The Brilliant Fighting Master
1603 Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1603 Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame

Watching the big battle in the Demons' city, the many people who were trapped there were feeling mentally disturbed: sometimes emotional, sometimes nervous, and sometimes thrilled.

The thing that had caused all this mental disturbance was they weren't sure whether those who had come to help them were strong enough to deal with the soldiers of the Blood Race and the Demons.

They had developed some knowledge regarding the strength of the Blood Race and the Demons since they'd been brought here.

"There isn't even one Venerable Sovereign among them. Are they here courting death?"

In some cage where he was being held, Qiu Yan heard General Black Dragon complaining.

After the Demons' intrusion, these people from the Three Lower Realms had gotten to know the entire state system pretty well.

Qiu Yan was not bothered by General Black Dragon's remark. She was gazing at a figure not far away.

"It's him?"

General Black Dragon also looked over. He recognized Jiang Chen immediately.

"Is he already so strong?" General Black Dragon found it incredible. Although Jiang Chen had been as amazing as his father, he was still surprised that Jiang Chen could've been strong enough to fight the Demons.

General Black Dragon curled his lips at the hope in Qiu Yan's eyes. He said disdainfully, "He will absolutely die."

"What'd you say?" Qiu Yan threw him a glance, very pissed.

"Huh, just look. Look at the opponents he's facing."

General Black Dragon was not laying a curse on Jiang Chen. He pointed up. "Those are the so-called killers from the Nether World School. The Judge of Water and the Judge of Fire. I saw them kill a Martial Arts Saint without any effort with my own eyes."

Qiu Yan turned pale. There was worry in her eyes.

"That isn't all. The Great Demon King following them is the really scary one. We in the Dragon Rebel Kingdom had a tilted martial arts practitioner whose head was twisted off by him easily."

"That's impossible," Qiu Yan couldn't believe it.

"Ha. ha, ha." General Black Dragon laughed. He said, "Why would I lie to you? Don't I want to get out of here? I'm telling you the truth. You know anything about titled martial arts practitioners? They were the strongest humans before the appearance of Venerable Sovereigns." Then he retreated into a corner of the cage, very disappointed.

The others in the cage also felt very down in the mouth when they'd heard him speak.

It was certainly a good thing that someone had come to their rescue. But unfortunately, those who'd come might end up the same as them.

"It's not good. This city's defenses are beyond imagination."

"Spread the news now to bring more people here."

Those who had arrived in the city also realized they were out-manned. They would suffer a great loss after the four Great Demon Kings launched an attack.

Certainly, no one would be able to help Jiang Chen.

"I never thought that you would be killed by us one day," the Judge of Water and the Judge of Fire stood in front of Jiang Chen and spoke gloomily.

"You sound like I'm already dead," Jiang Chen taunted them.

"You are the true body. Without the bronze cauldron or the Buddhist relic, you're only a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage."

The Judge of Water and the Judge of Fire were a man and a woman, and there was a strong contrast in their temperaments.

The man was the Judge of Water. He looked extremely feminine. He seemed more like a woman.

The Judge of Fire was pretty, but she had a masculine energy and fierce flames burning around her.

Next to the two Judges, there were also a few Ghost Kings and a few pairs of Black-and-White Ghosts of Impermanence.

"You know nothing about the Demons' city. You shouldn't have come in here," the Judge of Water said in a cold voice.

"As if we had a choice."

Jiang Chen drew out the Heaven-Punishing Sword. Then the two practicing bodies showed up on his left and his right sides.

One practicing body was holding the Red Cloud Sword and the other was holding the Immortal Sword.

"Are you still trying to struggle by without any external force?" the Judge of Fire smiled sarcastically. She wasn't surprised at all to see the three identical Jiang Chens.

The Nether World School had tons of information about Jiang Chen. The thing with the practicing bodies was not really a surprise.

"Hey, cut the cr*p. That's why we fail to kill this guy every time." The Flame Demon urged them on impatiently, holding his arms crossed at his chest.

The Judge of Water and the Judge of Fire threw him aggressive looks. They weren't very happy with his words or his tone.

"If it weren't for us from the Nether World School, your Demon Fetus wouldn't have gotten the chance to revive at all. So, please be polite to us," the Judge of Water yelled.

"I'll hold those Ghost Sovereigns in awe and feel grateful to the Great Sovereigns, but I won't be polite to inter-sexes," the Flame Demon taunted him.

"What'd you say?"

The Judge of Water wasn't a masculine man. But he certainly wouldn't allow others to say such things to him.

"Calm down," the Judge of Fire stopped him. Smiling at the Flame Demon, she said, "Now, Flame Demon, you're so impatient, why don't you do it? We'll let you kill this vulnerable man."

Flame Demon knew that she intended to piss him off, but he didn't take it as an insult. He shrugged his shoulders and looked toward Jiang Chen.

"You from the Nether World School have been so embarrassed by a vulnerable human. I'm really confused. If the Blood Race is so incompetent, I advise you to give up your intrusion as soon as possible."

His comment almost made those from the Nether World School go ballistic.

Fortunately, the Judge of Fire, one of their leaders, was very calm. She bent her body and outstretched one arm, as if she was saying please. "So, Flame Demon, please resolve our problem for us."

Flame Demon snorted. Then he flew up to Jiang Chen. "I heard you're the one who has brought these people here to die?" Sizing up Jiang Chen, the arrogant Flame Demon felt true disdain for this human.

"No, we're here to eliminate you. It's pathetic that the Demons, who used to be so proud, have become the subordinates of some alien race."

Jiang Chen remained calm facing this Great Demon King.

TUT! TUT! TUT! "You are eloquent. I hope you can stay eloquent when you are dying."

The Flame Demon raised his right hand. An endless fierce flame gushed out of his palm.

"Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame?"

Jiang Chen squinted, feeling the fire energy in his enemy. He knew it would be difficult to deal with this one.

The Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame was ranked sixth on the Alien Flame List.

As we've said before, the top ten flames ranked on the Alien Flame List had been lost to the world.The Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame had also disappeared with the Demons' loss in the war.

But then the Demons had come back, and the Extraordinary Divine Demon Flame had also reappeared.

"Oh, you're not bad. You recognized it." The Flame Demon was kind of surprised.

"Unfortunately, you haven't mastered its origin. I guess that another General Demon shared it with you," Jiang Chen made a guess.

Flame Demon smiled coldly. He said, "Yes. So what? You'll be burned to death before it's all consumed."

The Judge of Water, standing on the sidelines, said, "You told us to cut the crap, but you're also quite verbose."

The Flame Demon's smile froze. He threw the Judge of Water a glance. Then he spoke to himself, "Blood Slave, Blood Slave, is after all a slave. After this, it's time to remind some people that they are slaves."

Then he didn't argue with the Judge of Water anymore. The Flame Demon launched an attack.

There were no Demon methods to accumulate strength. He was quite straightforward. He was like a furnace with a divine fire burning in it. The temperature was surprisingly high.

Those from the Nether World School next to him all felt they would be melted soon.

However, such a temperature was tolerable for Jiang Chen.

"Seven Stars Sword Formation, start!"

When the Flame Demon had dashed over, the three Jiang Chens acted at the same time.


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