The Brilliant Fighting Master
1608 Wind Demon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1608 Wind Demon

Wind Demon was approaching Jiang Chen after killing the Judge of Fire. He looked so aggressive that everyone knew a desperate fight would be inevitable.

Jian Wuji wanted to help, but Jiang Chen stopped him. He told Jian Wuji to help others.

"Let me handle this Demon," Jiang Chen spoke in a determined way.

Jian Wuji hesitated.

It was mainly because of Jiang Chen's Sacred Flame that he could cut a conspicuous figure in the Demon City as a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage. But it didn't mean that the Sacred Flame would always be invincible.

On the Alien Battlefield, Wind Demon's strength was higher than any titled martial arts practitioners'.

However, Jian Wuji was a decisive person. He didn't hesitate for long and turned to do what Jiang Chen had told him to do.

Jiang Chen and Wind Demon were the only two now competing in the air.

"Do you really think you are a match for me?" Wind Demon was confident. He sounded arrogant too.

But Jiang Chen noticed that he was deliberately acting this way. Deep in those red eyes, there was wisdom.

"How would I know if I don't even give it a try?" Jiang Chen asked calmly.

"So let me help you rid yourself of that unrealistic idea." Then Wind Demon unsheathed the long sword hanging at his waist.

As soon as the sword was unsheathed, it gave off a resplendent radiance. This meant that this weapon was not one of those transformed by Demon energy. It was a real sword.

Judging from its sword energy, it could be surmised that it was a Demon sword of the Immortal Artifact level.

This weakened the Red Cloud Sword's advantage as an Immortal Artifact.

Flame Demon hadn't lost simply because of his disadvantages in fire, but also because he'd been fighting barehanded.

Jiang Chen had lost his two practicing bodies in the fight with a stronger Demon King. The only advantage he had now was his Buddhist spirit. It was a scary thing that one's Buddhist spirit could release dead souls from purgatory. Now the Sacred Flame was combined with the Void Divine Wind.

"Demon Sword: Wind!"

Unlike Flame Demon, Wind Demon wasn't going to let Jiang Chen launch the first attack. He threw his sword over while Jiang Chen was still evaluating his strengths.

The sound of the wind was like the crying of some evil ghost. The Demon City had always been a dim place, but it looked even more terrifying at the moment.

The wind started by the sword swept over toward Jiang Chen. When it'd gotten close to Jiang Chen, it instantly turned into a storm and sucked him in.

Jiang Chen was surprised. He didn't expect the combination of Demon method and sword doctrine to be so powerful.

And he was also surprised that Wind Demon had been able to exert such a startling sword momentum in such a casual way.

"Secular Bird!"

Jiang Chen raised his left arm to grasp the Red Cloud Sword. He and the blade turned into one. Its turbulent flame turned into a divine bird.

A violent power arose in the storm.

When the rotating force of the storm met the furious fire energy, it gave off a deafening blaze.

The rose-gold Sacred Flame purified the Demon force contained in the storm rapidly.

However, the power of the wind still existed.

Wind Demon brandished his sword. The storm scaled down and became smaller and smaller. The Secular Bird inside it was squeezed.

"Great Method of Void!"

Jiang Chen had to resort to his unique theurgy to run out of the center of the storm.

"Angry Flame and Mad Wind!"

Before Wind Demon came to himself, Jiang Chen launched an attack in the void.

As a unique theurgy, the Great Method of Void wasn't used to help people escape. On the contrary, it was used to make a person the king in the void. The person who used it could move around without leaving any traces and be unpredictable. Just like the killers from the Nether World School.

Jiang Chen had already mastered the Nether World School's assassination methods in the void a long time ago.

After getting the Scripture of the Void, he'd wanted to achieve it through the Great Method of Void.

However, the Great Method of Void was more excellent than the assassination methods of the Nether World School.

It was extremely difficult to use it to assassinate. But Jiang Chen had finally achieved it after a series of desperate fights.

"The theurgy of the Goddess of Empyrean?"

