The Brilliant Fighting Master
1614 Card up Their Sleeve
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1614 Card up Their Sleeve

Inside the Demon Mountain, which was also inside of the Demon Fetus, Jiang Chen was trying to ride two horses at the same time.

Sitting with his legs crossed, the Dharmic Idol was reading scripture. He held the divine egg in one hand and the divine crystal in the other.

His left hand holding the divine egg radiated the Extraordinary Power, a blue spiritual light which was being extracted by Jiang Chen, and then was being absorbed into the divine crystal in his right hand at the same time.

"It's not gonna work." Jiang Chen suddenly heard a voice chipping in its two cents.

"Is it close to puberty?"

Jiang Chen was shocked. It had its own will and could communicate with intelligent creatures. The Demon Fetus wasn't simple.

"The Black Yellow Great World is broken. The Will of the Natural Law is not complete. The power of the Heavenly God can't be used."

Jiang Chen knew everything that the Demon Fetus had mentioned was true.

Because the power of the Heavenly God didn't exist anymore, gods and Buddhas had abandoned the Black Yellow Great World.

However, Jiang Chen ignored what the Demon Fetus said. He went on doing what he'd been doing.

In actuality, the power of the Heavenly God still existed, but it was incompatible with this broken world.

Because of this, Jiang Chen probably wouldn't be able to achieve the status of Heavenly God as powerfully as he had in the Demonic Abyss.

But he could let the Extraordinary Power change him so that he could get another form of power.

For example, Long Xing and Lin Yueru had gotten the abilities to be ageless and immortal, which were interpretations of the Extraordinary Power.

"Let's work together." The Demon Fetus continued to speak. "We don't want the Blood Slaves to succeed. We're just taking advantage of them.

"We Demons are also members of the Black Yellow Great World. We're one of the best among all races, second only to gods.

"If we show up in the world, it'll be easy to resist the Blood Race."

Really bothered by what the Demon Fetus was saying, Jiang Chen answered coldly, "Like how you dealt with the Three Lower Worlds?"

"Did the deaths caused by Demons reach even 10 percent of those caused by your and other races during these years?" The Demon Fetus answered his question with a question.

This question made Jiang Chen speechless.

Killing never stopped. Those who represented justice would also kill. And they usually would kill more people.

"You should know clearly that I can't be deluded by your speech," Jiang Chen said in a severe voice.

"You humans have been bullied by other races, but now you've developed a lot. Nothing has changed. In the face of a crisis, even enemies can be allies."

The Demon Fetus stopped trying to absorb Jiang Chen, as if it wanted to show its sincerity.

Taking in the Extraordinary Power, Jiang Chen stayed silent. He didn't respond.

"Blood Slaves have tried everything possible to make me grow and take root on the Alien Battlefield during these years. At the same time, they've injected a great amount of the Blood Race's blood into my body so that I'm under their control."

"The Demons' plan is to place the Alien Battlefield in the Realm of Heavenly Martial Arts and the Realm of Divine Martial Arts. We'll leave the Sacred Zone in peace."

Jiang Chen was pleased to see the Demon Fetus acting this way. Because it meant that it was scared of the Extraordinary Power. Otherwise it wouldn't have said these things.

"I'm not scared of you."

However, the Demon Fetus seemed to know what he was thinking. It added, "I need you to purify the Blood Race's dirty blood that's in the Demon Fetus so that I will be free. And I'll make the Alien Battlefield stop moving immediately."

Jiang Chen couldn't help but feel tempted. This sounded like an attractive offer.

"Let me put it this way. If you don't help me get rid of the Blood Slaves' control of my blood, the Alien Battlefield will collide with the Sacred Zone. That's without a doubt. But if you help me get rid of the Blood Slaves' control of my blood, there will be a chance that this won't happen.

"It's not about trust. It's about the odds."

The Demon Fetus was smart. It made the key point right away.

Jiang Chen nodded his agreement. This was indeed an option that wouldn't make things worse.

"To return your favor, I'll let you go, and the war will stop as soon as we Demons reach the Realms of Heavenly Martial Arts and Divine Martial Arts."

The Demon Fetus knew Jiang Chen was almost persuaded. It sounded a little excited.

"Don't count on the allied forces. This is what's happening outside right now."

Then the Demon Fetus showed Jiang Chen what was happening outside the Demon City, where the Demons and the Nether World School had formed one line of defense, while the defectors had formed another line of defense.

"Are there so many defectors?" Jiang Chen was shocked. If that was truly the case, he couldn't count on the reinforcements

"Aren't you afraid that I'll purify you as well?" asked Jiang Chen.

"You can't. You can only get rid of the dirty blood if we work together."

"Even if I take in the Extraordinary Power completely?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"Yes. The Extraordinary Power isn't the Power of the Heavenly God. It can only bring you limited help."

The Holy Thunder and the Power of the Heavenly God were like fire energy and Alien Flames.

"So, why don't you let me take in the Extraordinary Power completely? I'll help you after that," said Jiang Chen.

The Demon Fetus understood what Jiang Chen was implying. It didn't refuse him.

"All right. But you should know you don't have much time left.

"You'll lose 70 or 80 percent of the Extraordinary Power after it goes into your body. The power that remains in your body will make you feel like you can be compared to the Heavenly Gods, but, in fact, that status won't last."

Then the Demon Fetus stopped blocking Jiang Chen from absorbing the Extraordinary Power.

This was exactly what Jiang Chen had wanted, because in this way he didn't need to go on reading scripture. He focused on absorbing the Extraordinary Power.

The biggest mistake that the Demon Fetus had made was that it didn't know Jiang Chen had the holy soul of the Invincible God of War.

He was able to reshape the Extraordinary Power and store it in the divine crystal, so that it would be like the ability to be ageless and immortal.

However, it would depend on the divine egg itself how the Extraordinary Power would perform.

After a long while, the holy egg started to turn into sand and, in the end, it disappeared. The divine crystal became extremely fervent and shining.

"Are you finished?" The Demon Fetus had been paying close attention to Jiang Chen, and it showed up again immediately.

"Come on. Let's do it. I will attack you. And you'll use that fire of yours to burn the part I'm using to attack you."

"No problem."

Then numerous tentacles assaulted him right away.

Jiang Chen released the fierce Sacred Flame to resist these tentacles.

Since they were restricted by the Demon Fetus, the tentacles didn't launch a fatal attack.

Outside the Demon City, the General Demon and the Shadow Yama both sensed something. They turned pale.

"What are you up to?" the Shadow Yama shrieked, totally irritated.

"How dare you rig the Demon Fetus!" The General Demon was even angrier than the Shadow Yama.

"On guard!"

The next second, the Blood Race and the Demons separated. The Shadow Yama, together with the defectors, confronted the Demons.

"What's going on?"

The allied forces were all confused. They had no idea why the Blood Race and the Demons had suddenly become enemies.

"For whatever reason, it must be related to what's going on in the Demon City."

"If the Blood Race and the Demons are eliminated in this way, those people will be heroes!"

But unfortunately, in the end the Blood Race and the Demons didn't fight each other.

The Demon Fetus wanted to get rid of the control of the Blood Slaves, which disturbed the Nether World School.

"Eh, eh, do you think we in the Nether World School are morons?"

The Shadow Yama only looked angry, but, in fact, he was happy that their scheme had succeeded.

"Bad news. The Blood Slaves had a card up their sleeves," the Demon Fetus shouted. It was panicked.


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