The Brilliant Fighting Master
1625 Taking on an Apprentice
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1625 Taking on an Apprentice

Dozens of warriors who had been aroused by the Blood King were smashed into pieces without even touching a corner of Chen Xin's clothes.

As they disappeared, they gave off brilliant sparks.

The True Force team was completely stunned by this remarkable scene.

"How could he be so strong?"

All of the people present were asking the same question.

He was the same age as they were, but he had just displayed a dreadful strength.

"No wonder I couldn't read what his state was."

Jiang Nan tumbled to this fact, and she also realized why Chen Xin hadn't fought with them previously: because it hadn't been necessary.

Compared to the shock rippling through the True Force team, the twins were overcome with fear.

Fortunately, they had someone to rely on. Otherwise they would've escaped immediately.

"You are asking for death!" The Blood King in the castle was irritated beyond belief. He appeared suddenly, flashing endless blood-red lights.

"It's a Blood King on the verge of breaking through to a Blood Emperor. That's why they wanted us to fall into this trap."

Those who'd been hopeful felt their hearts sinking again. They weren't sure whether Chen Xin would be able to handle this Blood King.

"Chen Xin, Blood Kings are as strong as Martial Arts Saints. If they break through to Blood Emperors, then they'll be as strong as Venerable Sovereigns." Tang Fan warned Chen Xin. He'd now started to speak to Chen Xin with more respect.

"It's such a surprise that there's still a fish out of the net," Chen Xin said with a small smile.

The Xiaoyao School had supposedly been eliminated by the Martial Divinity Palace, and all of their Martial-level people had been killed. As for other minor players, no one cared much about them, so the Martial Divinity Palace had just let whoever wanted to kill them do it.

However, they'd let such a big fish escape. That was unexpected.

"Your blood! Your blood will help me break through to Blood Emperor." The Blood King was actually a little scared of Chen Xin. But his innate desire for blood made him mad.

Licking his lips, the Blood King was eager to act.

"Taking Steps in the Air Leisurely!"

The next second, the Blood King attacked. Like many people good at fighting in the air, he disappeared from people's sights.

"Taking Steps in the Air? It's said to be a paramount theurgy of the Xiaoyao School. This Blood King must've been in a high position in that school."

"How could such a big fish have escaped?" The True Force team was perplexed and tense.

"Our leader has improved so much. His Taking Steps in the Air is a consummate display." The twins felt relieved. They smiled cruelly, as though they had foreseen Chen Xin's tragic end.

"Taking Steps in the Air? That name doesn't sound lucky to me. I'll make you take steps in the air..."

Then Chen Xin clawed at the air. An invisible force from his fingers broke the void and caught the Blood King.

Like a fish scooped out of water, the Blood King, still feeling pretty sure of himself, couldn't fight back at all.

"Gosh! Wow! Unreal!" The True Force team kept exclaiming. They'd pinned their hopes on Chen Xin, but they hadn't expected him to be so great.

He caught the Blood King with only one hand!

The Blood King, as he was being strangled, couldn't exert his strength at all.

With his eyes popping out, he found the whole situation unbelievable. He shouted in a loud voice, "This is impossible! Who are you? Who the h*ll are you?"

He couldn't accept that he was being beaten up like this. Chen Xin was only a teenager, but he was incredibly strong.

And, this whole time, from when he'd launched the attack until now, no one could tell what his state was.

"As a dead man, you don't need to know that," Chen Xin said, rubbing it in.

He waved his hand and the Blood King was smashed into ashes like all the others from the Xiaoyao School. The only difference was that the Blood King's ashes were more dazzling.

"That's not good!" The twins were shocked and terrified. They wanted to flee immediately.

But Jiang Nan and the others worked together to kill them.

In the end, the True Force team reached their goal. But finally they were more shocked than happy.

They approached Chen Xin with fear. They looked as if they wanted to say something, but, in the end, they held their tongues.

Among them, Liu Cheng was hiding in the crowd, without the nerve to show his face. He was afraid Chen Xin would pick a fight with him.

However, Chen Xin didn't hold any grudges. Looking at the crowd, he said, "Go and get your trophies."

The crowd felt relieved and decided that they didn't need to worry at all. Chen Xin was strong enough to not let little things bother him.

"Thank you."

They threw Chen Xin a glance. They didn't dare act recklessly or too warmly. Feeling basically in awe of him, they went to get their trophies.

Only Tang Fan didn't move. It seemed as if something had occurred to him. He wanted to say something, but he didn't dare.

"Come with me." Chen Xin knew what he was thinking about. They left and went up to the icy ground at the foot of the mountain.

The others felt relieved as soon as he'd left. They started to talk about him.

"Who on earth is he?"

"How would I know? But he is absolutely a very powerful person."

"How does Tang Fan know him?"

"He looks close to Tang Fan. What a lucky guy."


Tang Fan, of whom many people were feeling jealous right at that moment, was feeling uneasy himself.

"Say what you want to say."

"You are…Jiang Chen?" Tang Fan plucked up his courage to ask Chen Xin.

"Exactly." Chen Xin nodded with a smile.

He was the embodiment of the Jiang Chen reborn in the fire.

Somehow, he'd become younger every time he was reborn. He really wondered whether he would become a child next time.

He had been reborn successfully as soon as the Alien Battlefield was destroyed, and he'd shown up somewhere.

He hadn't shown up in their world for the last three years because, despite his revival, the influences brought about by the Demon Fetus had still been present.

He'd decided to absorb the Demon energy slowly and take advantage of it to finish what he'd wanted to finish in the Demon Fetus.

Three years had passed, and he'd finally accomplished what he'd set out to do. He'd recovered his original simplicity and gained unique strength.

"You and your father are very alike. How have you been all these years?" Chen Xin, aka Jiang Chen, said.

"The Flying Dragon Dynasty has been taking good care of me all these years. Life is actually good."

"It's what you deserve," said Jiang Chen.

Tang Fan was starting to get sentimental thinking about his father. His mood was getting low.

"Would you like to be my apprentice?" Jiang Chen asked him.

Tang Fan nodded his affirmation excitedly as soon as he heard the question. However, after the first pleasant surprise, he shook his head. "No, I'm afraid I can't."

Jiang Chen was very surprised that he'd refused.

"You shouldn't choose me as your apprentice just for the sake of my father. My talent will humiliate you."

Tang Fan's talent was actually not bad, but only on the level of the Three Lower Realms.

Jiang Chen, with all his attainments, was really too good a master for Tang Fan.

"You have very good talent. We at the Heavenly Palace also have some divine fruit that can improve one's talents. You don't need to worry about that. There's only one reason that would make you unqualified to be my apprentice. That is, if you don't have the ambition to become stronger," said Jiang Chen.

Tang Fan was shocked to hear that. He knelt down before Jiang Chen without hesitation.


"This is the first time you've knelt down before me, and I hope it's the last time. I don't like superficial things like this. Save your respect for me in your heart," Jiang Chen said.

"Got it."

Tang Fan thought his master was really different indeed. And it was exactly because he was so different that he was so extraordinary.

"Gosh, he has become his apprentice for real?"

The True Force team happened to see this exchange as they were starting to fly back home. They were all madly jealous of him.

With the strength Jiang Chen had just showed, even if Tang Fan only learned a little bit from him, it would be enough for him to become one of the best in the world.


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