The Brilliant Fighting Master
1609 Mind Demon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1609 Mind Demon


At almost at the same time, the human and the Demon's sword movements were both completed. They rushed at one another.

It seemed as if two rainbows had collided. The lights given off by the collision ripped the black clouds that were hanging over the Demon City wide open.

People watching would've thought that the sky had cracked open.

In the north of the city, the leader of the four Great Demon Kings watched what was happening with a shocked face.

"Our second younger brother has been obliged to exert this sword movement? Who could his enemy be?"

"Oh? How is it possible?"

This Demon King realized that there must be something wrong, and he was surprised that Wind Demon had been forced into such a corner.

The Demon energy around Wind Demon was declining rapidly. The sword radiance that didn't belong to Wind Demon started to dim. This meant that Wind Demon had been defeated in this exchange of blows.

The Demon King was really shocked after confirming the situation.

The restrictions of the Demon City were primarily against humans.

Venerable Sovereigns weren't allowed to enter.

Demon Kings and Great Demon Kings were below Venerable Sovereigns and above Martial Arts Saints at the peak.

As a result, the Demon City was regarded as their safest fortress, a place impossible to capture.

Over on the south side of the city, Wind Demon appeared before the onlookers after they'd watched the crazy energy fluctuations. He was heavily injured.

"D*mn it!"

Wind Demon was reluctant to accept the fact that he'd been beaten. If it'd not been for the Du Tian Holy Thunder and the Sacred Flame, which restrained his Demon power to a great extent, he didn't think he would've lost in this exchange of blows with Jiang Chen.

But certainly, it was absurd to talk about fairness at all given his state advantage.

It was true that Jiang Chen had Taoist power and Buddhist power, but Wind Demon's state was higher.

Under numerous surprised gazes, Jiang Chen walked over in the air, his arms open, his swords pointed forward.

In that exchange of blows just now, Jiang Chen didn't only injure Wind Demon heavily, but he'd totally had the upper hand. And his status of Taoist Spirit and Buddhist Temperament were intact.

"You won't be able to change anything, The die is cast. We Demons will absolutely make a comeback."

Wind Demon knew his death was inevitable. He shouted loudly, regardless of his injuries, and rushed at Jiang Chen.

"Watch out! He is going to blow himself up," Jian Wuji warned Jiang Chen.

The Demons had always been some crazy creatures. They'd make the enemy pay a big price even if they had to die.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Wind Demon burst out laughing. His speed was his greatest advantage. His Demon power got higher as the price of destroying himself. He was going to explode as soon as he came up to Jiang Chen.

"You seem to have forgotten something important," Jiang Chen said, as he didn't seem affected at all. He taunted Wind Demon emotionlessly, and then his body started to disappear.

"That's bad!"

Wind Demon came to himself. Jiang Chen's Great Method of Void was still vivid in his mind. He knew Jiang Chen was not afraid of such a straightforward attack like blowing yourself up at all.

He would have bombed the countless creatures below in the city if he'd realized that earlier.


Unfortunately, he'd lost his chance in the end. He exploded in the air and became the most brilliant fireworks. And the wild wind started by his explosion was indeed worthy of his Wind Demon title.

Jiang Chen showed up on the other side.


Seeing that the result of the battle had been decided, the Demons in this district lost the will to go on fighting. They hurried to escape to the next district.

In this way, success snowballed. Jiang Chen's team got much stronger.

Most important, the people in the south had almost been defeated by Wind Demon. Most people had lost their hope.

At this moment, they were seeing Jiang Chen in a different way. They were looking at him with respect.

"We'll deal with the next Demon King together," Jian Wuji said to Jiang Chen. He had brought some people over with him.

"Sure thing."

He'd defeated two Demon Kings in a row. Victory was at hand. Jiang Chen would be delighted to help others.

At the same time, outside of the Demon City, the two parties in the war also sensed the change in the city.

