The Brilliant Fighting Master
1610 The Demon Heart Lives On, Tao and Buddha Kneel Down
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1610 The Demon Heart Lives On, Tao and Buddha Kneel Down

Meng Luohe came to his senses and ran up to Jiang Chen's team.

No matter how much he hated Jiang Chen, he knew it wasn't the time for revenge.

"Wow! That's impossible."

Mind Demon was greatly surprised to see that Meng Luohe had woken up to reality.

Mind Demon's power could affect even Venerable Sovereigns. Meng Luohe had always hated Jiang Chen. Mind Demon thought that it would be easy to make Meng Luohe fall into his trap.

However, Jiang Chen had only pointed casually and Meng Luohe had returned to normal.

"As a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage, if Jiang Chen didn't have such solid Buddhist power, he wouldn't have been able to kill second younger brother and third younger brother."

Mad Demon wasn't really surprised.

"We're really at a disadvantage with him here." Mind Demon was a charming woman. She was wearing armor, but a large part of her skin was still exposed. It was really difficult not to gaze at her.

"They seem to only have two Great Demon Kings. We can cope with that," Jian Wuji said, observing the Demons' line-up. The tension on his face finally had been alleviated a bit.

"Be careful. That Demon King is very strong." However, Jiang Chen still looked very serious. From his appraisal of Mad Demon, he had a hunch that things were not going to be easy for them.

This didn't feel like when he was facing other evil things. He normally would feel he was capable of defeating his rivals.

However, facing Mad Demon, he felt it would be a fight between equals.

At this moment, Mad Demon came over alone.

Those with Jiang Chen immediately tensed up, as if they were going to confront a powerful enemy.

Despite Mad Demon's title, he actually seemed to be the calmest among the four Great Demon Kings. At least it seemed so judging from his appearance.

"You, or the strongest among you, bring it on."

As soon as Mad Demon spoke, people realized what was mad about him.

The you he'd mentioned was Jiang Chen.

The strongest were the three titled martial arts practitioners on the team.

"We'll hold him for a bit. You kill that other Demon King and then join us,"

Jian Wuji said to Jiang Chen through holy awareness.

It sounded pretty reasonable.

Jiang Chen was the trump card. Before figuring out the enemy's strength, it was better if they acted with caution.

"Okay." It seemed to be a good idea to Jiang Chen too.

As a result, the three titled martial arts practitioners, with Jian Wuji in the lead, confronted Mad Demon.

The two parties were both extremely aggressive.

As Mad Demon and Jian Wuji and the other two had started to fight, those in the other two camps also started to fight.

Jiang Chen, draping the Tathagata Buddhist Robe over his shoulders, launched an attack against Mind Demon.

"Elude the World!"

Mind Demon couldn't be too careful. She raised her fair-skinned arm and her delicate fingers flicked lightly. A black lotus flew over toward Jiang Chen.

During this process, a cold gloomy demon energy was released from the petals. It was impossible to parry. The energy was harming Jiang Chen's body.

This was not an illusion. It was a gorgeous Demon method.

Since he had the Tathagata Buddhist Robe, however, it wasn't a huge problem for him.

To his surprise, a large group of Demons making threatening gestures suddenly showed up in front of him.

Jiang Chen threw his sword over automatically to eliminate them.

"Jiang Chen! Why?!"

The Demons suddenly turned into his companions on the team. They looked hurt and angry. They didn't expect Jiang Chen to attack them.

Jiang Chen was shocked, but he came to himself before his resolve was shaken. He went on attacking without hesitation.

In this way, all these people disappeared.

It turned out that it was an illusion inside of an illusion, just like having a dream inside of a dream.

"Such a pretty Buddhist disciple. What a pity."

A charming voice whispered into his ear. He even felt someone's warm breath close to his ear.

Jiang Chen's eyes flashed a sharp light. He saw the sword in Mind Demon's hand was being thrown over toward him.

The Buddhist light was shining on the world, but Mind Demon seemed to be fine.

Jiang Chen thought that was illusion again at first.

