The Brilliant Fighting Master
1604 Fighting Flame Demon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1604 Fighting Flame Demon

"He's not affected by my fire?" Flame Demon was very surprised to see Jiang Chen exert his sword formation with ease.

There was a reason that he was called Flame Demon. His attainments in fire were extraordinary.

Facing the enemy, he didn't need to exert any movements. All he needed to do was to focus. Then he would turn himself into a billows of fire and the enemy would have no place to hide.

At the moment, within a range of more than 6,000 miles with him being the center, it was extremely hot. Even iron and steel would have melted.

However, Jiang Chen stayed in very good shape. Nothing had happened to him.

Thinking of the fact that Jiang Chen had recognized the Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame with one glance, Flame Demon knew he must be skilled in using fire as well.

That being said, Jiang Chen had chosen to use the sword formation to deal with him. That was absolutely a big mistake.

"H*ll Everywhere!"

Flame Demon's eyes flashed a bright light. He threw both of his palms up toward the sky.

Under the resplendent starlit sky, an endless sea of fire appeared. It swallowed up the three Jiang Chens immediately.

"You want to deal with me with your sword formations? I'll turn your sword formations into a sea of fire." Flame Demon burst out laughing. The flames he'd emitted were extremely powerful.

Everyone in the city noticed that the temperature was soaring. They looked over and mistook the furious flames for the setting sun.

However, very soon they recalled that there was no sun or moon on the Alien Battlefield.

"He's powerful," Qiu Yan in the cage thought to herself as she paled. Not until then did she believe what General Black Dragon had said.

"Huh, huh, did you see how strong a Great Demon King is? Unless a Venerable Sovereign comes..." General Black Dragon curled his lips into a sneer. He sounded sarcastic.

However, suddenly something new arose from the sea of fire. "You shouldn't have tried to burn me to death. That was a huge mistake," Jiang Chen's voice came from the sea of fire.

"Sacred Seal in the Sword: Sacred Strike from the Buddhist Sea."

Holding the Red Cloud Sword, Jiang Chen exerted a paramount Buddhist power.

It seemed as if the furious sea of fire wasn't being used to attack Jiang Chen. On the contrary, it was being used by him.

Flame Demon found with surprise that his demon flame was being purified quickly and was emitting a sacred golden light to the outside.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen dashed over with his sword and the fiercely burning flames. He looked like a Buddha.

Such a mysterious attack didn't scare Flame Demon. Instead, he felt relieved. "Too weak, your state power..." Flame Demon coped with it calmly, shaking his head disdainfully.

"Unique Theurgy, Interceptive Divine Finger."

"Unique Theurgy, A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights."

The other two Jiang Chens didn't do nothing. They each exerted a unique theurgy.

Now, what absolutely surprised Flame Demon was that more than 20 percent of his energy and his strength had been intercepted.

"Unique theurgies of the Goddess of Empyrean?" Flame Demon was startled now. He was angry, but there was also fear deep in his eyes.

"Disaster in the Vast Universe!"

Flame Demon took a deep breath. His eyes were like two furious burning flames.

"Retreat!" Those from the Nether World School who were closest to the fighting turned pale. They took some steps back.

If even they reacted in this way, it wasn't hard to imagine how violent the next disturbance would be.

It was true. Energies related to thunder and fire often meant violence and madness. Not to mention when they were used together.

With a BANG!, the shock waves of energies that were recklessly dashing around seemed like a strike from the Heavenly Gods. This indiscriminate attack spread quickly.

If people below the level of Martial Arts Saints were affected, they would either die or get injured.

Numerous people's attention was drawn to the fighting. They were curious about the results.

Soon, people saw what was going on clearly as the energies diffused.

None of them had lost.

"This is impossible," General Black Dragon ran to the edge of the cage, staring at the battlefield. Feeling shocked, he also felt hopeful from the bottom of his heart.

"You're not bad. No wonder those useless things from the Nether World School couldn't kill you," Flame Demon sounded relaxed, but, in fact, he was extremely shocked.

