The Brilliant Fighting Master
1605 Two Minutes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1605 Two Minutes

Flame Demon, after being sent flying, steadied his body immediately. His energy was surging, almost to the point that it seemed to be exploding out of him. His body was shining, and he was emitting fire.

Facing the practicing body's Thunder Dragon Fist, Flame Demon fought back without showing any vulnerability. He wasn't sent flying this time. Instead, he gained the advantage.

Unfortunately, he wasn't dealing with only one Jiang Chen. The true body came with the sword. He exerted the fifth movement of an ultimate-level sword method. His sword spirit was immortal. His vast sword energy was clearing out all the Demon energy in the world.

The blade became more and more fierce. It locked in 100 percent on Flame Demon.

"D*mn it!" Facing Jiang Chen, who was exerting one fist after another, Flame Demon had no extra hands to fight back with. At the same time, the Tathagata Divine Palm was also waiting.

Flame Demon couldn't help but look toward those from the Nether World School. It was only one glance. And he looked away very quickly.

The Demon was arrogant, proud, and unpredictable. The only thing they wouldn't ever do was to beg for mercy or admit they were weak.

Those from the Nether World School saw the problem that Flame Demon was facing. The Judge of Water and the Judge of Fire exchanged looks. The Judge of Fire was a bit anxious. She wanted to help. However, the Judge of Water sneered. He wasn't going to.

"To kill Flame Demon, both practicing bodies of Jiang Chen will be destroyed. That will injure the true body heavily as well," the Judge of Water said.

The Judge of Fire immediately understood what he was planning to do. She nodded and gave up any idea of helping.

Soon, the Heaven-Punishing Sword attacked Flame Demon's body.

The power of this ultimate-level sword method weakened Flame Demon's incomparable fire energy to a great extent.

Consequently, he was then hit by the practicing body's Dragon Fist.

Almost at the same time, the Tathagata Divine Palm arrived. It punched Flame Demon in the head.

The successive heavy punches shocked all the onlookers. They were amazed by Jiang Chen's strength. And they couldn't help but start to imagine how Flame Demon was going to end up.

The Demons and the Blood Race had one thing in common. Their vitality was extremely strong.

Flame Demon was still alive after the successive heavy punches, but he couldn't go back to the fight immediately.


The three Jiang Chens all started to exert the Fire God Scripture. The Solar Golden Flame and the Sky-burning Evil Flame swallowed Flame Demon.

"You want to melt me with fire?" Flame Demon's arrogant voice could be heard from the sea of fire.

Jiang Chen could stay safe and sound in fire. Similarly, Flame Demon was also immune to fierce fire to a great extent.

Jiang Chen even felt Flame Demon was absorbing his Solar Golden Flame to help himself recover.

"It's not easy to eliminate this Demon for real," Jiang Chen exclaimed. He couldn't think about another way to eliminate him. The genuine blood of celestial phoenix in the true body and the practicing bodies started to boil.

Three Secular Birds showed up respectively. They jumped into the sea of fire to attack Flame Demon madly.

"Celestial phoenix? No wonder you're not afraid of fire," Flame Demon tumbled to the fact that Jiang Chen enjoyed the protection of the celestial phoenix. He sounded panicked.

Jiang Chen also felt the genuine blood of celestial phoenix in him was transforming.

If he looked into himself and gazed at that world of blood and fire, he would find the genuine blood that could be compared to seawater was roaring and condensing.

He felt he was vaguely seeing the outline of a celestial phoenix showing up in it.

"Real fights are indeed the best practice," Jiang Chen exclaimed. His seclusion which had lasted almost half a year had worked.


Strange noises could be heard coming from the fire. Flame Demon's defense had been cracked. He roared in pain behind his broken defenses.


Seeing three Jiang Chens melting Flame Demon, the Judge of Fire thought it was a great time to launch an attack.

"No. We should wait until he's dead," the Judge of Water hated Flame Demon because the latter had said he was a hermaphrodite. He would like to see the latter dead.

"Good. That's great."

Flame Demon realized the Nether World School wouldn't come to his rescue although they knew he was dying. He wasn't going to ask for help anyway. He just gnashed his teeth.

