The Brilliant Fighting Master
1623 The Xiaoyao School
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1623 The Xiaoyao School

Tang Fan pulled Chen Xin aside and asked him in a voice shaken with emotion, "Is Jiang Chen back?"

"Yes, but no one knows yet. Keep it a secret," said Chen Xin.

Tang Fan nodded his understanding. "That's great."

Soon Tang Fan felt like dancing for joy. He said happily, "So the Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace won't need to be worried anymore."

"What are they worried about?" Chen Xin asked curiously.

"You haven't heard?" Tang Fan's eyes opened wide with wonder. He couldn't believe that Chen Xin knew nothing about what'd been going on.

"I've been living in seclusion in a remote area, and I don't know what's been happening in the outside world," Chen Xin explained.

Chen Xin's style made him quite convincing.

Tang Fan nodded and then started to recount all that'd occurred.

It turned out that the form of the Boundless Continent had changed everything.

Now all creatures were living in the same world.

It was not like it'd been before, when the Nine Heavens and the Divine Martial Arts existed with a huge area between them.

At that time, the spiritual energy in both areas had been rich, and the folks living in the Three Lower Realms were also eligible for infinite opportunities.

For example, Tang Fan could come to the center of the continent.

Besides that, there appeared many uninhabited Spiritual Lands, some of which had been naturally formed and others that had been abandoned by the defectors of the Nether World School.

As a result, the ownership of these Spiritual Lands became a major source of competition.

After the victory of the allied forces, all the races had gotten to know each other well, and no one wanted a desperate war.

Consequently, they turned to fair and just contests to decide the ownership of these Spiritual Lands.

"The Sovereign Spirit Palace contains many reincarnations of Sovereign Spirits who have become Sovereign Spirits during the past three years. The Martial Divinity Palace and the Xia are just as strong as they are, not to mention other top races."

"The Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace have been developing rapidly over these years, but still they can't be compared to organizations that have existed for hundreds of years."

Tang Fan explained everything to Chen Xin slowly so that he would understand the new situation here.

"I see. You know the Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace pretty well," said Chen Xin.

"Yes, it's my dream to join the Heavenly Palace," Tang Fan said sincerely.

"So why haven't you done it?"

"I will later. I want to train longer," Tang Fan said with a smile, scratching his head.

Then Tang Fan asked about what really mattered to him, "By the way, why does Jiang Chen want to see me?"

"He wants you to be his apprentice."

"Ha, ha, ha, you're kidding me." Tang Fan was struck dumb. Then he burst out laughing.

He didn't say anything more. He and Chen Xin went back to the square to meet up with his two friends.

Chen Xin learned from Tang Fan's introduction that these two were called Du Yong and Du Li.

"Is General Du Zhenfei your father?" Being reminded of something, Chen Xin made a guess.

"Exactly. Do you know our father too?" The sister and brother were very surprised.

Du Zhenfei, General of the Flying Dragon Dynasty, used to be Jiang Chen's leader.

Tang Fan and the other two were astonished. They were dying to know who Chen Xin was.

However, Chen Xin only smiled mysteriously, without saying a word.

"The others should have arrived. Let's go to meet up with them," said Tang Fan.

"Who are these other people?" Chen Xin asked curiously.

"You know the Realm of Heavenly Martial Arts, don't you? Although all realms are on the Boundless Continent now, they're all in their own camps," said Tang Fan.

"What about the dregs of the Nether World School?" Chen Xin asked.

"Ha, ha, don't worry about them. Just follow us." Tang Fan thought Chen Xin had asked because he was scared. He patted him on his shoulder.

Chen Xin smiled, without saying anything.

Soon they came to an inn and found more people here. They were all from the Ten Strongest Sects and Schools, the Six Greatest Aristocratic Families, and the Three Dragon Dynasties of the Realm of True Force.

The Tangs of the old Six Greatest Aristocratic Families had been replaced by a new aristocratic family after it'd been eliminated.

"You are really slow," a high-pitched sarcastic voice said as soon as Tang Fan and the others walked in.

"I heard a woman speaking. Where is she?" Tang Fan was being extremely dramatic, pretending he was looking around to find this woman.

The speaker sounded like a woman indeed, but was actually a man.

"Oh, it turns out to be you, you sissy," Tang Fan said with a smile, as if he'd just discovered the guy.

He was a teenager too, whose skin was a little too pale. He had a pretty face, but lacked some heroic spirit. It wasn't weird that he was called a sissy.

"Tang Fan, you're asking for death!" The teenager flew into a rage and was going to fight with Tang Fan.

"Enough." Certainly, their leader wouldn't allow this to happen.

It was quite surprising that their leader was a woman. However, she was also the tallest among them.

Despite her teenage face, it was quite obvious that she would grow into a beautiful woman. Her full bosom and her slim waist were quite intriguing under her close-fitting leather battle suit.

"Elder Sister Jiang, Liu Cheng provoked me first," Tang Fan said, smiling.

"Bullsh*t!" Liu Cheng said angrily.

"If you quarrel with each other again, you'll be forced to quit the mission."

The woman told them to shut up without showing kindness to either of them. Then she threw Chen Xin a look, her pretty eyebrows slightly frowning.

It was because of Chen Xin's state.

It was not because it was too low, but because she couldn't read it.

"You from the Flying Dragon Dynasty wouldn't have just brought some average guy to make up the numbers, would you?" Liu Cheng asked, joking.

Tang Fan didn't bother to argue with him. "Were there any average people at the moment after all?"

"All right. We're all here now. There is something I want to say before we depart. Those who contribute the most will naturally receive the most."

"We are going to deal with the dregs of the Nether World School. The place is called the Xiaoyao School, which was destroyed by the Martial Divinity Palace. All of their Martial-level members were killed. The survivors fled into the remote mountains not far away from the Xiaoyao School, with the treasures of the school, and recruited the bandits there," Jiang Nan recounted the history to the group.

The group of youngsters didn't pay it too much attention. They only nodded perfunctorily.

"How strong are their strongest ones?" Someone asked. It was Chen Xin.

The others threw him mocking looks.

It was kind of embarrassing to ask such a question in this competitive team.

"There are no Martial-level people," Jiang Nan said. She seemed to think the question embarrassing too.

Chen Xin smiled knowingly without speaking. He thought this was really a different age. These kids' average state was Star Venerable.

The gradual perfection of the Will of the Natural Law was changing the entire world.

"Let's go!"

Then the team of dozens of people set off to kill vicious bandits as a training exercise.

"Another group of young people eager to die."

"Who isn't arrogant when young?"

"These kind of people usually don't have a good ending."

The people in the city were not surprised to see such a scene.

Over these last three years, there were more and more voluntary groups going out to seek the defectors of the Nether World School.

Because once they killed the defectors, they would be deemed as heroes and be awarded with handsome prizes.

This made the younger generation quite ambitious. It was impossible for them to stay quietly at home.

The team left Hero City and arrived in the sky over the forest that Jiang Nan had mentioned.

There were no unnecessary incidents. As soon as the team arrived, a large group of bandits showed up in the forest below.

"The current world seems to be quite interesting."

Chen Xin didn't join in the fight. He was only observing as an onlooker.


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