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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1633 Chu Fei

The Icy Spirits had originally been the strongest in the Three Middle Realms. Then the situation had changed after the Spirit Realm was integrated into the Endless Continent.

Fire, a vicious and powerful force, had made the Fire Spirits stronger. There were also the Soil Spirits and the Wind Spirits. Because these were common elements, their Spirits had endured throughout time.

The Icy Spirits were different. The land they occupied was covered by intimidating ice and snow. Moreover, there were also howling gales that kept other races outside.

Nowadays, however, the Icy Spirits had opened themselves to the outside world. A city built of ice sat at the foot of a sky-high mountain welcoming visitors.

This city is where visitors would go if they had something important to do in the area of the Icy Spirits.

However, if anyone trespassed in the central area of the Icy Spirits a blizzard would descend on them.

Jiang Chen teleported into the Ice City.

Probably because he wasn't a member of the Spirit Realm, Jiang Chen immediately attracted attention. A young girl came and hovered in the air over him.

"May I help you?" Seeing how young the person seemed to be, the girl didn't address him with any title.

"I came to see Ye Xue. Please pass her a message that her apprentice brother has come to see her."

Although he had the ability to overpower the whole Icy Spirit world, Jiang Chen respected their rules.

"I can't pass on your message. Follow me if you want to see sister Ye Xue." The girl adopted an aloof attitude after hearing what he'd said.

Smiling, Jiang Chen didn't take notice.

With the number of people who came to the Icy City every day, the Icy Spirit couldn't train a group of ushers specifically to greet visitors.

Everyone in the Icy Spirits welcomed guests voluntarily.

"Another daydreaming fool." Ye Qing thought to herself. She'd only greeted Jiang Chen because he looked clean-cut and pleasant. She wouldn't have bothered to waste her energy if it had been someone else.

"How old are you?" Ye Qing couldn't help but ask.

Jiang Chen appeared to be much younger than Ye Xue.

"Almost 30," Jiang Chen said.


Thinking he was trying to put one over on her, Ye Qing's impression of Jiang Chen got even worse after his answer.

"I think you should go back home today and come again some other time. The people who are here to see sister Ye Xue aren't too shabby," Ye Qing said.

"Oh? Have many people come to visit her?" Jiang Chen didn't really care who'd come today.

"Of course. You have to pass a test to have a chance to fight with Ye Xue if you want to see her."

It turned out that the Icy Spirits knew that they would offend anyone if they straight out rejected them. But, considering how many people came to see Ye Xue, there had to be a method.

Therefore, the Icy Spirits had thought of a way to solve the problem.

They planned to scare off the visitors. Even if the visitors passed a test, it would only give them a chance to fight with Ye Xue.

Now Ye Xue would actually have some high-quality contenders to practice on.

"No one will come anymore starting tomorrow," Jiang Chen said.

He didn't care if he'd upset anyone. Anyone who dared to try to make a pass at his woman would be swatted down at once.

Walking in front of him, Ye Qing glanced back at Jiang Chen, not quite understanding what he'd meant by that.

They arrived at a plaza momentarily.

Ye Qing motioned to Jiang Chen. "Wait inside there. The test is about to start."

Waiting at the side of the plaza, she didn't seem to plan on leaving.

Jiang Chen saw a lot of people gathering at the plaza. To his surprise, there were even women.

Most of them were Spirits, but there were also humans.

"Is Ye Xue really that beautiful?"

Not everyone had seen Ye Xue. They mainly came out of admiration for her reputation.

Their curiosity was amplified by how difficult it was to see her.

"Zhu Qi, why would you, someone from the Fire Spirits, come here? Don't they say fire and water conflict?"

Not far from Jiang Chen, some Spirit Realm members had formed a circle.

One person's remark caught Jiang Chen's attention.

Instantly, Zhu Qi had chuckled in an obscene manner and said, "Some proper amount of fraternization is appropriate. Imagine this, I'm burning hot after a practice session and then hold the pretty ice queen in my arms. That feeling..."

His words made the people around him smile in a way all men would understand. However, they soon lost their grins. An invisible pressure was stifling them.

"Who did that?"

They looked over at a young man, standing not far away and watching all of them with ice-cold eyes.

Under the pressure, they could hardly speak.

It got worse as Jiang Chen walked toward them.

"Hey! No private fights are allowed in the Ice City." Outside of the plaza, some masters noticed the conflict and shouted. This also attracted everyone's eyes.

"What's your problem?" Zhu Qi yelled, as the pressure on him lessened.

"Some things are better thought and not said."

Jiang Chen didn't stop walking toward the circle of Spirits, making the soldiers of the Icy Spirit start to feel anxious.

"What's he doing? Is he going to start a fight in the Ice City?"

Ye Qing was outside of the plaza. She hadn't anticipated that Jiang Chen would cause trouble right after his arrival.

The crowd was enjoying this, excited to see the drama.

"Stay back!" The masters from the Icy Spirit rushed into the plaza to stop Jiang Chen.

Suddenly, they felt the void start to swirl like water, and then Jiang Chen, Zhu Qi, and the other people from that group vanished from the plaza.


Everyone was frozen in surprise, glancing at each other. However, no one had seen clearly what had happened.

After a short moment, Jiang Chen reappeared out of thin air and returned to the plaza.

Zhu Qi and the others had disappeared.

"I didn't attack anyone inside of the Ice City," Jiang Chen said with a smile, staring at the Icy Spirit soldiers.

The soldiers were hesitating. They were dreading Jiang Chen's puzzling methods and didn't know how to start the fight.

"Come back." The masters from the Icy Spirits called back the soldiers. They didn't want to cause any trouble about some unimportant people.

"You have quite exquisite power. Did you kill all of those people?"

By showing off his power, Jiang Chen had drawn attention from others on the plaza. Someone came up to speak to him.

Jiang Chen smiled quietly. He'd only wanted to teach those people a lesson.

"Before your attack, did you ever think that someone from that group could be backed by people you shouldn't mess with?" The person who'd come to speak with Jiang Chen confronted him with a mysterious grin.

"Like you?" Jiang Chen measured him with his eyes.

He was a human with an attractive appearance and manner. His state, Peak Martial Arts Saint, was also high.

"I obviously have no relations in the Spirits. But a friend from the Spirits over there was quite disgruntled about you," he said.

Looking in the direction he'd pointed, Jiang Chen saw a handsome young man from the Fire Spirits.

He was staring at Jiang Chen with an evil look.

He hadn't taken any reckless actions because everything had happened too fast and he had no idea what Jiang Chen was capable of.

"The test begins now." The masters from the Icy Spirits realized that more issues would occur if they delayed any longer.

"I'm Chu Fei. Let's hope you don't falter later." The test started immediately after the voice of the person standing in front of Jiang Chen faded away.

A snowstorm started raging on the plaza as the temperature around them dropped sharply.

The test was one of endurance, to see if you could stay standing on the plaza without falling or quitting.


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