The Brilliant Fighting Master
1616 Out of Control!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1616 Out of Control!

Extraordinary Power was the strongest power in the world.

It was exactly because of this that Extraordinary Power could only take effect in a complete world.

Jiang Chen was an ordinary human, and he'd managed to exert the Extraordinary Power. Meng Po and the Demon Fetus were certainly shocked.

"Moron! Why do you think he didn't do anything? He was waiting. He expected you to eliminate me and when that happened, he would kill the feeble you," Meng Po rebuked the Demon Fetus, who was still feeling very happy.

"So what? It's better than being enslaved by you." The Demon Fetus didn't care. He still felt very happy.

"You Demons are unbelievable." Meng Po cursed. Then, facing Jiang Chen, she went totally on guard.

The Demon Fetus didn't make things easier for her.

Meng Po was too close to launch an attack. She'd almost lost control of her strength and hurt herself.

"Jiang Chen, kill her as soon as possible," the Demon Fetus said in a loud voice.

"I will."

Jiang Chen didn't hold back. The Extraordinary Power gushed out of his right palm and formed a spear. Both the body and the head of the spear were quite simple, not flashy at all. There were blades set around both the head and the body.

In most spears, it was usually the body welded onto the head, but this one was different. It looked as if the head had been placed onto the body. Of course, how the spear looked had nothing to do with its power.

Meng Po turned serious as soon as she saw the spear, as if she was facing a great enemy.

"Eliminating Kill!"

Meng Po launched an attack after making a great effort to suppress the Demon Fetus, so that he wouldn't disturb her.

She went all out, which was enough to prove how scared of the spear in Jiang Chen's hand she was.

She was the leader of the Nether World School. Her assassination method of the void had achieved a very high level. Even her first attack was as threatening as rolling thunder.

Invisible currents were flowing in the void around Jiang Chen. Thousands of blades would cut him into pieces in one second.

Jiang Chen, who was used to using a sword, suddenly became a master of the spear. The length of the spear exceeded his height, but he was able to brandish it with ease, as fast as brandishing his sword.

The shadows of the spear overlapped like waves, resisting Meng Po's attack.

Meng Po didn't succeed. She showed up right in front of Jiang Chen. That pretty face looked a little bit hideous.

The first blow exchange had nothing to do with level. It was a pure competition of strength.

It turned out Jiang Chen resisted Meng Po's attack with ease.

"Try my void method."

Jiang Chen acted before Meng Po could figure out a countermeasure.

He disappeared with a flash.

Meng Po's attainments in the law of space were rather high. However, despite her attainments and the amplification effect brought about by the Demon Fetus, she still failed to detect Jiang Chen's movement immediately.

When she'd finally detected his traces, the spear was thrown over hard.

This spear attack was fierce and powerful. It broke Meng Po's defenses right away and sent her bumping against the stone wall, namely, above the Demon Fetus.


Since Meng Po was injured, the Demon Fetus couldn't be suppressed by her anymore. He attacked immediately.

Meng Po turned pale. Numerous bloody hands grasped her when she was about to move. The Demon Fetus was going to swallow her.

Jiang Chen took the chance to jump out. The spear gave off resplendent electricity as it was thrown over.

"Get lost, both of you," Meng Po shouted in anger. She could do more than that. The bloody hands that had grasped her exploded one after another.

As soon as she'd gotten out of trouble, Meng Po flashed behind Jiang Chen to dodge his spear.

At this moment, Meng Po noticed that Jiang Chen was grasping the divine crystal in his other hand.

"You are not really controlling the Extraordinary Power. You chose the easy way to use it! That's all!"

All kinds of feelings arose in Meng Po when she'd tumbled to this fact. She didn't know whether she should feel happy or surprised.

She felt happy because Jiang Chen couldn't exert the Heavenly Gods' skills. The most he could do was run amok with the spear formed by the Extraordinary Power.

However, no matter how hard she thought, she still didn't know how Jiang Chen had achieved it.

She was sure if it had been others grasping the divine crystal, they wouldn't be able to bear the Extraordinary Power and would explode immediately.

"It's enough to kill you," said Meng Po.

She was right. He hadn't even been able to exert one-tenth of the real power of the Extraordinary Power.

Fortunately, the Extraordinary Power didn't disappear in his body, as the Demon Fetus had said it would.

He was able to resist the enemy and gain the advantage thanks to the Extraordinary Power.

"The only thing great about you is that spear," Meng Po said as she realized she still had a chance.

"Men can do anything with a gorgeous spear," Jiang Chen teased her.

"Huh." Meng Po curled her lips without replying.

"Sky Exploding Kill!"

Meng Po chose to attack him head-on. Endless strength was boiling.

"Watch out. She wants to exhaust you at the cost of her vitality," the Demon Fetus warned him. "You'd better dodge her instead of confronting her."

The Extraordinary Power endowed Jiang Chen with extremely strong attacks, but it was unknown how his defenses and vitality were.

Meng Po had revived in the Demon Fetus. As long as the Demon Fetus didn't want to eliminate her yet, she was almost immortal.

However, Jiang Chen didn't seem to hear the Demon Fetus's warning.

He was holding the spear tightly in his hand. When the electricity was released and Meng Po had approached, he grasped the divine crystal harder with his left hand.

In an instant, a divine armor was draped on Jiang Chen, just like when he was in the Demonic Abyss.

The spear moved like a dragon. In terms of aggression, Meng Po had lost.

The spear looked like it could break anything as the blow exchange happened. It totally overcame Meng Po's attack and pushed her onto the Demon Fetus.

"Great," the Demon Fetus shouted. He tried to use the same trick to grasp Meng Po.

Holding the spear, Jiang Chen pushed her harder and harder, not leaving her any chance to fight back.

"Once your Extraordinary Power is used up, this Demon Fetus won't let go of you either!" Meng Po sounded frightened. She realized things weren't good for her.

"That's not your concern." Jiang Chen was absorbing the energy in the divine crystal madly. He became extremely resplendent, and the spear was giving off a fervent light.

Like a broken piece of glass, countless cracks appeared on Meng Po's body. Even her skin color was changing.

The Demon Mountain was about to split during this process, and mysterious red lights were given off from the cracks.

The Demon City's restrictions were weakening. The dark clouds over the city became unstable too.

"Get prepared!" The allied forces realized their opportunity was coming. Their eyes lit up.

The General Demon launched an attack as quick as lightning. He attacked the Shadow Yama's throat.

The Shadow Yama tried to escape into the void, but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get rid of the General Demon.

He failed to escape. Then he gazed at the General Demon with a smile.

"Is this what your Blood Race wanted to see?" the General Demon asked coldly.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, you demons always call us slaves. Do you really think we don't know what you are up to?"

The Shadow Yama threw caution to the wind. He shouted loudly, "Even if all of us die, the Nether World School will complete its mission!"

In the Demon Mountain, there was the same kind of craziness the Shadow Yama had apparent in Meng Po's eyes.

"Jiang Chen, you forced me to do this!"

Meng Po stopped fighting back. She let Jiang Chen's spear push her into the Demon Fetus.

"Don't swallow her!"

Jiang Chen hurried to warn the Demon Fetus since he'd realized there was something wrong.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The Demon Fetus couldn't control his instinct at all. He swallowed Meng Po.

However, this was only the beginning. The Demon Fetus started to grow madly.

"It's not good. I'm losing control!" The Demon Fetus sounded panicked.

Then the Alien Battlefield started to move again. And this time it sped up. It was rolling toward the Three Upper Realms.


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