The reason was simple: he was injured! He couldn't believe he'd been injured facing an insignificant Martial Arts Saint in the preliminary stage.

"He is strong," Jiang Chen was shocked too.

Great Demon Kings were supposed to have advantages on the Alien Battlefield. He'd had to resort to the infinite Buddhist power of the Buddhist relic to kill the Evil Demon King.

What he was relying on at the moment were his two practicing bodies. They'd both launched the most powerful attack, but, in the end, Flame Demon was only slightly injured.

"I have to kill him at one go and destroy his Alien Flame. Otherwise, if he fights together with the Nether World School, I'm doomed."

A bold idea occurred to Jiang Chen, but he wasn't sure whether it would work.

"Here goes nothing." Jiang Chen had made up his mind. He decided to launch a powerful attack.

The practicing body with the Immortal Sword turned the sword into the Immortal Armor. Then he put it on.

"Oh?" Flame Demon noticed this, but he didn't think it would be a problem. He was most scared of the practicing body with the Red Cloud Sword.

He was being restricted by the Buddhist power and was feeling really bad.

"Flaming Dragon Burns the Sky!"

Flame Demon took the initiative to attack. It meant he had already taken Jiang Chen as a serious opponent.

He exerted all of his Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame. Closing his fists, he rushed at the practicing body. He threw his fists over on the way. He was emitting fire and making threatening gestures.

"A Universe of Dharma-Laksana."

The practicing body couldn't be too careful. He became a giant and threw his arms over at the Demon dragon.

Just like ordinary people kill a mosquito, the Demon dragon was killed between his palms easily.

"It's impossible," Flame Demon opened his eyes wide.

Fortunately, a violent fluctuation of energies came from between Jiang Chen's palms. A powerful energy forced him to open his palms. Turbulent demon flames were burning the golden body.

The giant practicing body kept stepping backward, treading on numerous houses and turning them into ruins.

"That's the right way to go." Flame Demon felt relieved.

Seeing the practicing body's Buddhist light dimming, he was going to launch another attack to demolish Jiang Chen completely.

"Thunder Dragon Fist, the fifth movement!"

"Dragon Fighting on the Battlefield!"

A strong sense of danger made Flame Demon miss a heartbeat when he was about to move.

Looking back, he saw the practicing body in the Immortal Armor jumping on him.

Thousands of electric arcs were given off from his body. He was almost invisible under so many resplendent lights.

The most dreadful thing was that the armor started shining with the electric energy. And the practicing body also started shining.

Jiang Chen hadn't mastered the fifth movement of the Thunder Dragon Fist yet. He was forcing himself to exert it.

The practicing body had managed to launch a powerful attack, but he was inflicting harm on himself too.

It was like a suicide attack.

"Fierce Flame Palm!"

The Flame Demon had to give up his initial plan. He had to fight the practicing body that had come toward him in an aggressive manner.


The fist and the palm met. A transparent ripple appeared behind Flame Demon. Then he was sent flying!

"How is it possible?"

Those who had witnessed this couldn't believe it.

However, it was normal.

The Dragon Fist was an ultimate-level martial arts technique.

Jiang Chen had a flawless divine body. Even if he couldn't handle the fifth movement of the Thunder Dragon Fist, it wasn't weird at all that it had such a great power.

"The fifth movement of Azure Lotus, Growing a Lotus by Every Step!"

Holding the Heaven-Punishing Sword, the true body was busy as well. He threw his sword over decisively before Flame Demon had steadied himself.

"Tathagata Divine Palm!"

The other practicing body gathered all of his Buddhist power to launch the most powerful attack.

"That's not good!"

Flame Demon had actually guessed Jiang Chen was going to end this fight fast, because this was the only way for him.

However, he didn't expect Jiang Chen to be strong enough to kill him for real when the latter went all-out.

"Demon Ko Transformation!"

At such a crucial moment, Flame Demon had to play his trump card too.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》