The Brilliant Fighting Master
1636 Purpose of Becoming Powerful
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1636 Purpose of Becoming Powerful

"He's Zhu Feng, the genius of the Fire Spirits."

The explosion helped many people recognize the man from the Fire Spirits. Not everyone from the Fire Spirits could master that technique.

Combined with his appearance and age, it wasn't difficult to guess his identity.

Ye Xue's eyes gazed coldly at the sky.

Blazing fires were surging, as blasting sounds rose unceasingly. Heat waves rolled above Ice City.

It was impossible to imagine what end Jiang Chen would come to from being inside of that fire.

Putting down his hands, Zhu Feng watched the bright sea of flames in front of him, his lips curling up into a cruel smile.

No one had asked before the fight if it should go as far as the opponent's death.

Zhu Feng had thought about it but chosen not to say anything on purpose.

He'd waited until after Xiu and Chu Fei had made their moves and then taken his moment to make the kill move.

He was certain that Jiang Chen had been burned to charcoal now. Or at the very least, he would've been significantly injured.

"Even a moron wouldn't choose to attack me with fire." Surprisingly, Jiang Chen's voice, full of disappointment, came from inside of the sea of fire.

Instantly, all the flames disappeared, like a black hole had absorbed everything.

People soon realized that the black hole was actually on Jiang Chen's palm.

The vicious inferno turned into a tongue of twinkling flames on his palm in a moment.

Amazingly, even the long robe Jiang Chen had been wearing was not burned, let alone his body.

Zhu Feng's lips twitched. He swallowed down the words he desperately wanted to say.

"You two, come with me. Let's join the forces of wind, fire, and thunder to crack his defenses."

Now Zhu Feng wasn't interested in defeating or even killing Jiang Chen anymore. He only wanted to break through Jiang Chen's defenses.

"Great!" Xiu and Chu Fei were both on board. They'd never be able to rest easily if they didn't succeed today.

"Let me remind you. Five minutes have almost passed. You only have one last chance. Cherish it, and show me all you've got," Jiang Chen said to them sternly.

Everything had changed ever since he'd gained the magic power from Dao, Buddha, and Demon. The power had enabled his ultimate-level sword method and unique theurgy to easily transcend their limits.

His invincible golden body had also reached the Ninth Turn, the highest level.

Additionally, his defenses included the Flaming Armor of Divinity, the Tathagata Buddhist Robe, and the power of holy thunder.

This was also why he didn't catch on fire before.

Jiang Chen called his defense system the Athanasia Armor of Divinity.

The Armor of Divinity could never be cracked before the magic power was depleted.

It's worth mentioning that Jiang Chen didn't merge Dao, Buddha, and Demon. They were interpretations of different paths that couldn't be fused together.

Jiang Chen mastered them and extracted power from them separately. It was just like how he said that Dao, Buddha, or Demon could only champion rather than define him.

Jiang Chen gave a suitable name to this magic power that was different from the power that came from one's state: Heart Power. It stemmed from the meaning of an immortal heart.

It was a power that originated in the heart. At its highest level, Heart Power encompassed everything, including martial techniques, spiritual power, spirit method, witchcraft, and so on.


Back to the fight, where Zhu Feng, Xiu, and Chu Fei were about ready to charge.

It was apparent that they weren't very proficient yet for their first collaboration. The different radiance of the three powers could still be told apart easily.

In spite of the limited extent of their consolidation, their offensive looked as if it could be violent and forceful.

Jiang Chen didn't seem to disregard this incoming strike as he had before.

A faint silver glow was emitted gently from his body. The silver illumination wove into a light armor in a short time.

The powers of wind, fire, and thunder smashed on Jiang Chen's body, yet were all repelled by the translucent light armor.

The three powers were like a deluge with only one target to crash on.

Jiang Chen had withstood their attack without moving back a step.

"This is impossible!" The three people lost their minds and cried out.

"It would only be possible for Jiang Chen to achieve this if he were a Venerable Sovereign."

"Who are you exactly?!"

"My name?"

Jiang Chen smiled. His simple words had made everyone listen carefully.

"You can call me Chen Xin."

To their disappointment, the people from the Icy Spirits didn't hear the familiar name they'd been expecting.

Nonetheless, Chen Xin was obviously an alias. They still knew for sure that this was Jiang Chen.

"I was too naive." Xiu exhaled a long sigh. Heartbroken, she'd lost the will to fight, and her face was filled with sorrow.

"For a woman that beautiful, there's no way that her man would be ordinary."

She lowered her head and looked around Ice City, admitting Ye Xue's worthier beauty, then turned around and left.

Chu Fei and Zhu Feng hadn't given up yet.

But soon after, the resentment and bitterness turned into powerless frustration.

Five minutes had passed. They would have to face Jiang Chen's attack if they fought again.

Maybe Jiang Chen's offense was not as strong as his defense. However, he could still strong-arm them effortlessly if he just put on a defense and randomly rushed toward them.

"Are you really as young as you look?"

Chu Fei's ego was playing tricks on him. It was easier for him to accept defeat if he believed Jiang Chen was some weird monster that had lived for hundreds of years.

"What would you say?"

Jiang Chen didn't answer him directly. Seeing that the two didn't seem to plan on fighting again, he returned to Ice City.

Ye Qing, who'd led the way for Jiang Chen previously, ran up to him and said with excitement, "Awesome! But you were so low-key before."

She didn't care if Jiang Chen blamed her for being impolite earlier.

Not only because she didn't intentionally pick on him, but, most important, she was Ye Xue's cousin.

She believed her brother-in-law wouldn't fuss with her over this.

Jiang Chen shrugged. Ignoring everyone else, he took Ye Xue with him and disappeared.

The next second, they showed up on the deserted snow mountain.

"Apprentice sister, I've missed you."

An amorous feeling spread as their eyes met.

"Me too," Ye Xue whispered.

The two kissed passionately. Jiang Chen tasted every inch of the body of the beautiful woman that everyone wanted to meet.

Ye Xue gestured to stop the wind and snow.

Jiang Chen gestured with his hand and the thick snow melted into a giant hole in the ground. Sultry and steamy, the water inside was boiled and formed a natural hot spring.

Jiang Chen and Ye Xue, now naked, jumped into the hot spring and expressed their yearning desire for each other that had built up over the past three years.

After a long time, Jiang Chen stood up with a fresh feeling and looked at the magnificent glacial land forms faraway.

He glanced back at the gorgeous apprentice sister next to him, and he couldn't help but exclaim, "This is the purpose of becoming powerful."

In a gratified mood, Jiang Chen took a deep breath.

"Apprentice brother, why have you become younger and younger," Ye Xue complained.

Time would leave its mark on a person's body. Even though Ye Xue was still as beautiful as a goddess with skin white as snow and smooth as ice, the change in her demeanor still revealed her age.

Yet Jiang Chen, after his rebirth, could be seen as a youth.

It caused an odd feeling for Ye Xue, as if she was preying on a younger man.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》