The Brilliant Fighting Master
1601 Teammate or Enemy?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1601 Teammate or Enemy?

It was Zhang Tian, the Sword King of Breeze, the former vice leader of the Ling Long Celestial Palace.

He was one of the masked men who'd attacked the Ling Long Celestial Palace, and the only one whose identity had been exposed.

Zhang Tian had vanished from people's sight for a long time after that, because he was afraid Xiao Nuo would take revenge on him. It was really surprising that he'd shown up here.

"And it has to be his true body." Regardless of the angry stare from those of the celestial palace, Zhang Tian added.

"Don't you know how important Jiang Chen is?" Ye Qiu from the Demon Slayers Palace said.

"It's exactly because I know that that I've proposed it."

Zhang Tian strode over, drawing everyone's attention. He said in a loud voice, "Jiang Chen was the first person to find out the truth about the Demon Fetus when the Realm of Nine Heavens was resisting the intrusion of the Demons. Then, during the battle, he pointed us in a specific direction and brought us here."

He was speaking seriously, without sarcasm. If he hadn't gone on, people would even have thought he'd been paying Jiang Chen compliments.

However, that certainly wasn't possible.

Zhang Tian changed his tone. He said, "Is that really possible? A Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage is smarter than all of us? He's better informed than us? Even Lord Long Xing wasn't a match for him?"

"What are you implying?" Jiang Chen asked coldly as others were discussing what Zhang Tian had said.

"That city is where the prisoners are kept, and it's probably also the place where the Demon Fetus is."

"The prisoners from the Three Lower Realms are at most Star Venerables. If we, a group of Martial Arts Saints at the preliminary stage, go in there, we are actually better nourishment than they are," Zhang Tian said. His words made everyone go pale. Because the thing he was implying was too dark and too startling.

"What you say is groundless," Baili Zhan from the celestial palace yelled.

"I'm just making an assumption. And I want him to go inside with us. Is that too much to ask?" Zhang Tian made concessions in order to gain more advantages later. He'd directed the spearhead at the celestial palace in a smart way.

Alas. Jiang Chen couldn't help but shake his head at the suddenly silent crowd.

They had more advantages than the Blood Race and the Demons, but since they didn't know each other well, they couldn't trust each other.

The Demon Slayers Palace was working as a coordinator for them, but it was not playing an important role.

However, they still had advantages because their advantages were great.

"I will go inside, in my true body," Jiang Chen agreed.

"Jiang Chen, you know he is going to try to kill you, don't you?" His companions couldn't understand why he'd agreed.

"I'll be able to help if I go inside."

Jiang Chen should go inside in the first place as a Martial Arts Saint.

However, Zhang Tian had insisted that the true body should go with them. He was kind of forcing Jiang Chen's hand.

In the big city, the General Demon didn't look anxious despite their disadvantages. No one could figure out what was on his mind.

The Shadow Yama showed up next to him and looked toward the enemy's camp.

"The Sovereign Spirit Project has started to work." He swore with resentment. Otherwise, they would've been able to achieve their goals easily.

"Haven't you killed that Jiang Chen yet?" The General Demon only asked him this question, ignoring his comment.

The Shadow Yama looked embarrassed. He had promised confidently that he would deal with Jiang Chen, but what had happened later was beyond his expectations.

"I calculated everything, but due to his scheme, something unpredictable arose," the Shadow Yama said.

A disdainful smile pulled at the corners of the General Demon's lips. For him, it was incompetent to be unable to realize one's promise. There was no excuse.

However, the two belonged to different camps, so he didn't bother to say anything.

Feeling the General Demon's disdain, the Shadow Yama sneered. He suddenly burst out laughing when he was about to say something.

The General Demon looked over confusedly, asking him what had happened with a cold look.

He hoped the Shadow Yama had a good reason to burst out laughing at such a moment.

"While we're bothered by how to kill Jiang Chen, our enemy is going to send Jiang Chen to us," the Shadow Yama said excitedly.

The General Demon was smart. He realized what was going on immediately. "Are they going to advance into the city?"

This was the only plausible way, so it wasn't hard for the General Demon to guess.

"Yes. Jiang Chen's true body will come into the city too."

"Well, then there will be a great show." The General Demon smiled meaningfully. The most crucial moment had come.

Whether those who entered the city would eliminate the Demon Fetus and save the abductees or become nourishment for the Demon Fetus would be the key to deciding the result of this battle.

"It's starting," the General Demon noticed the enemy was rearranging their line-up to launch a sudden attack.

At this moment, the prisoners brought from the Realm of Nine Heavens and the Realm of True Force could be seen everywhere in the big city. There were creatures from all races, but the majority were humans.

At the center of the city, there was a barren mountain. Tragic screams came from the mountain from time to time. Somewhere, in a cage as big as a house, were kept numerous people.

An attractive mature woman was wearing a ragged war armor. Her face was pretty but quite worried.

All of a sudden, a giant hand clutched her arm and pulled her over.

"Get lost!"

The woman wouldn't even look at that person. She swung her arm to shake off his grip.

"We are dying anyway. Why don't we have some fun before we die?"

The person speaking was a large man, who looked extremely haggard and mad at the moment.

He was sizing up the woman's charming body with his greedy eyes.

"If you want to give up yourself, that's your decision. Don't get me involved, General Black Dragon," the woman spoke in a stern tone, gazing at the strong enemy of her dynasty.

The man was General Black Dragon from the Dragon Rebel Kingdom. He'd once directed the battle between the Dragon Rebel Kingdom and the Flying Dragon Dynasty on the Alien Battlefield.

It was mainly because of that war that the Demons had managed to revive.

Of course, the reason that the two dynasties had a battle could be related to some scheme of the Blood Race.

"You from the Flying Dragon Dynasty are funny. You still know nothing even when you're dying!"

General Black Dragon had lost his prestige already. He was totally freaked out by the Demons' strength.

He pulled over another pretty woman who looked like a zombie and started to have sex with her in front of everyone.

The woman wearing armor looked away without speaking.

This wasn't the only pair in the cage who were releasing their stress in the face of death. Actually, men and women half-naked were everywhere. It was too obscene to watch.

That was why she was standing at the edge of the cage.

She hadn't given up hope yet, because she'd heard the Demon soldiers discussing an invasion.

According to them, the Demon Army in the Realm of Nine Heavens had been defeated by a man called Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen!" She recalled the past.

If Jiang Chen had been here, he would find that this was one of the few women he cared about in the Realm of True Force: his elder sister, the former battalion commander of the Flame Camp, Qiu Yan.

Qiu Yan believed that Jiang Chen would absolutely come.

Outside, another big battle was occurring. Covered by the Venerable Sovereigns, Jiang Chen and the other strong people below the rank of Venerable Sovereign dashed into the city.

"The Demons didn't try to stop us. The situation inside must be more difficult to deal with. Watch out," Jiang Chen warned the others, since things had been too easy for them to enter.

"You'd better watch out for yourself," a cold voice answered with a freezing killing intent.

"Are you already on the verge of losing your temper?"


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