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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1634 Marry You

In less than a minute, the snowstorm had reduced visibility for the people standing inside of the plaza.

Even more dangerous was the temperature. As it rapidly dropped to the freezing point, many people's weapons became covered with ice. It continued getting colder and colder.

The people in the plaza were trying their best to protect themselves from the wind and snow.

Normally, 15 minutes would fly by swiftly.

But now, everyone felt that the time was only crawling.

As every minute passed, the conditions were driving people closer and closer to the breaking point.

Soon people started falling, one by one, and were being carried out by the Icy Spirit soldiers.

Some people ran outside themselves as they weren't able to stand the cold any longer.

Many of the rest of them were flaming, burning up all of their power to keep warm. Unfortunately, it was hardly enough.

"Has that guy been weeded out yet?" Chu Fei looked to his right. He remembered that was where Jiang Chen had been when the test began.

The wind and snow blocked his sight. But Jiang Chen would definitely use his power if he was trying to overcome the cold. The radiance from his burning energy could be noticed.

Chu Fei didn't see anything, which meant Jiang Chen might've been eliminated.

Of course, it could also mean that Jiang Chen hadn't used his power at all so there was no radiance around his body.

Such a possibility was dismissed by Chu Fei right away.

"Exactly as I expected." Chu Fei couldn't help smirking to himself. The way Jiang Chen had dealt with Zhu Qi had been so peculiar that he'd become suspicious. He'd been wondering if Jiang Chen had only been acting with those people in order to draw Ye Xue's attention.

This was also the reason he'd gone up to speak with Jiang Chen.

Just as he was dwelling on these thoughts, Chu Fei's face changed. It'd been almost ten minutes, and the snowstorm had formed into a blizzard that was pushing him to his limits.

He was going to use up his power. He needed to play some tricks to keep it going. Even so, the last minute was an ordeal for him.

After powering through it with serious difficulties, Chu Fei found that his whole body was covered with a thin layer of ice. Even his head had ice on it.

The blizzard started to slow down, and the temperature was rising again.

The initially packed plaza had become empty. Only a few people had made it to the end.


To his surprise, Chu Fei realized that Jiang Chen had been standing right next to him, completely unharmed with his face unchanged.

It shocked Chu Fei who'd thought Jiang Chen had been eliminated.

Plus, he hadn't seen any radiance coming from Jiang Chen throughout the course of the blizzard.

"Could it be that the radiance of someone in his state is colorless?"

Chu Fei could only tell himself that, even though Jiang Chen's status suggested that some other scenario was more likely.

However, it was not a scenario he was willing to think about.

"No way. I should be the most extraordinary human here."

There were only four people left.

Besides Chu Fei and Jiang Chen, there was the person from the Fire Spirits and the only woman, who was from the Wind Spirits.

So only Chu Fei and Jiang Chen were from the Human Race. No wonder he felt extra-competitive.

"My friend, you are pretty impressive." Chu Fei laughed.

Based on their previous communications, Jiang Chen had understood Chu Fei's character.

If someone was weaker than him, he would express a patronizing and condescending attitude.

If someone was an equal opponent, he would question the opponent's methods.

And if someone was superior to him, he just wouldn't accept it at all.

That being so, Jiang Chen didn't respond to Chu Fei.

Chu Fei sneered and didn't say anything more.


Ye Qing, standing outside of the plaza, hadn't expected this many people. Usually there would only be one left standing.

Then she realized that Jiang Chen was among the four, which made her start to take him more seriously.

"He said before that he was sister Ye Xue's apprentice brother?"

Frowning, Ye Qing felt like she'd thought of something, yet couldn't put it into words.

"Folks, Ye Xue will come to fight with you. Please remember, this is only a practice match." The Icy Spirit master addressed the remaining four and said something to a subordinate next to him.

The subordinate left quickly. Everyone knew that he'd gone to notify Ye Xue.

The crowds started to become excited. Even the people who'd been eliminated didn't leave. They all wanted to use this opportunity to see how beautiful Ye Xue really was.

Shortly after, an icy wind rushed in with a figure flying inside of it.

Her skin was white as snow and her beautiful face was exquisite and flawless.

The most enchanting part of her was her unique elegance which permeated from the inside out.

She landed in the Ice City like a fairy. For a moment, no one in the city could speak.

Many people who had doubted Ye Xue's beauty fell silent.

After a while, Chu Fei came forward, electrified, and said, "Miss Ye Xue, my name is Chu Fei, Sacred Light Continent..."

"I don't care who you are. I'm here to fight," Ye Xue interrupted him, while measuring up the other three people.

All of a sudden, she trembled slightly and her pupils contracted.

Without noticing it, Chu Fei didn't want to stop speaking.

That was when a strong hand tapped him on the shoulder.

Chu Fei heard Jiang Chen say, "Your way won't work. Watch me."

Chu Fei was extremely annoyed and wondered what Jiang Chen was going to do.

Standing with his hands behind his back, he waited to see Jiang Chen's actions.

Jiang Chen moved forward step by step, without any intention of stopping.

The distance between him and Ye Xue shortened, little by little.

To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen's hand reached over to Ye Xue's slim waist. He held Ye Xue in his arms straight away.

At that moment, everyone was frozen like an icicle.

"How could this happen?"

They were surprised not only by Jiang Chen's boldness, but by Ye Xue's acceptance of his embrace.

The Icy Spirits felt relief after making sure Ye Xue was still conscious and mobile.

Ye Xue was filled with joy and surprise. She'd practiced with Jiang Chen at the Natural Law School in her youth. Naturally, she'd recognized Jiang Chen right away.

Nonetheless, she immediately realized they were in full view of the public. As assertive as she'd always been, she didn't know what to do. With shyness, she said, "There are people around."

Even though she didn't smile, her beautiful face with a faint blush was like a gorgeous piece of jade, brightening up everything around her.

Jiang Chen held her tight as if he hadn't heard what she'd said.

For three years, he'd been constantly thinking about coming back, knowing his friends and families were worrying about him.

He let go of Ye Xue after a long time and said earnestly, "Apprentice sister, I'm going to marry you."

Her face red, Ye Xue was elated and mumbled something.

At the moment, Chu Fei, who was standing the closest to them, felt as if he was in a surreal dream.

"How could that work?" His mind boggled, he could only think that after a while.


The Icy Spirit masters reminded them that there was business to take care of.

Only now people found that the man from the Fire Spirits looked very upset. He hadn't held on in the blizzard for 15 minutes to see Ye Xue being stolen by some other guy.

"Ha, ha, ha." For some unknown reason, the only woman left started to guffaw loudly with obvious sarcasm. "I only came here to see the beauty of the woman who'd made my faithless heartbreaker obsessed. I didn't expect to witness this drama. Now knowing that the so-called knockout has such bad taste, I'm really desperate to see his face now," the woman said.


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