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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1622 Chen Xin

Jiang Chen was a name that the three great forces would rather the world didn't know.

However, too many people from the allied forces had witnessed what had happened. It was impossible to hide the truth from the world.

As a result, the Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace had gained an enormous amount of fame and captured people's attention.

And, due to the new changes in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts, it was already very difficult for the three forces to restrict the celestial palace.

Life was quite busy. Big changes were happening in the world every day.

Many relics had been revealed after the reorganization of the world.

The world where one's standing had been fixed was now full of opportunities and possibilities.

However, it required an effort that a lot of people didn't want to make to seize such opportunities.

If one didn't attempt to seize the new opportunities, one would stay at a low level, and one's descendants would continue to complain about how unfair the world was and hate successful men.

In addition, due to the new changes, many of the old systems didn't apply to the current world anymore. So the leaders started to plan some new systems.

And names...

For example, since the Nine Realms had turned into one world, the former realm names had to be discarded.

Soon, people reached a consensus that the Nine Realms should be renamed the Boundless Continent.

This name was chosen because the current world was literally endless, and no one was able to fully explore the whole world anymore.

Neither did people forget about the defectors who had disclosed their identities on the Alien Battlefield.

These defectors accounted for 40 percent of the military of all the races. They surely had to follow up and purge these people immediately. A vigorous cleanup was carried out.

Time flies. One day passed into another.

The Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace were still waiting for the return of the man who was always in their hearts.

In theory, reviving in fire should have happened quickly.

So during the first month, everyone was eagerly waiting Jiang Chen, but he didn't come back.

One month soon became one year...

And then two years, three years...

Everyone who'd cared about Jiang Chen started to give up hope and feel extremely sad. At first they felt let down, but as time passed they were able to accept the reality.

Because they knew that since the Will of the Natural Law had interfered, Jiang Chen was absolutely safe.

As to why he hadn't come back, they believed he must've had his reasons.


On this day, at the center of the Boundless Continent, on Stone Statue Square, many visitors had come to see the statue.

Although this was the center of the continent, it was only the geographic center. Except for the statue of the anonymous man who'd saved the world, there was nothing worth visiting. Despite this, many people still came.

As a result, this place had become one of the Boundless Continents most popular scenic attractions. A entire new city had been constructed around the statue.

This city had a proper name. It was called Hero City.

Anyway, on this day, a fair-skinned teenager with dashing eyebrows and bright eyes walked into the city. He was about 17 or 18 years old.

Somehow, all the pedestrians who passed him just couldn't help but look at him.

The teenager was good-looking, but he wasn't someone whose good looks drew the attention of both men and women. It was largely his attitude and style that drew so much attention.

Even experienced people couldn't find a proper word to describe the teenager's style and attitude. He was only wearing a very simple white robe, but he just stood out in it.

With a small smile on his face, the teenager was looking around, as if he was new in this world and was trying to learn everything about it.

The teenager came up to Stone Statue Square.

"It's so dramatic," he said.

The square was spacious enough, but standing at the periphery of the square and lifting his head high, the teenager still could only see the knees of the statue.

Even the soles of this statue's feet were much higher than average human height.

No wonder the teenager exclaimed in this way.

He didn't say it in a loud voice, but on this square full of people he was still heard.

Those standing next to him ran away immediately, as though he were a snake or a scorpion. Soon there wasn't anyone standing near the teenager. It was quite strange on this crowded square.

The teenager touched his cheek with his delicate long fingers, smiling bitterly.

A few seconds later, seeing that nothing had happened, people felt relieved.

"Little brother, watch your mouth. You have to hold this hero in awe. Otherwise you'll get in trouble." Someone warned him.

"I only said it was dramatic. Why would that bring me trouble?" the teenager asked.

His words made the people standing around murmur to themselves. The man who had warned him out of good intentions didn't have the nerve to answer him and hurried to run away from him.

The teenager didn't seem to care. He took a walk around the square.

"Boring," he said, as he made ready to leave.

He accidentally noticed a person standing on the square out of the corner of his eye. He involuntarily stopped.

"Do you think the man who saved the world could be that Jiang Chen?"

This person was called Tang Fan, and he was the guy who had tried to make the teenager stop disrespecting the statue. He was also young, about the same age as the teenager.

"I can't answer that. But rumor has it that the Will of the Natural Law helped Jiang Chen perform his great feats. And actually, many people saw it with their own eyes," Tang Fan replied excitedly.

Seeing Tang Fan behave like this, the people near him smiled. They weren't surprised.

Tang Fan admired Jiang Chen, not only because of that man's legendary experiences, but also because they had a kind of connection.

Tang Fan's father used to be one of Jiang Chen's soldiers.

Tang Fan had always been proud of that. His belief in Jiang Chen had never been shaken.

"Guys, it's nice to meet all of you."

The teenager had a charming voice and he addressed the onlookers and Tang Fan. They took a closer look at him. The extraordinary-looking teenager made them nervous.

Tang Fan came to himself first. He greeted the teenager, saying, "You are…?"

"You don't know me, but your face reminds me of someone else. I'm wondering whether you are related to Tang Zhangyi," the teenager asked with a smile.

"Yes, that was my father! Many people think we are very much alike." Tang Fan threw out his shoulders proudly. Then he asked, "Well, did you know my father?"

"Yes. Your father was a very brave man. He sacrificed his own life to protect Jiang Chen," the teenager said, nodding.

Tang Fan became extremely emotional when he heard that. There were tears in his eyes, but they weren't tears of sorrow, but of pride.

"That comment is enough for us to be friends. My name is Tang Fan. What about you?" said Tang Fan.

"I'm Jiang… Well, you can call me Chen Xin," the teenager said with a smile.

Although it was obviously a pseudonym, Tang Fan and his friends were too young to give it much thought.

"Do you have some kind of plans later?" Chen Xin asked tentatively.


Tang Fan's companions stopped him as he was about to answer the question. They winked at him to remind him that they shouldn't tell the teenager too much.

However, Tang Fan didn't think it a big problem. He said, "We're going to eliminate the dregs of the Nether World School."

"Oh?" Chen Xin looked very surprised. Rolling his eyes, he said, "I have an idea. I'll go with you. And after we finish with them, I'll take you to see a man."

"Who's that?" As careless as he was, Tang Fan couldn't help but ask cautiously.

However, Chen Xin's answer dispelled Tang Fan's misgivings immediately. "That man is called Jiang Chen."


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