The Brilliant Fighting Master
1627 Lying Dragon Clique
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1627 Lying Dragon Clique

Blushing with shame, Tang Fan was stunned.

SIGH! Liu Da couldn't hold back her sigh. She didn't seem to be surprised.

Lately, when she'd been out and about, she'd heard people talking about her future daughter-in-law messing about with somebody else. The gossip had already spread all around the town.

She'd originally intended to say something when Tang Fan had returned. But she'd decided now wasn't the moment to tell him as he was all involved with his new master.

It was unexpected and extremely rude that she would choose this time to come and break the news to Tang Fan.

She'd decided to draw the line between her and the Tang family in front of all these people to demonstrate that she was serious to her lover's family.

"Fang Min, what is this nonsense? Why do you say such things when everything is perfectly fine?" Tang Fan forced out a smile, not willing to take her at her word.

"I've made my point clear."

The woman named Fang Min was like a bright pearl among the crowd with her blooming beauty.

Why?" Looking at his lover's ruthless face, Tang Fan's heart bled with anger and sorrow.

"Is it necessary to ask this question? Do you think we really suit each other? Other than your father, you're just a commoner." Fang Min continued coldly, "I used to be hopeful about you. But reality has shown me that, without any background, you're nothing more than an ordinary person who belongs with the common herd."

"That's why? There's no other reason?" Tang Fan asked.

Fang Min snorted, unwilling to talk any more.

"Enough." Liu Da quickly stepped forward and said with a cold expression, "No need to put it in such righteous way. It's only you being fickle and unfaithful.

"The engagement between our families is hereby annulled. You and my son will have nothing to do with each other from now on."

People were very surprised by Liu Da's straightforwardness.

Fang Min wasn't pleased that her wish had come true so easily. On the contrary, she thought the Tang family should have conceded more.

Fang Min sneered, turned around, and began to leave.

"Fang Min, you will regret your decision today."

Tang Fan had gotten the message from Liu Da's remarks. The anger in his chest was dissipating.

He glimpsed Jiang Chen out of the corner of his eye and couldn't help but feel that it was funny, thinking of the reason that the girl had broken off their engagement.

Fang Min saw Tang Fan's face and finally couldn't resist anymore.

"How about looking at yourself in the mirror? You're not even qualified to be Luo Feng's servant," Fang Min said, not able to stop herself from making one more dig.

"Luo Feng? Is it because of him?"

Tang Fan suddenly felt lucky to have seen the true nature of this woman in time.

"Off you go. The engagement is annulled. I won't bother to draw up papers for divorce," Tang Fan said.

"Good! Very good!" Seeing Tang Fan's reaction, Fang Min glared at him with hatred. Then she left with her people right away.

"Let's continue."

No longer feeling disappointed, Tang Fan determined to finish the master-taking ceremony.

The bystanders, who had been expecting drama, exchanged glances awkwardly. They hadn't expected the Tang family to be this relaxed and cool about Fang Min's breaking off the engagement.

Fang Min was from one of the most ancient aristocratic families in the Flying Dragon Dynasty.

The Tang family were only descendants of departed heroes. Their outlook still depended on Tang Fan's achievements in the future.

It was conceivable that their life could be difficult now that they'd offended the Fang family.

"Tang Fan." Jiang Chen had witnessed the whole incident and was very satisfied with Tang Fan's behavior.

Even though Tang Fan might still have some sadness and bitterness in his heart, it wasn't an obsession.

"Master, the Fang family only proposed this marriage because of you.

"Later on, as the Empress stopped putting in appearances, the Fang family gradually changed their attitude. I, too, had sensed that Fang Min had turned cold.

Looking determined, Tang Fan clenched his fists and continued, "I wouldn't have blamed her if she'd come to talk to me in private. But declaring her loyalty to Luo Feng in this way was so out of line."

Jiang Chen smiled and said a few words of encouragement.

After the master-taking ceremony, the guests left one after the other. Most people were quite curious about Tang Fan's new master.

The Tang family had never introduced this person from the beginning to the end.

Yet somehow both Liu Da and Tang Fan were very deferential to him. No wonder people found it mysterious.

The same day, after the ceremony, Jiang Chen learned from Tang Fan about the current situation of the Flying Dragon Dynasty.

Because of the Empress's unknown status, the original imperial family was fomenting rebellion, forming a group called the Lying Dragon Clique to pursue their interests.

On the opposite side, it was the Empress Clique that supported the Empress.

However, the Empress Clique hadn't been very active because they couldn't even meet with the Empress.

Luo Feng, who was mentioned by Fang Min, was in the Lying Dragon Clique.

"Fang Min being close with him means that the Fang family is siding with the Lying Dragon Clique."

"Looks like I, the Marquis Champion, have been ignored." Jiang Chen laughed.

"Master, you've left the Flying Dragon Dynasty for almost ten years without ever coming back to visit. People are saying that you don't care at all about our puny dynasty."

Jiang Chen didn't say anything.


At sunset, the ground outside of the Tang Mansion suddenly started to resound with a thunderous noise.

A team of horses galloped up to the mansion. Fully armed, even the horses were covered by steel shields.

They stopped outside of the Tang Mansion. The officer leading the group looked thuggish and intimidating. He scared away the doormen and bulldozed his way in through the door.

"Tang family, come out!"

The officer was rather brawny, and he stood there with his armor on like an iron tower.

Liu Da rushed out. Jiang Chen and Tang Fan, startled, also hurried into the room.

"Senior General Luo, why did you break into our mansion?" Liu Da asked bluntly, staring at these people.

"I came on the Empress's orders," Senior General Luo bellowed coldly.


Liu Da and the others were astonished. They hurried to gather themselves together, waiting to hear the orders.

"Listen to me well. The Empress is proud of the heroes who crushed the rebel forces and can't bear to leave their families uncared for, especially the ones with outstanding contributions.

"The Tang family was one of the foremost contributors. Therefore, Mrs. Tang is specially permitted to marry into the imperial family to enjoy wealth and power."

Officer Luo finished this announcement with sarcasm.

His tone added to the level of absurdity of the message. It was easy to think he was only joking.

However, no one could possibly joke about one of the Empress's orders.

"Congratulations. You will be marrying the Ninth Duke," Officer Luo taunted Liu Da, who'd turned pale.

"Nonsense!" Liu Da had only one word to say.

"What? Are you calling what the Empress said nonsense?" Officer Luo sneered.

"Of course not. However, was it really the Empress who issued this order?" Liu Da was suspicious. The Empress had disappeared for a long time. It was impossible that she would issue such an absurd order right after she'd reappeared.

"How can we imperial guards do our jobs if everyone questions our orders like you have?"

Officer Luo didn't plan to explain any further. He waved forward his subordinates to surround her.

"What are you doing? Even if it's the Empress's order, surely it doesn't mean I have to go there today?" Liu Da reproached him.

"Ha, ha, that's exactly the case." Officer Luo smirked, pointing at his men to move forward.


Tang Fan couldn't possibly tolerate this. It was apparently a way to humiliate his mother.

"Whoever dares to resist the Empress's order today, it will be punishable by death," Officer Luo roared icily, already getting prepared to arrest Tang Fan.


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