Then when he found the enemy really wasn't affected by his Buddhist spirit, he was really surprised.

"Buddha restrains Demons, but it doesn't mean it's a truth that'll never change. Demon is a doctrine as well. The reason you managed to kill so many Demons is only that those Demons had just revived."

Mind Demon wasn't surprised to see his reaction. She said in a sarcastic voice, "As long as the Demon heart lives on, Tao and Buddha will have to kneel down before us."

As she spoke, she threw her blade at Jiang Chen's throat to take his life.

Losing the advantage of restraining the Demons, Jiang Chen was at most a stronger Martial Arts Saint who was dealing with a Demon King superior to titled martial arts practitioners. The situation immediately became deadly serious.

"Let's see whose doctrine is more profound," Jiang Chen shouted loudly, giving off resplendent lights. This time it was not two kinds of lights, but only one kind.

The Sacred Flame and the Holy Thunder were not split anymore. It looked as if they were merging.

The Taoist Spirit and the Buddhist Temperament worked in the same body at the same time.


Mind Demon was like a creature who had been living in the dark who was suddenly exposed to the sun. She shouted tragically.

Soon Mind Demon was retreating as fast as possible, but Jiang Chen was not slow. He was pressing hard.

He was so close to catching up with Mind Demon and killing her that Mad Demon left the battlefield in the air and came to her rescue.

Mad Demon's Demon doctrine was more resolute than Mind Demon's. The Demon flame released from him was able to resist Jiang Chen's holy light. But it only worked from beyond three miles.

"He's combined Taoism and Buddhism perfectly. How's that possible? If he were really able to do that, why would he have waited until now to attack us?" Mind Demon shouted loudly, out of control. She really couldn't figure out Jiang Chen.

"It's not like that. He just broke through several times," said Mad Demon.

"No way. Buddhist spirit is the most difficult to comprehend. Sometimes you spend 10,000 years in trying to comprehend it, but you're still going nowhere." It sounded like a fairy tale to Mind Demon.

"It's the Spirit of the Natural Law. He got lots of Spirits of the Natural Law by killing second younger brother, third younger brother, and the Nether World School's killers. This has endowed him with good luck. Such good luck has then enhanced his ability to comprehend things in dangerous situations," Mad Demon said.

Mind Demon shook her head. It sounded like an impossible theory to her, but she had no argument to refute it.

"Nether World School, it's time for you to make some contributions," she suddenly shouted.

If the Demons had not collaborated with the Blood Race, the Demons wouldn't have been excluded by the Will of the Natural Law.

Because the Demons were also members of the Black Yellow Great World.

Even though the Demons overturned the Heavenly Gods and became a paramount existence in the old days, the Will of the Natural Law still excluded them.

Also, the Blood Race was from some other world and was consequently forbidden by the Will of the Natural Law.

What Mind Demon said shocked those with Jiang Chen. Because all of the Nether World School's killers in the Demon City had been killed, so no one would still be able to change the result of this battle.

However, there was always a surprise.

Under people's suspicious gazes, a person showed up in the Demons' camp.

"It's him!" Seeing who it was, Jiang Chen and the others were shocked.

The Sword King of Breeze, Zhang Tian. He was one of those with the Nether World School.

"Jiang Chen, go to h*ll," Zhang Tian said in a cold voice.

He was as strong as Jian Wuji and a little weaker than Mad Demon.

He'd had the nerve to say that although he was a killer of the Nether World School, he hadn't become a Blood Slave yet.

He was still a normal person, so he wasn't afraid of Jiang Chen's Taoist and Buddhist attainments.

"You won't have a chance."

Jian Wuji and the others gathered around Jiang Chen to protect him. They knew they couldn't give Zhang Tian any opportunity to hurt Jiang Chen.

Zhang Tian wasn't anxious. He looked at Mad Demon and Mind Demon.

"You can't control your enemy," Mad Demon said coldly.

He and Mind Demon were totally capable of holding back everyone except Jiang Chen, so that Zhang Tian could kill Jiang Chen successfully.


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