The Brilliant Fighting Master
1615 Extraordinary Power
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1615 Extraordinary Power

Jiang Chen had no idea whether the Demon Fetus was playing a trick on him. He put on the Tathagata Buddhist Robe just in case, with the Sacred Flame wrapped around him.

Then he saw something that he'd never seen before.

The many tentacles turned into one. Undergoing constant changes, a face showed up.

"Do you Demons really think you can throw us away after taking advantage of us?" The voice that went with the face was very harsh.

Thinking it over, Jiang Chen thought this one was probably a real Bloody Demon. It was a combination of the Blood Race and the Demons.

"Why should the Blood Race get what it wants?" The Demon Fetus sounded angry and panicked. He'd always thought he was the one controlling the situation. But, at the moment, it didn't look like this at all.

"The Blood Race is a noble race, better than all other races. How could an ugly guy like you know what we can do?" The Bloody Demon taunted the Demon Fetus.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but burst out laughing when he heard the Bloody Demon talking about ugliness.

"You're Jiang Chen, aren't you?"

His movement had been detected. The Bloody Demon looked over. She knew Jiang Chen's name.

"Meng Po, leader of the Nether World School," the Bloody Demon introduced herself.

Jiang Chen knew nothing about the big fight between Meng Po and the Venerable Sovereigns. Otherwise, he would've been surprised by the fact that Meng Po had revived.

Frowning, Jiang Chen looked as if some important thing had occurred to him. Even Meng Po was waiting for him to speak.

Jiang Chen felt compelled to say something. "According to the structure and system of the Nether World, you shouldn't be the strongest. I guess the Nether World School isn't paying much attention to details."

Meng Po was surprised. She didn't expect him to say something like that.

"What are you waiting for? Kill her! She's a big enemy of our world," the Demon Fetus shouted anxiously.

Meng Po's change had become more and more drastic. Her body became the same as any normal person. Her tendons and flesh had turned into normal muscles. She didn't look like an old lady at all. Instead, she was more like a young pretty woman, and she was naked.

Certainly, in such a situation, Jiang Chen wasn't in the mood to appreciate her body at all.

"Ha, ha, ha, youth stays! Long live my lord!"

Women care about their looks. Meng Po was very excited about her rejuvenation. She totally forgot about the Demon Fetus and Jiang Chen.

When Jiang Chen's Sacred Flame was on the verge of attacking, she said, "You know what the Demon is up to, don't you?"

"Yeah, I know."

"Oh? Tell me about it then." Seeing Jiang Chen so confident, Meng Po kind of wanted to tease him, as a cat teases a mouse.

"Once the Realms of the Heavenly Martial Arts and the Divine Martial Arts are connected, it'll be easier for them to threaten to collide with the Sacred Zone, so that the races will compromise," said Jiang Chen.

The Demon Fetus was speechless. All he could think was that he'd turned out to be the stupidest among them.

"However, compared to you, I'm more willing to help him."

As he spoke, Jiang Chen was about to eliminate the young woman in front of him with the Extraordinary Power.

"I just fought a bunch of Venerable Sovereigns, and no one could defeat me.

"Now I'm in the Demon Fetus. I'm even stronger than I was facing the Demons.

"Do you think you can kill me?" Meng Po asked, smiling.

"Are you going to control all the Demons like this?" asked Jiang Chen.

"It's our masterpiece that the Demons have made their comeback. Of course they belong to us." Meng Po sounded very sure of herself.

When she'd finished speaking, those in the Demon City found the entire Demon Mountain shaking, with landslides occurring and the earth splitting open.

However, those driven into the Demon Mountain weren't swallowed up. Instead, they escaped successfully.

"Why is that?" Mad Demon and Mind Demon exchanged a look, both surprised.

Then the two Great Demon Kings both looked toward Zhang Tian, as if they'd heard some voice.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Zhang Tian was put on guard, feeling unsafe.

"What the h*ll are you Nether World School doing?" yelled Mad Demon.

"What are you talking about? Aren't we collaborating?" Zhang Tian was baffled. He had no idea what Mad Demon was talking about.

However, the Great Demon Kings didn't believe him. Mind Demon came up to him and waved her pretty hand.

Zhang Tian smelt some faint fragrance. Then immediately, the world span and everything was changing rapidly.

"He knows nothing."

Zhang Tian heard Mind Demon telling Mad Demon when he'd recovered a while later.

Zhang Tian was struck dumb. He was about to complain when he realized the reason that he was still alive was probably because he didn't know anything.

He hadn't turned into a Blood Slave, so he wasn't privy to the inside story.

It had been only a few years ago that the Nether World School had come to persuade him to defect. However, he and the Nether World School didn't trust each other.

In the Demon Mountain, Jiang Chen was watching the other two fighting. He watched the Demon Fetus resisting and then being suppressed by Meng Po.

"You came into existence thanks to me. How could you resist me?" Meng Po taunted.

"No way. How is it possible that you know so much about the Demons?" The Demon Fetus couldn't believe it.

"Even many Demons don't know about the existence of the Demon Fetus. Only the Great Demon Kings know the secret."

"We collected one drop of blood of a Great Demon King. Even though it's only one drop, it helped us know all about you Demons. Now you know how great our lord is." Meng Po said in a sarcastic voice.

"D*mn it! Jiang Chen, are you just gonna watch this without doing anything?" The Demon Fetus asked Jiang Chen for help.

"As she said, I'm not eligible to interfere in a fight between you two," Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Then Meng Po smiled coldly. "You are very clever. Indeed, this place is the best place for assassination. Let me, the leader of the school, complete the most difficult task."

She didn't even try to hide her killing intent, because she was sure Jiang Chen couldn't escape.

Jiang Chen smiled to himself. The enemy had committed a mistake that all killers would commit: thinking they had a sure win and being too confident.

Meng Po was exactly like this. She didn't hurry to act. She was going to absorb the Demon Fetus completely and have the Demons under full control.

The Demon Fetus couldn't resist her at all. He was losing.

When the Demons were very close to falling into the Nether World School's hands, a Sacred Flame suddenly hit Meng Po's head.

"Do you want me to kill you now?"

Meng Po got a solid hit from the Sacred Flame, but she was fine. She looked toward Jiang Chen when the fire had died out.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you get what you want," said Jiang Chen.

"Do you think you can resist me with the Buddhist light?"

Meng Po was irritated. She clutched toward Jiang Chen with one hand. Her five fingers turned into five tentacles with knives. She was going to pierce them into Jiang Chen's body.


The five tentacles hit Jiang Chen and gave off solid cracking noises. Then all of them bounced back.

"What?" Meng Po reacted in the same way as many other killers who had failed at their tasks.

"The Buddhist light can't resist you. What about the holy light?" Jiang Chen taunted. Then a dense light shield showed up around him.

"Extraordinary Power? How is it possible that you can control the Extraordinary Power?" Meng Po was extremely shocked and terrified.

"Great. That's great!"

The Demon Fetus was so happy that he looked like a kid. He would rather have the Bloody Demon eliminated than be ruled by others.


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