The most obvious thing was that the Demons seemed to lose strength. Their vitality had been greatly weakened.

Apparently, the Demon Fetus had lost the creatures to feed off from those two districts, and the effect of this amplified until the Demon warriors also started to weaken.

The forces of the other races instantly felt less stressed, and their morale also soared.

As for the Demons and the Blood Race, the General Demon's look became extremely cold and gloomy.

Even the Shadow Yama beside him had sensed the change.

"Don't blame us. It was your idea to construct the Demon City. And it's your best deployments inside," said the Shadow Yama.

The General Demon snorted coldly without responding.

He threw his allied forces a sharp look. The furious Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame gushed out. He had mastered the origin, so his Demon fire was endless.

"Sura's Demon Dragon!"

The General Demon threw his palm over. Then a giant Demon dragon occupied the whole battlefield.

Several Venerable Sovereigns were forced to retreat, greatly shocked.

"On the Alien Battlefield, this Demon dragon is as strong as several Venerable Sovereigns together," Jian Jingfeng said.

"Why haven't the reinforcements arrived? If things continue like this, we're going to suffer a great loss."

"We have to go on fighting. We can't let them have all their energy to deal with Jiang Chen and the others."

Since the entrance of the Alien Battlefield was blocked by Meng Po, those who had entered had suffered a great loss while attacking the Demon City.

It was just like how things worked on the battlefield. To gain a victory, the one who attacks the city always needs to pay a bigger price than the one who defends the city.

In the Demon City, Jiang Chen led the team over to the north side. The situation here was beyond everyone's expectations.

There were no noises of fighting at all, because the battle had ended.

Numerous people had been captured by the Demons and they were chained together by a specially made iron chain.

At the same time, the amount of Demon warriors here was even greater than the amount of those in the previous districts added together.

There were two Great Demon Kings.

They were the leader, Mad Demon, and Mind Demon, whose fighting force was the weakest among the four Great Demon Kings.

Jiang Chen's heart sank. It looked as if it was impossible to defeat them one by one.

The people fighting in these districts had lost.

"Jiang Chen, you're still alive?" Meng Luohe, who hated Jiang Chen more than anyone, was among the captives. He'd thought that all of those who'd entered would inevitably end up dead, but it didn't look like this was the case.

"It's all your fault, Jiang Chen. You told us to come here to destroy the Demon Fetus, but the fighting force of the Demons here is even above that of Martial Arts Saints. You wanted us to lose our lives here."

Meng Luohe shouted like a crazy man.

His accusations didn't make any sense. Both those who were inside and those who were outside were prepared to die. Including Jiang Chen.

Even though it was extremely dangerous in the Demon City, they still had to enter in order to break the stalemate.

Jiang Chen didn't want to argue, but, to his surprise, the iron chain on Meng Luohe was suddenly unlocked.

Despite everything, he rushed at Jiang Chen after his freedom had been recovered.

"Meng Luohe, what are you doing?" Jian Wuji questioned him severely. He couldn't believe Meng Luohe still wanted to attack Jiang Chen at such a moment.

"He's being controlled by Mind Demon," Jiang Chen said as he noticed the mysterious evil look in Meng Luohe's eyes.

Mind Demon, one of the four remaining Demons here, had taken advantage of his hatred for Jiang Chen to make him attack Jiang Chen even when their forces were in desperate straits.

If it was toward Meng Luohe, the power of Jiang Chen's Sacred Flame would be greatly weakened.

"We'll have to kill him!" Jian Wuji made a quick decision. He was going to get rid of Meng Luohe.

However, Jiang Chen stopped Jian Wuji. He didn't want to fight Meng Luohe at all.

Meng Luohe was an Extraordinary Martial Arts Saint. It would be very difficult to defeat him without the bronze cauldron.

He just pointed at Meng Luohe casually. A Buddhist light hit the middle of the latter's forehead, so that his senses could be recovered.


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