The Brilliant Fighting Master
1618 Demon! Tao! Buddha!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1618 Demon! Tao! Buddha!

Those on the Alien Battlefield had just witnessed a legend being born.

And all the many creatures in the Black Yellow Great World found out what it felt like when stars switched positions.

Their knowledge about the world had been overturned. Even the climate was changing rapidly. In some worlds, the hot summer days suddenly turned into cold days with chilly wind and snow.

"Gods really exist in the world!" Countless creatures knelt down, praying to their gods. Such a thing could only be achieved by gods. Only gods could make the world change to such a great extent.

The disturbances continued. The world that people thought they knew well became more and more unknown.

However, the Alien Battlefield hadn't stop whirling yet. It was still whirling because of the Demon Fetus.

It might not collide with the Sacred Zone, but when it exploded in the end, some other unfortunate world would still be affected and the people living there would be killed.

"Jiang Chen, what do we do now?" The Demon Fetus said anxiously, "I'm about to lose control. I'll explode very soon!"

"Won't you Demons like that?" Jiang Chen answered sarcastically.

The Demon Fetus didn't get angry, because it was Jiang Chen that he was facing. His instinct told him he shouldn't get angry.

"My clansmen are still here." That was what the Demon Fetus cared about. Otherwise he wouldn't have cared so much.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He'd taunted the Demon Fetus because he already had a solution.

"Are you ready to die?" asked Jiang Chen.

"As I told you in the first place, I will die no matter whether I have a plan or not. However, if I have a good plan, at least I'll be able to save my clansmen," said the Demon Fetus.

"All right. So, don't fight back."

Jiang Chen held the divine crystal, whose radiance had dimmed, in his hand and pressed his other hand against the Demon Fetus.

"Are you gonna absorb me?" Detecting his intention, the Demon Fetus was more surprised than he'd been about Jiang Chen's reorganization of the world.


"But…but..." The Demon Fetus held his tongue. He wasn't afraid. Neither did he doubt that Jiang Chen could achieve what he'd set out to do.

Because Jiang Chen had even managed to reorganize the world.

The thing was that if Jiang Chen really absorbed the Demon Fetus, he would also be affected by that. In other words, he'd be seized by Demons and would be under the control of Demons.

What the Demon Fetus had been trying to say was that if Jiang Chen succeeded, he'd be regarded as a Demon.

But in the end the Demon Fetus didn't say it, because it was actually more favorable for him not to. If Jiang Chen really became a Demon, it might be good for the Demons.

At the thought of Jiang Chen saving the world and willing to be hated by people, the Demon Fetus was awed.

"You've made me realize why the humans have always been so strong. I really admire you."

"Don't bother," Jiang Chen said.

He was clear about the consequences of what he was going to do. It was understandable that he was annoyed by the Demon Fetus.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. At the thought of all the numerous creatures the Demon Fetus had killed, he didn't really want to speak to him.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and made up his mind. He pressed his palm hard forward.

The ferocious and restless Demon Fetus stopped swelling immediately.

The Demon Fetus had been occupying the entire Demon City like a giant beast.

But after Jiang Chen's work, things started to change from the inside of the Demon Fetus.

The burning fire on the Demon Fetus's skin started to die out.

The whirling of the Alien Battlefield started to slow down.

People finally stopped whirling with the Alien Battlefield.

However, since the Alien Battlefield had moved in another direction and hadn't stopped yet, the plane's channel hadn't found any place to dock yet. As a result, people still couldn't leave.

"You just wait here and die together. If all of you die, the Black Yellow Great World will still be unable to stop the calamity when it comes," the Shadow Yama shouted, still reluctant to accept reality.

The General Demon, who'd never let go of the Shadow Yama, taunted, "Haven't you realized that the Alien Battlefield will not explode anymore?"

The Shadow Yama was struck dumb. Indeed, he had expected the Alien Battlefield to explode while whirling at high speed.

But now it had slowed down, which explained the current situation.

"Who the h*ll did that?!"

The Shadow Yama almost went crazy from anger. He was sure it was the same person who'd changed the world.

The thing was how it was possible that there was such a strong person in the Black Yellow Great World.

He couldn't figure it out. Neither could the allied forces.

"Did some Heavenly God come to our rescue?" Some people guessed.

"It's true that such changes can only be achieved by the power of Heavenly Gods, but the world is broken and the Heavenly Gods' power can't function," some Venerable Sovereign who obviously knew a lot denied this assumption.

No matter how, everything was happening in a good way.

"Where is Jiang Chen?"

Those of the Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace asked Jian Wuji and others.

"Jiang Chen was forced into the Demon Mountain by Zhang Tian, and that Zhang Tian is a spy! He works for the Nether World School!" A person who had gone into the Demon City with Jiang Chen answered immediately.

"The Demon Mountain?"

People looked toward the Demon City. There were no dark clouds anymore. The Demon Mountain had disappeared as well. They could only see the Demon Fetus, which looked like a giant beast.

Seeing this change, those who were close to Jiang Chen covered their mouths with their hands.

"It's fine. Jiang Chen won't die so easily. Maybe it was him who saved us," Wu Ming tried to soothe others.

"How arrogant. What does Jiang Chen have to change the world? What a joke!" Xiao Hongxue from the Sovereign Soul Palace rebuked him right away.

In his opinion, if even he, recognized by the Natural Law, couldn't achieve that, Jiang Chen, who was really insignificant compared to him, would never have been able to do it.


As soon as Xiao Hongxue finished speaking, a shadow came up to him as fast as lightning.

The strength of a Venerable Sovereign, which Xiao Hongxue was so proud of, couldn't resist the shadow at all. He was sent flying.

"Don't you dare say another mean thing about my elder brother. I'll scratch your head into pieces."

A boy of about seven or eight years old, with red lips, white teeth, dashing eyebrows, and bright eyes, was staring at him.

What surprised Xiao Hongxue was that the boy had red pupils.

After the initial surprise, Xiao Hongxue was going to do something. However, as soon as he moved, he felt pain.

Looking down, he was extremely shocked. He saw some startling wounds on his chest. If they'd been a little deeper, he could've died.

"That's so…so scary."

And seeing that the boy was so young, Xiao Hongxue really couldn't figure out what was going on.

"Whitey, come back," the strongest monster in the Monster's team said helplessly.

The boy clapped his hands. His eyes turned blue.

"Human mind."

The General Demon was the only one who was aware of the current situation, because he could sense the Demon Fetus and knew what was happening inside the city.

But certainly, he wouldn't be so kind as to tell others about it.

Inside the Demon Fetus, Jiang Chen, who'd always been an upright person, started to change. A gloomy Demon energy appeared in his body. His eyes flashed fierce lights.

"You'll be seized by Demons. Those outside won't let go of you."

The Demon Fetus didn't have the heart to see that in the end. He said, "Give up now. After what happened just now, only a small group of people will be hurt if I explode."

"Demon! Tao! Buddha!"

"Nothing can shake Jiang Chen's will!"

Jiang Chen released the energy he'd been holding with an angry snarl. Even the sky and the earth changed colors for him.


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