The Brilliant Fighting Master
1607 Buddhism and Taoism
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1607 Buddhism and Taoism

In other districts, desperate battles continued.

Since both Flame Demon and the Nether World School had gone to deal with Jiang Chen, others in Jiang Chen's team had been undergoing less pressure.

That was why some people had volunteered to sacrifice themselves to win Jiang Chen some time.


After saying good-bye to Qiu Yan, Jiang Chen headed for the next district with Jian Wuji and the others.

He was hoping to make their advantages snowball so that they could capture the Demon City in the end.

The Judges of Water and Fire had escaped south. Seeing Jiang Chen not following them, they felt relieved.

"What should we do?" The Judge of Fire looked anxious. It was too difficult to deal with Jiang Chen. No wonder the Nether World School had never been able to do anything with him.

"He's not even as strong as Jian Wuji. The problem is his Sacred Flame, which can inflict tons of harm on us." The Judge of Water pointed out the key points of the problem with Jiang Chen.

He sort of regretted that he hadn't gone to Flame Demon's rescue. The power of Jiang Chen's Sacred Flame had soared after his recovery. It must've had something to do with Flame Demon's death.

"Let's go to the Demons. They might have a solution."

The two Judges went to see a Demon King who was fighting in the southern area, since they were really at their wits' end.

This Demon King had defeated many strong intruders, one after another. He was now letting his subordinates kill the others.

"You mean my third younger brother was killed by Jiang Chen?" The Demon King reacted strongly after hearing what the Judges had to say. He looked ferocious.

Under his fierce stare, the two Judges nodded with fear.

"My third younger brother went to help you, why are you all right?"

This Demon King wasn't stupid. His eyes flashed with the lights of suspicion.

The Judges of Water and Fire appeared to answer in quite a straightforward manner. They told him what had gone on, but concealed the fact that they hadn't gone to Flame Demon's rescue.

"We demons have a strong vitality. It's extremely difficult to kill us. So, when he was dying, what did you two do? You just stood there watching without doing anything?"

This Demon King was ranked second among the four Great Demon Kings. He was called Wind Demon.

He was very smart. He'd guessed what had happened from the facial expressions of the Judges of Water and Fire.

"Flame Demon never asked us to help," the Judge of Water said.


He was sent flying as soon as he'd finished speaking. It had happened so fast that the Judge of Fire standing next to him didn't even see what had happened.

When the Judge of Fire finally came to herself, it was already Wind Flame who was standing where the Judge of Water had been.

"How would a Demon warrior ask for our servants' help?"

Wind Flame squinted at the Judge of Fire. Then, gazing at the Judge of Water, who was obviously unhappy with the comment, he stood with his hands behind his back. He said angrily, "But since you didn't go to his rescue, it's impossible for me to solve your problems."

"Are you going to let Jiang Chen save those creatures?" the Judge of Fire asked.

"He won't be able to. Besides, I think you'll die before that happens."

Wind Demon looked at something a short distance away as he spoke.

A crowd showed up where the Judges of Water and Fire had come from. It was Jiang Chen, Jian Wuji, and many others. Many strong people saved by Jiang Chen had been injured, but Jiang Chen had cured all of them. Now they were able to fight again.

As a result, they had more people than the total number of those in the other districts.

Even Wind Demon looked slightly concerned.

"It's Jiang Chen! He's come!"

"He won. Great! That's great!"

"The divine body broke the curse. Awesome!"

The people in the south thought they were going to be eliminated very soon. The sudden sight of Jiang Chen and his companions made them extremely excited.


Jiang Chen waved his hand. Those who had come with him joined the battle immediately.

He and Jian Wuji flew toward the Judges of Water and Fire.

"If you dare run away, I'll break your legs."

The Judges of Water and Fire knew Jiang Chen had come to get his revenge. They wanted to flee, but Wind Demon stopped them.

"We should fight together. This guy improves very fast. It's terrifying."

The Judge of Fire, with a hot temper, seemed to be extremely anxious.

