The Brilliant Fighting Master
1624 Blood King
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1624 Blood King

There were slightly more than 100 people, only half as many as those who had come to eliminate them, and only a few of them were Star Venerables.

As a result, the team from the True Force was overwhelming. They eliminated the bandits without any effort.

But things had just started. These bandits were only the minions. The really powerful fighters were the ones who were the remnants of the Xiaoyao School.

Beyond the forest was a world of white, where chilly winds blew and snow fell continuously.

Surprisingly, there was an ancient castle at the foot of one of the ice mountains.

The survivors of the Xiaoyao School were all here.

No one appeared to be panicked after learning about the attack of the True Force team.

Some who knew the history even smiled cunning smiles.

"Even though these upstarts from the Three Lower Realms have some chance, they still won't be able to change their fates."

"The blood of dozens of Star Venerables will satisfy the elder for sure."

Two middle-aged men who looked exactly the same were talking in the castle.

They were speaking one after the other. However, it didn't sound like a conversation. Instead, it was more like a statement coming from one person. It blended so naturally and smoothly that there was nothing weird about it at all.

"To guarantee no one can escape, we should put on a good show here to lure all of them into the mountain," they said spontaneously and at the same time.

In the forest, the True Force team had gained a complete victory, and the members' morale was high.

"Hey, you, why didn't you do anything just now? Can you fight at all?" Liu Cheng came up to Chen Xin to question him.

"Are you stupid or what? Don't you see that he can fly? Does that look like he can't fight?" said Tang Fan.

Liu Cheng snorted coldly. He shouted, "Then why didn't he fight?"

"Whether I fought or not, would it have changed anything?" Chen Xin asked with a smile.

It was an overwhelming victory. Their advantage was predominant.

"Oh? Do you mean that fight was beneath you?" Liu Cheng asked in a sarcastic tone.

Tang Fan couldn't stay calm anymore. He shouted, "What do you even care whether he fought or not? None of my other companions said anything. What makes you think you can blame him for anything?"

"Yeah? Are you sure your companions think the same as you?" Liu Cheng asked, smiling.

Tang Fan knew what he was insinuating. Du Yong and Du Li did have some complaints because Chen Xin hadn't joined the fight.

"It's none of your business," Tang Fan said coldly.

"It's okay that you don't fight, but you'd better not become our burden." Liu Cheng turned around to leave with a cold smile.

"I'll try my best." Chen Xin nodded, and he didn't seem angry at all.

Seeing him walking away, Tang Fan, angry a second ago, suddenly changed his attitude. He asked in a low voice, "Bro, just tell me, can you or can't you? If you can't fight, just don't charge at the front later."

"Don't worry about me," Chen Xin answered, thinking this guy was even more upright than his father had been.

Facing the group, Jiang Nan said in a loud voice, "We've only eliminated the bandits here. Those from the Xiaoyao School are still on the mountain. Don't underestimate them. I'll only say it one more time. Able people will get more."

Then her pretty amorous eyes looked toward Chen Xin.

She'd apparently noticed the conflict just now, and it was inevitable that she had some doubts about Chen Xin.

It wasn't because he was there with her team, but because she didn't think Chen Xin had the courage to match his extraordinary appearance. In her opinion, he was pretty ordinary.

Long story short, the team from the True Force kept advancing toward the mountain.

Soon, with no effort, they found the Xiaoyao School at the foot of the ice mountain.

"A bunch of stray dogs is hiding in this turtle shell. They are really drifting through life without purpose," Liu Cheng mocked, as if he was sure they would win.

"Break the ice!" Jiang Nan ordered decisively.

Chen Xin frowned at the order, but he didn't say anything.

His small facial expression was noticed by some people next to him, who laughed secretly at him because they thought that smile showed he was nervous.

"Xiaoyao School, go to hell!"

Jiang Nan went first, charging ahead with a few others.

However, when they had advanced onto the ice, they all looked surprised.

Those of the Xiaoyao School were here indeed. They were all over the castle.

The thing was these people seemed just like some irrelevant onlookers. None of them looked ready for a fight.

"You think you can scare us off like this?" Liu Cheng taunted.

"You young people, I really appreciate your courage."

Two middle-aged men who looked exactly the same came up to them. "I really don't know whether I should say you're brave or you're foolish."

"We have more people, and almost all of us are Star Venerables. The odds are in our favor."

Jiang Nan continued in a severe voice, "If you are talking about some tactical formation, don't even think about it. We have great formation masters on our team too."

"Not bad. You are cast in a leader mold. If you're willing to lead my puppies, I promise I won't take your blood."

The brother on the right let out a harsh laugh.


Jiang Nan was not showing any courtesy either. She launched an attack directly.

However, the two brothers didn't fight. Instead, they retreated. They moved somewhere Jiang Nan couldn't reach at all, like two ghosts.

"Blood! I want their blood!" At that moment, a chilling voice came from deep inside of the castle.

Bloody red lights gushed out after the sound of the voice.

Shrouded in the bloody red lights, the members of the Xiaoyao School, who'd been just looking on, were suddenly full of beans. They made an all-out attack.

The most obvious change in them was that their pupils disappeared and only the whites of their eyes, which were red by then, were left.

"That's not good. There is a Blood King here!"

"Oh gosh! Run!"

The True Force team panicked. They didn't dare stay there any longer. They wanted to leave immediately.

But obviously, it was already too late. The cracked ice layers recovered and were even further strengthened by some power.

"Bro, I'm really sorry. I got you into this," Tang Fan said with guilt.

"Why is that?" It seemed Chen Xin hadn't realized what'd happened.

"The Blood Slave defectors hadn't been seen for so many years. It seems kind of impossible."

"That means that not every one of the defectors was transformed into Blood Slaves. On the contrary, only a few of them can be Blood Slaves."

"What about the others? They are being controlled then. They are just like normal people in daily life, but as long as there is a Blood King, they'll be activated."

Three years were enough for people to know more about Blood Slaves.

"These people are much stronger after being activated, but this isn't the scariest thing. The scariest thing is there is a Blood King," Tang Fan said helplessly.

It seemed with the presence of the Blood King all struggles were just meaningless.

"Don't worry." Chen Xin patted him on the shoulder. He walked out of the group under many surprised gazes to confront the activated enemy.

"Hopefully your Blood King won't let me down."

As he spoke, Chen Xin pointed in the air.

"What's he doing?" Liu Cheng shouted, unable to believe what he was seeing.

That strange movement was incomprehensible.

He looked so calm, as if everything was quite easy. At the same time, people noticed there was no energy fluctuation in him.

Seeing him about to be killed by various knives, Tang Fan couldn't help but come forward to assist him.

However, something shocking happened.

Those people, whose eyes were emitting red lights, were smashed to pieces by some invisible force, one after another, while getting closer to Chen Xin.


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