Wind Demon was shocked. He showed more fear.

It seemed as if the Demons always reacted this way when they'd seen Jiang Chen using the Scripture of Void. Apparently, the Goddess of Empyrean had impressed the Demons so much that memories related to her were unforgettable.

Back to the fight, it was impossible to defend against the blade that came from the void. Wind and fire gathered.

Wind Demon couldn't fight back. It was even less possible for him to escape. All he could do was defend himself. This made him frustrated.

"You're great. I really don't understand why the humans sent a person like you here to risk death."

"Demon Wind against the Heaven!"

Wind Demon fought back. And then he showed the strength that had earned him the name of Wind Demon.

A great amount of pale blue wind that could be observed by the naked eye was released from his body. It started to swirl rapidly like a spinning top with him at the center.

An impenetrable net of wind was formed very soon to protect him. It was an absolute defense.

Most dreadful of all, the Demon power contained on the surface of the wind ball was shaking at an extremely high speed as the ball swirled at a high frequency.

The blades of wind and fire came from everywhere, but all of them were bounced back.

So was Jiang Chen. And he wasn't only bounced. A spiral force was spreading through his arms, torturing him.

"See? This attack isn't showy at all. It's resisting the mysterious combination of your skills. This is strength." Wind Demon showed up from behind the wind ball.

He said proudly, "As long as I want, you won't even be able to touch my skin or hair."

Jiang Chen sneered. He got rid of the Demon force that was threatening his body in a smart way.

It would've been absolutely wonderful if he could've had a practicing body here.

"It has been a long time," Jiang Chen suddenly exclaimed.

His right hand moved toward the handle of the Heaven-Punishing Sword as, all of a sudden, Wind Demon started frowning.

"It's been a long time since I've used two swords with both hands at the same time," said Jiang Chen.

"Oh? You're in the Buddhist status. The combination of the Sacred Flame and wind is already your limit. You should know that well, shouldn't you?" Wind Demon taunted.

A long time ago, Jiang Chen couldn't mix many different kinds of strengths when he used his Buddhist power to deal with evil things. Then the Sacred Flame showed up, and the Sacred Seal entered his sword. Then he combined wind with them through Sword Doctrine.

As a Buddhist disciple, Jiang Chen was using an incredible way to interpret Buddhism.

However, using swords with both hands at the same time would definitely affect the Sacred Flame.

Wind Demon was sure about that. Back when the Demons had started the war, Buddhist schools hadn't yet been eliminated, and they were the enemy who caused the Demons the most problems.

"You know nothing about strength." Jiang Chen used the same tone to taunt Wind Demon.

Then Wind Demon saw something incredible.

The two swords were splitting Jiang Chen in half. He was emitting two kinds of radiances from the middle of his body.

The Red Cloud Sword in his left hand was emitting wind and fire, which formed a spectacular scene.

The Heaven-Punishing Sword in his right hand was giving off wind and thunder, which were brilliant and shining.

"How is it possible? How could he achieve both so perfectly?"

What surprised Wind Demon most was that as the wind and thunder kept releasing power, the Sacred Flame was not weakened.

It was naturally thanks to his Taoist Spirit and Buddhist Temperament.

"Heaven Kills!"

"Earth Eliminates!"

The two swords started to accumulate power respectively. The sword movements' names were again an inspiration.

Because the next movements were not a part of the sword methods he had learned. They were his inspirational creations in the battle.

Many famous sword movements had been created in this way.

By then Wind Demon was starting to believe what the Judges of Water and Fire had said. This Jiang Chen in front of him seemed to have infinite potential.

"Demon Sword and Mad Wind: Remaining Shadows and Unique Sword."

It was not the time for ruminations or regret. Wind Demon exerted his strongest sword movement.

The battlefield quieted down immediately, but it was like the calm before a storm.

A human genius swordsman and a first-class Demon swordsman were accumulating strengths.

They spent several seconds in accumulating power for their sword movements. It was hard to imagine how terrifying these sword movements would be.


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