Wind Demon didn't speak. He only raised his arm. One and another invisible wind blade showed up out of nowhere.

Although he had not thrown them over yet, the Judges of Water and Fire felt they would be ripped open very soon.

"It's largely because Jiang Chen is immune to fire that he managed to defeat Flame Demon, but Wind Demon is different. And Wind Demon is stronger than Flame Demon."

The two Judges really wanted Wind Demon to attack Jiang Chen after realizing this.

However, Wind Demon didn't look like he would allow them to negotiate with him.

In this way, the Judge of Water and Fire had to confront Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen! You can't use the Sacred Flame to fight us. Otherwise I'll kill countless captives."

The Judges reacted extremely fast. The Judge of Water came up to Jiang Chen, while the Judge of Fire was going to fly down to attack the innocent people.

"You should know that I'm not alone now," Jiang Chen said with a sarcastic smile.

After a sword chime, Jian Wuji rushed at the Judge of Fire, not giving her the chance to hurt anyone.

The Red Cloud Sword was like a fire phoenix, hovering with Jiang Chen at its center.

"Go!" Jiang Chen made a mudra and pointed at the Judge of Water.

The Red Cloud Sword instantly accelerated. Painting a long contrail in the sky, it flew toward the Judge of Water, who was as pale as a ghost.

"Startling Mad Waves!"

The Judge of Water had to act. He emitted an extremely cold energy.

A giant waterfall fell from the sky toward the Red Cloud Sword.

The flame was extinguished. The Red Cloud Sword couldn't keep advancing. It was competing with the waterfall.

"Oh? How come?"

The Judge of Water was pleasantly surprised. It was beyond his expectations.

"That's right. My state force is higher than his. Besides, water and fire restrain each other. When the intensity is the same, it's water that restrains fire."

"This almost offsets the lethality of his Buddhist power. I'll be able to kill him!"

The confidence of the Judge of Water soared. All of his fear was gone.

"Wind: Blazing in the Sky!"

However, Jiang Chen suddenly changed his movement when he hadn't indulged in the delight for too long.

The Judge of Water found with fear that the Sacred Flame had an extra property of wind by then, and it wasn't weak at all!

This was achieved after Jiang Chen's Dharma was improved. Based on the Sacred Flame, he had achieved the State of Wind and Fire.

The so-called Wind: Blazing in the Sky was what he had learned from the Sword Realm of Wind and Fire over all these years.

It was combined with his genuine blood of celestial phoenix. The wind and fire came from the Secular Bird.

This movement was very effective to deal with evil spirits.

The flame emitted by the Red Cloud Sword was aided by an infinite wind. The sword momentum soared. The Sacred Flame was burning fiercely. The blade had a wide pair of wings and then a fire phoenix showed up.

It was like the sun was burning up. The waterfall of the Judge of Water was vaporized right away.

The Red Cloud Sword became overwhelming. The fire phoenix swallowed the Judge of Water immediately.

When Jiang Chen took the sword back, the Judge of Water had been turned to gas. It was a painful death.

What the Judge of Fire felt out of instinct was fear instead of anger. Maybe Jiang Chen's state force was low, but his Sacred Flame was really too scary.

It was combined with wind at the moment. What about next? Could it be combined with Holy Thunder?

Sacred Flame. Holy Thunder.

It would be like a combination of Taoism and Buddhism. By then, could anyone in the Blood Race or the Demons still resist Jiang Chen?

Despite Wind Demon's warning, she turned to flee.

Jian Wuji, who was in the midst of fighting her, was going to chase after her, but as soon as he moved, the Judge of Fire stopped.

Jian Wuji thought it could be a trap, so he did not dare approach her recklessly.

To his surprise, the body of the Judge of Fire was suddenly torn into pieces.

Observing closely, he found that she'd been killed by an invisible wind.

"Did you not hear me?"

Wind Demon, who'd been watching the fight, asked coldly. He was at a distance, but he'd killed the Judge of Fire easily.

That meant one thing: he was extremely strong.


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