his outrageous request.

Immediately after, Ye Xue thought of something and said solemnly, "Apprentice brother, back then you were completely focused on becoming stronger so that you could go back to the Sacred Zone. Why were you so persistent about me then?"

She felt a little shy.

"Because, apprentice sister, you're so beautiful." Jiang Chen chuckled.

Ye Xue was quite pleased by his compliment, but it wasn't the answer she'd wanted to hear.

"Apprentice sister, do you believe in fate?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Do you mean whether everything is predestined?" Ye Xue struggled to understand him.

Jiang Chen shook his head, closed his eyes, then opened them again slowly.

Ye Xue was stunned to see countless stars appearing in Jiang Chen's eyes. Just as she was about to ask him about them, they went back to normal.

"This was the Wisdom Eye that can see through everything in the world, including a person's previous and current lives. Apprentice sister, you were the wife of my holy soul in my third life."

Jiang Chen hadn't realized why he'd loved his apprentice sister so much until now.

"Your third life?" Ye Xue thought he was telling her a fairy tale.

"Yes. It was during the preliminary stage of ancient times. Monsters were harming the common people. We worked together and killed the fierce beasts, and paid the price with our lives," Jiang Chen said.

"Seems like we're destined to be together then." Ye Xue believed Jiang Chen's story without a doubt, despite how ridiculous it sounded.

While in fact, what Jiang Chen had said was all true.

For tens of thousands of years, he'd been reincarnated and reborn many times, from the preliterate times through ancient times to the present day.

Again and again, he'd eliminated any dangers that could sink the Black Yellow Great World into darkness forever.

Until now, he was in his ninth life, and this would be his last life.

It was time for the Black Yellow Great World to rise.

"Have you heard from Nangong Xue?"

Speaking of the past, Jiang Chen and Ye Xue couldn't avoid talking about Nangong Xue.

"No. It hasn't been easy for either me or the celestial palace to build a connection with her. But you don't have to worry. The celestial palace would never harm her."


"Come with me to the Heavenly Palace," Jiang Chen said soberly.

Ye Xue was the Spirit King of the Icy Spirits. She spent most of her time with them.

The Icy Spirits and the Heavenly Palace had set up a teleporting formation for convenience.

"Okay." Ye Xue didn't think twice.

"I meant that I want you to stay in the Heavenly Palace from now on and become part of my family," Jiang Chen continued.

Hearing his sweet words, Ye Xue was more than content. Blushing, she nodded lightly.

That night, Ye Xue and Jiang Chen left the Icy Spirits for the Heavenly Palace.

At the same time, a fight occurred in Ice City. It was not about how impressive it had been to defeat Zhu Feng and the others. Martial Arts Saints had long lost their elite brand.

The thing that got everyone riled up was how unbelievable it was that Ye Xue and Jiang Chen had showed intimacy in front of the public.

"How could an ice queen like Ye Xue be so brazen?"

Everyone knew that she had a special relationship with Jiang Chen.

But Jiang Chen had disappeared for three years without anyone knowing whether he was alive or dead. Needless to say, a lot of people had been casting their eyes on her.

Now, everyone wanted to know who this Chen Xin was and what skill he'd had to steal Jiang Chen's girl.

"In my opinion, this Chen Xin is indeed Jiang Chen. This was simply a trick he wanted to play."

There were people who had some knowledge of Jiang Chen.

After all, Jiang Chen had previously used two practicing bodies to disguise himself as two different people, achieved extraordinary accomplishments in various fields, and then told others the shocking truth.


Speaking of Jiang Chen and Ye Xue, they both realized it was a rare opportunity for them to spend time alone together. So they treasured it dearly and didn't rush on their way.

"Are you saying that you've been a hermit for three years?" Ye Xue was eager to learn about Jiang Chen's remarkable experiences during the past years.

Yet all she heard was that he'd spent three years in the woods.

"Yes." Jiang Chen nodded. The impact on him from smelting the Demon fetus had been too much. Fortunately, his rebirth from the fire had helped to buffer the effects of the experience, otherwise he really didn't know if he could've carried on.

"No wonder..." Ye Xue suddenly realized something.

Jiang Chen knew something had happened, seeing how she'd reacted.

"After the formation of the Endless Continent, the Heavenly Defense Field occupied by the Heavenly Palace was moved to a treasured place at a perfect location that was filled with spiritual energy. Even the territory was expanded a great deal."

"Oh?" Jiang Chen knew that a twist was coming.

Sure enough, Ye Xue told him about all the recent changes.

There were three more power groups in the Heavenly Defense Field now. They were the Barbarians, the Jet Black Snakes, and the Wizard Race that had previously had conflicts with Jiang Chen.

They had come from the World of Meson, which was backward and almost unknown. No one knew that it was one of the broken pieces of the Nine Realms. And that it would become a part of the Endless Continent and one of the most precious lands of the Middle River.

"At first, these three groups had clear borders with the Heavenly Palace, and everyone honored a mutual noninterference pact. At that time, the Heavenly Palace was one-third larger than it is now."

"And then?" Jiang Chen wanted to know the crucial part.

Ye Xue told him that a group's chances to rise now depended on if it had a Venerable Sovereign rather than a solid foundation and real strength. A Venerable Sovereign was the most effective weapon.

Wu Ming, Jiang Chen's master, had had another breakthrough and become a Venerable Sovereign.

However, the three groups originally from the World of Meson had also raised Venerable Sovereigns successively. Three versus one, the Heavenly Palace was obviously at a disadvantage.

The Divine Tree of Creatures couldn't exercise its tremendous power like before when it was constantly coming up against these three Venerable Sovereigns.

The three groups could have very likely invaded and destroyed the Heavenly Palace if it hadn't been for the Devil Slaughter Tower and the tactical formation set up by Jiang Chen.

"Now the world is not separated into top and bottom levels. Being on one horizontal plane, the teleportation formation between the Heavenly Palace and the Celestial Palace isn't functioning anymore."

It was only to be expected that the teleportation formation set up by Jiang Chen based on the original land forms stopped working after the changes to the world.

Ye Xue had thought that Jiang Chen would never sit idly by if he'd known about the situation of the Heavenly Palace.

"The three groups have become more and more ambitious and they want to take over the Heavenly Defense Field. At first, they only stole resources, then they started to rob by force. In the end, they even hurt the disciples from the Heavenly Palace in the name of requisitioning things," Ye Xue said.

"Understood." Jiang Chen learned the gist of the problem, and he sneered and said, "Apprentice sister, let's change our direction to pay a visit to these three groups."

Ye Xue was somewhat surprised by Jiang Chen's proposal. Looking at the contemptuous smile on Jiang Chen's face, she had an uneasy feeling.

Based on how well she knew Jiang Chen, things were going to be bloody from now on.

Nevertheless, Ye Xue would also like to see that.

"Apprentice brother, let me see what you're really capable of," Ye Xue thought.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》