The Brilliant Fighting Master
1630 Five Years
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1630 Five Years

The ribbon around Fei Yue's right leg was the same one Jiang Chen had used before. He didn't know why she still had it.

Fei Yue was standing motionless. She didn't seem to be aware of her visitor's presence at all.

Jiang Chen started to walk closer to her and saw her head move slightly.

Then Fei Yue raised her head abruptly. The demonic energy inside her body focused in her face, looking ferocious.

Jiang Chen recognized the face. It was the old Emperor of the Xia Dynasty.

"Jiang Chen! How dare you come to see my daughter again? Do you really want Fei Yue to be obsessed with the enemy who killed her own father?" The Xia Emperor roared at Jiang Chen.

Fei Yue's body shook violently. Her pretty face was pale and bloodless.

"You don't exist. You're only formed by Fei Yue's guilt and negative feelings."

Jiang Chen remained unaffected and said, "I hope you don't really think you're Fei Yue's father. In fact, you're nothing more than the materialization of her thoughts."

"Ha, ha, ha." Hearing this, the Xia Emperor guffawed. He said smugly, "Isn't this a way of being reborn? Rebirth through fire or with blood could never compare to this. I have been reborn with thoughts and emotions."

The Xia Emperor's words were a little unexpected for Jiang Chen. The devil was indeed quite perverse.

"In that case..." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and raised his right hand. A beam of bright white light shot from between his index and middle fingers, looking as if it was carrying a star within it.

"What's this?" Becoming frantic, the Xia Emperor threatened Jiang Chen. "If you dare attack me, Fei Yue will die with me too."

Just as he said that, Fei Yue's body started to shake vigorously, and blood was coming out of her orifices.

"You've overestimated yourself."

Jiang Chen hurtled forward at lightning speed. He rushed through the devil's face and prodded Fei Yue's forehead with his finger.

Instantly, Fei Yue's body started to calm down. A roaring scream echoed out all around them. All the demonic energy was being rapidly cleansed.

"No!" The devil inside Fei Yue could only let out one last howl before being destroyed completely.

Fei Yue fell feebly into Jiang Chen's arms. Jiang Chen helped Fei Yue sit down, with one hand pressed on her back.

"These people from the Flying Dragon Dynasty..."

Among all the people Jiang Chen had ever met, Fei Yue had accumulated the most amount of toxins from elixirs in her body. The toxins were deeply rooted in her internal organs and her bones.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was now so much better at healing than he'd been before. He opened his fingers and produced dazzling white light from his hand.

Fei Yue leaned backward as if she was being held by a powerful force.

The toxins from elixirs that were inside of her body were fully dissolved and eliminated.

A foul odor emanated from Fei Yue's body. Slushy-looking dirt was being ejected from her pores.

The process lasted for more than ten minutes due to the huge amount of toxins. Fei Yue looked as if she hadn't bathed for decades.


When it was finally over, Fei Yue exhaled a fetid breath and screamed shrilly, releasing years of repression.

Eyeballs rolling around in her head, Fei Yue was about to wake up.

Jiang Chen teleported and carried Fei Yue into the mountains outside of the capital city. He soon found a spring and put Fei Yue in it.

The mountain spring transformed magically under Jiang Chen's influence. Not only did Fei Yue not sink under the water, but the water whirled rapidly with her in the midst of it, washing her body clean.

Naturally, Fei Yue's battlesuit couldn't stay on anymore.

As a result, after the whole process was finished, Jiang Chen saw Fei Yue's fully naked body.

After all these years, Fei Yue still looked just like she had when Jiang Chen had seen her for the first time. Her skin was firm and pale, softer and smoother than even a young girl's.

Her lovely face was incredibly distinct. People had always been struck by her unforgettable beauty whenever they saw her.

Her body, of course, was perfect.

Jiang Chen took off a piece of his own clothes.

Under the control of his wind power, the clothes flew to Fei Yue and dressed her, almost as if it was a spirit.

When all the cleansing was finished, all of Fei Yue's problems had been solved entirely.

Fei Yue woke up ten minutes later. She stretched herself with a pleasant look on her face. She seemed to be in a trance. It was almost as if she'd gone back to the carefree days of her youth.

Shortly, however, the gray and gloomy memories that belonged to adulthood reappeared and formed a frown on Fei Yue's forehead.

Fei Yue didn't feel restless and fretful as she'd expected. On the contrary, she realized she was still in a cheerful mood.

Looking around, she saw herself lying on a bed in her chamber in the Palace. No maids were standing around to care for her.

"Didn't I...?" Fei Yue started to feel confused as her memory came back little by little.

Checking her state, Fei Yue realized that she had become a martial-grade master for some inexplicable reason.

The stubborn toxins from elixirs in her body had all been cleaned up. The lingering devil inside her had also disappeared completely.

"Am I dreaming?" Fei Yue couldn't believe it.

Suddenly, she realized the most important thing. The clothes she was wearing were in men's style!

With complicated feelings, she suppressed her urge to scream.

"Calm down. This isn't sleepwear, so wearing it must have been compelled by circumstances. Right? But the style of the clothes?"

Just as Fei Yue was calming herself down, she was distracted.

The person she held dearest in her memory liked to wear clothes in such a fashion.

The style was always simple, yet the fabric had to be made from cotton of the best quality.

"Could it be him coming back?"

While she was still thinking, the door was pushed open. A tall figure walked in.

With the sun shining brightly behind him, his face was cast in shadow, obscured.

Nonetheless, Fei Yue recognized the person immediately. She pulled the blanket up to her chest out of instinct.

"You're awake."

Holding a tray full of savory dishes, Jiang Chen said, "You need to eat like an ordinary person in the following days. To make sure you won't be poisoned by elixirs again, you can't use spiritual energy or elixirs as supplements anymore."

Fei Yue had been so severely poisoned from elixirs that her body still had remnants of them, even though the toxins were already almost completely cleansed by Jiang Chen.

Fei Yue was now even more susceptible to being poisoned again because her body had been weakened.

"Oh." Fei Yue felt an indescribable emotion. She had too many questions to ask, yet didn't know how to start.

"For example, why was she wearing his clothes?"

"Or, how had she become normal again?"

"When did you come back?" Fei Yue took the food and asked Jiang Chen, her eyes looking down.


"How long was I confined?"

"Almost five years."

"Five years?"

Fei Yue raised her head with shock on her face and tears in her eyes. She said, "I've been possessed and tortured, living like a half-human half-demon for five full years, yet you only came back yesterday?"

Her voice was filled with sorrow and disappointment.

"It's my fault." Jiang Chen apologized and said, "I faced some hardships as well."

He then told his story briefly.

He had made plenty of enemies after he'd left the Three Lower Realms and began his conquests. The gravest peril had come from the Wizard Race. Unable to deal with him directly, the Wizard Race had threatened to go to kill his friends and family living in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

After that, Jiang Chen couldn't risk coming back to the Flying Dragon Dynasty. He had to act as if he disparaged it since he had already achieved more than enough fame and success here.

"Then, what about my clothes?" Fei Yue asked after listening to Jiang Chen's stories.


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