The Brilliant Fighting Master
1606 You Deserve Better
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1606 You Deserve Better

At this time, two minutes were extremely precious.

Jian Wuji was fighting the Judges of Water and Fire while also defending against the Ghost Kings. He became heavily injured in as short a time as ten seconds.

In the end, the Judges of Water and Fire forced him out of the range within which he could offer Jiang Chen protection.

"Kill him!"

The Ghost Kings seized their chance. They went all out to eliminate Jiang Chen, their nemesis, at any cost.

Jiang Chen could only watch that happening. The onlookers also felt anxious for him.

Seeing Jiang Chen about to be attacked, ten or so of those who had arrived with him flew over to resist the killers from the Nether World School.

"You?" Jiang Chen was shocked when he saw those near strangers, with whom he had barely spoken. Because although some of them were stronger than others, none of them was a match for the Ghost Kings.

"Jiang Chen, not everyone in the whole world are b*stards."

"You're not fighting alone. We came here together. Remember?"

"Leave them to us. We can't let you bear the burden alone. Neither will we let you get all of the credit as a world saver."

They were resolute. They would rather sacrifice their lives to gain more time for Jiang Chen.

"You, get out of the way!"

Jiang Chen never liked to bring others trouble. He swallowed a handful of elixirs and struggled to get to his feet.

However, a series of cracks could be heard from his body even before he could straighten his back. Then he spit up blood.

"You're tired. Take a good rest," a gentle woman flew over to help Jiang Chen stand up.


The fight had gotten intense. Those who had come to Jiang Chen's rescue kept falling.


Jiang Chen's eyes were blood red. He had a feeling that he had scarcely felt before. He felt bitter and painful.

"My name is Cheng Yi. In fact, I've adored you for a long time. But the force I belong to doesn't allow me to do anything. That's why you've never heard about me.

"Jiang Chen, you shouldn't have been given the cold shoulder by the world. You deserve something better.

"I only have one wish. I hope you will remember my name forever," the gentle woman said. Her pretty face looked quite determined.

Jiang Chen's lips trembled, as if he had realized something. He wanted to stop her.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Cheng Yi had already been fighting the Ghost Kings, who had broken through these people's defenses. She went all out.

"No!" Jiang Chen shouted.

Like him, Cheng Yi was also a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage. However, she was only an average Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage.

It only took a few rounds for her soft body to be torn apart by the Ghost Kings.

Almost all of those who had come to save him were dead.

Jiang Chen flushed. His facial expression became indescribable. The pain in his body already couldn't affect him anymore.

"Remember my name, Jiang Chen!"

"Your Nether World School's terminator!"

Jiang Chen's voice sounded low and hoarse. His eyes were emitting fire.

"Sacred Seal in the Sword: the Ultimate Movement!"

"Buddha's Sacred Anger!"

The change in his mood and the improvement brought about by Flame Demon's fire energy helped Jiang Chen master the Seven Movements of Sacred Seal completely.


The Red Cloud Sword chimed violently after falling in the city.

Jiang Chen's eyes looked angry and were emitting golden lights. His body was also plated with gold. He looked as if he'd never been heavily injured.

"That's not good!"

The first Ghost King who had dashed over was going to take away Jiang Chen's life. However, he felt there was a serious calamity coming when he was going to act.

Jiang Chen pointed at the void when he was going to escape. The Red Cloud Sword came over with a WHOOSH and fell where he'd pointed precisely.

The Ghost King's chest was pierced through by the Red Cloud Sword with ease. The Sacred Flame even burned him to ashes.

"What's going on?"

The other five Ghost Kings didn't see what had happened. They thought more helpers of Jiang Chen's had come.

"All of you, go to h*ll!"

Jiang Chen hid his right hand behind his back and raised his left hand high. Then the left hand streaked from top to bottom. His fingertips left a brilliant arc of light in the air.

The Red Cloud Sword was extremely excited during this process. It was dashing at a high speed like shooting stars.

The Red Cloud Sword was an Immortal Artifact. Jiang Chen had never been able to exert its power completely as an Immortal Artifact.

It was different this time. The Red Cloud Sword seemed to be finally satisfied after starving for a long time.

As a red light, it streaked through the killers of the Nether World School.

It almost didn't stop anywhere. As quick as lightning, wherever it passed, all of the killers there froze.

After one second, all of them exploded like fireworks.

It happened so fast that when the last killer exploded, the first that had exploded had not vanished completely yet.

Everything seemed to be slowing down. The people in the city were petrified to see what was happening in the air.

"This…this is way too exaggerated," someone shouted because he was too excited.

General Black Dragon's look was very complicated. His insensitive facial expression finally became excited.

"This can't be true!"

The Judges of Water and Fire were still fighting Jian Wuji desperately. Seeing their killers unable to fight back at all, they didn't understand what had happened.

Then they realized it was almost impossible to kill Jiang Chen. They started to worry about whether Jiang Chen would collaborate with Jian Wuji.


The Judges of Water and Fire made a quick decision. They decided to escape to other districts to look for the shelter of other Demon Kings.

"Jiang Chen?"

Due to the advantage they'd gained, Jian Wuji was going to work with Jiang Chen to launch an attack.

However, Jiang Chen couldn't even look at the Judges of Water and Fire.

He sheathed his sword and sat down, reading something.

Jian Wuji already felt very touched even before he heard what Jiang Chen was reading. And his injury was recovering rapidly as well.

Then he saw the dead bodies of those who had died for Jiang Chen emitting a crystal light. They flew up through the dark clouds and vanished from sight.

"Did he just release their souls from purgatory?"

As an important member of the Martial Divinity Palace, Jian Wuji knew Jiang Chen was releasing the souls of the dead from purgatory. Only eminent monks who had gained great attainments were qualified to release souls from purgatory.

Those whose souls were released would reincarnate and have good luck in their next life.

"Penetrating insight, open."

During this process, the fire of anger in Jiang Chen was dying. He felt a deep mercy in his heart. And he understood the Mahavairocana Abhisambodhi Tantra better. His Dharma further improved, so that he mastered an amazing theurgy.

Next to him, Jian Wuji suddenly found there were bright stars in Jiang Chen's eyes. He was shocked after making sure he hadn't seen it wrong.

Soon, Jiang Chen's eyes went back to normal.

" I would rather others hate me, kill me, than others die for me," Jiang Chen murmured.

What had happened just now had totally shocked him.

He'd been used to the dark part of humanity. He was totally not ready for the bright part of humanity.

"If the Nether World School hadn't been hindering you during all these years, you would've been an extremely powerful man," Jian Wuji said. "They were willing to do that because they believed you could save the world. Don't let them down."

"I will. And, thank you again."

Jian Wuji was the only one who'd survived among those who had come to his rescue. It was a comfort for him.

"Saving you is to save myself," Jian Wuji said calmly.

Then the people in this district were all saved.

"Jiang Chen."

When Jiang Chen was about to perform the next step, a familiar figure walked up to him.

It was Qiu Yan. She looked worried, because she wasn't sure whether Jiang Chen, already so amazing, would still recognize her as an elder sister.

"Elder sister."

Jiang Chen was surprised. Then he walked over emotionally and hugged her tightly.

Qiu Yan felt kind of lost, but when she hugged Jiang Chen, her emotions were released. She looked extremely gentle.

"Don't suppress yourself. Let it out. But remember, after that, kill all of these evil things and make this world bright again," Qiu Yan said in a gentle voice.


Jiang Chen took a deep breath. He looked up, gazing at that Demon Mountain. His look became sharper and sharper.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》