He knew Jiang Chen wanted to melt him to strengthen the latter's fire energy.

He was a Great Demon King. The improvement he would bring Jiang Chen would be huge.

When that happened, the Nether World School might not be able to defeat Jiang Chen either.

Flame Demon could have told the Nether World School this so that the latter had to help him.

However, he just wouldn't say it. He wanted the Nether World School to pay a price too.

Such was the Demon!

Soon, Flame Demon was collapsing and dispersing like a piece of coal that was burning up.

He was melted into a pure energy that was being absorbed by Jiang Chen through fire.


The Nether World School seized this crucial moment to attack.

Six Ghost Kings attacked one practicing body, while the Judges of Water and Fire attacked the other practicing body and the true body.

At a crucial moment, Jiang Chen only had the time to take the fierce fire back and start the Invincible Golden Body.


After three muffled sounds in a row, the practicing body and the true body were heavily injured.


The two practicing bodies were too heavily injured. They couldn't recover anymore. They disappeared one after the other.

The true body spit up blood. And there were bits of his guts in the blood.

"That's not good!"

The Nether World School's attack awoke all of those who had been shocked by the fact that Jiang Chen could kill a Demon King.

"Evil Ghost Locks in on Souls!"

The Nether World School was really afraid of Jiang Chen. They didn't even give him the time to pant for air. They were going to kill him immediately.

Jiang Chen wanted to fight back, but he was too weak to do it. He felt all of his bones had been broken.

"D*mn it. I only need two more minutes."

Jiang Chen was reluctant to accept such a result. He thought hard for solutions.

"Traceless Wind!"

At a crucial moment, a figure jumped into Jiang Chen's sight like a star.

The sharp sword he was holding was brilliant. It shone so much that people couldn't look straight at it.

It was only one sword attack, and the Black-and-White Ghosts of Impermanence, who were about to attack Jiang Chen, were forced to retreat.

"Are you all right?"

The newcomer was Jian Wuji. He was all covered in blood. Apparently, he had experienced a huge fight, but his energy hadn't gotten any weaker. Instead, it had gotten stronger.

Jiang Chen knew it was because he had switched on the status of Heavenly God Descending to the World. Once this state ended, Jian Wuji would be extremely weak.

"Give me two minutes," Jiang Chen said.

"You can even have ten minutes."

Jian Wuji glanced over at the Judges of Water and Fire and the six Ghost Kings. He wouldn't even look at those pairs of Black-and-White Ghosts of Impermanence.


The killers of the Nether World School didn't feel good. They had done so much, but Jiang Chen was still alive. Was this guy protected by some kind of great luck?

The only way to calm themselves down was to launch another powerful attack.

Each of them had their job. The Judges of Water and Fire would deal with Jian Wuji, while the Ghost Kings would kill Jiang Chen, who was too weak to fight back at the moment.

"A Limitless Sword Attack!"

Jian Wuji's eyes flashed a cold light. His sword was thrown over like a dragon. His extraordinary sword method was also an ultimate-level martial arts technique.

The sword energy was as vast as the sea. It was launching an indiscriminate attack. The WHOOSH of the wind was sharp and chilly.

Those pairs of Black-and-White Ghosts of Impermanence were killed before they could understand what was happening.

The six Ghost Kings kept retreating.

"Shocking Waves!"

"Burn the World!"

The Judges of Water and Fire showed a strong energy. They cracked the sword attack and started to attack themselves.

Jian Wuji was not a match for them. He was sent flying.

"You'd better focus while you are dealing with us," the Judges of Water and Fire said to him.

Jian Wuji's last attack was excellent, but it was not suitable for blow exchanges with strong rivals.

He forced the Ghost Kings and the Black-and-White Ghosts of Impermanence to retreat, but he failed to defeat the Judges of Water and Fire.

Jiang Chen seemed to not notice any of this. Sitting in the air, he was recovering, swallowing Flame Demon's fire energy.

Two minutes!

He only needed two minutes!

In the cage, Qiu Yan and General Black Dragon were too nervous to speak. The whole area had gotten extremely quiet. They could even hear their heartbeats.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》