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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1600 Meng Po

The disturbance on the Alien Battlefield had alerted every world. People had been paying close attention to it. When they'd learned that the Alien Battlefield was going to collide with the Three Upper Realms, they all started to act.

Ten-odd Venerable Sovereigns traveled through the Divine Martial Arts Realm, the Heaven Martial Arts Realm, and the Three Middle Realms at once and arrived in the Realm of True Force.

Under numerous admiring gazes, they were heading to the Alien Battlefield to eliminate the Demon Fetus.

However, they were all struck dumb when they arrived at the planes' channel, because, outside the planes' channel, a figure stopped the ten-odd Venerable Sovereigns.

The figure was of an old lady. She was so old that she couldn't even straighten her back.

She said, "Meng Po from the Nether World School will send you to the nether world." The old lady looked at the ten-odd Venerable Sovereigns with an indifferent gaze.

Her words especially confused the reinforcements of the races who had followed the Venerable Sovereigns here.

The Nether World School was named after the nether world from ancient times. All their killers' titles were related to something from the ancient world.

Meng Po had played a special role in the nether world. In the Nether World School, Meng Po was a Great Sovereign, which was above Ghost Sovereign.

So far the line-up of the Nether World School had all shown up here. They wanted to make the Alien Battlefield collide with the wall of the World of the Sacred Zone to release the Blood Race kept there.


Needless to say, a big fight was inevitable.

The Venerable Sovereigns and the Ghost Sovereigns started a desperate fight.

Countless people were shocked as soon as the fight started.

Facing the ten-odd Venerable Sovereigns who were strong enough to move mountains and overflow seas, Meng Po seemed to be at ease. She kept all of the Venerable Sovereigns away.

In consideration of the time the Alien Battlefield needed to move to the Sacred Zone, Meng Po would need to keep the Venerable Sovereigns away not only for the moment, but for several days.


Back on the Alien Battlefield, the teams from the Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace led by Jiang Chen and Xiao Nuo had reached one of the three places where they were searching for the Demon Fetus.

They were not the only team that had arrived there. Jian Jingfeng, the vice leader of the Martial Divinity Palace and one of the few Venerable Sovereigns who had come to the Alien Battlefield, was also there.

"Jiang Chen, do you have any plans?"

Jian Jianfeng was surprisingly nice to Jiang Chen. He had always been totally amazed by Jiang Chen.

"Find the Demon Fetuses and kill them," Jiang Chen said directly.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, great! Let's do it!"

In this way, they started looking around. Soon, they came to the place where they'd sensed life.

However, Jiang Chen and others couldn't see anyone there.

"This is a trap here. Watch out," Jiang Chen warned immediately.

Almost as soon as he'd finished speaking, a Demon Army showed up. Three Demon Kings started attacking them aggressively.

"Compared to the Blood Race, the Demons are easier to deal with."

Jiang Chen had no idea that the Evil Demonic King he had killed was the strongest among the Ten Greatest Demon Kings, but he could sense that these three Demon Kings were much weaker than the Evil Demonic King.

"No! Watch out. On the Alien Battlefield, when they have the support from the Demon Fetus, each Demon King is almost as strong as a Venerable Sovereign,"

Jiang Chen found there was something wrong very quickly. He hurried to warn the others.


They weren't weak. They weren't afraid of the Demon Army.

Both Jian Jingfeng and Xiao Nuo were real Venerable Sovereigns. Lin Yueru's strength could be compared to a Venerable Sovereign's.

Jiang Chen, with the Buddhist Relic and the bronze cauldron, was certainly fearless.

"Buddhist Light Shines the World!"

Two of his practicing bodies flew into the air, emitting a resplendent golden light, which weakened the strength of the Demon Army imperceptibly.

"Heavenly God Descends to the World!"

In another area, Jian Jingfeng was exhibiting why the Martial Divinity Palace could be considered the backup of the three great forces.

Just like Jiang Chen's status as a Heavenly God, it seemed as if Jian Jingfeng had mastered an extraordinary power. When his sword was raised, gods and ghosts were shocked. When he struck with the sword, gods and ghosts burst out crying.

Soon, a Demon King died under his sword.

"That's amazing," Jiang Chen complimented. Jian Jingfeng's great performance also reminded him of one thing. He made up his mind to take out the divine egg, which he'd gotten a long time ago.

Then, holding the crystal tightly in his hand, he seemed to be pondering something.

"It might work," he thought.

All of a sudden, news came from the Xia's team that they had found the right place and those who'd been abducted.


Jiang Chen didn't have any doubts. There were three places in all. Since it was not where they'd arrived, the chance of the other two being the correct location was 50 percent. It would've been strange if they hadn't had any findings.

"Let's do this fast!"

They worked together to get rid of this Demon Army.

Almost as soon as they'd gained the victory, the Spirit of the Natural Law fell, and everyone got the Spirit of the Natural Law in varying amounts.

The two Venerable Sovereigns were certainly the two who had gained the most.

However, Jiang Chen found one thing strange: the Spirit of the Natural Law he'd gotten wasn't less than what Jian Jingfeng and Xiao Nuo had gotten.

It didn't baffle him for a long time. He figured out the reason very soon.

The Azure Demon, the black dragon, the Evil Blood Emperor, and Yaksha hadn't gotten any bit of the Spirit of the Natural Law. The demons they killed were all attributed to Jiang Chen.

After all, as Jiang Chen got stronger, these groups would improve as well. So the demons killed by the group of course would be a prize for him.

With no time left for overthinking, all of them headed for where the Xia was.

They arrived at the destination about 20 minutes later. A desperate battle was happening here.

The Ghost Sovereigns and Yamas from the Nether World School and the Demon Kings and General Demons of the Demons were fighting the races' reinforcements.

This was the most impressive and cruelest battle these people had witnessed in their entire lives. There were people being injured and killed every second.

"Let's fight!" Jiang Chen's men joined the fight.

Not far from the battlefield, there was a big city shrouded in black clouds.

The Demons and the Nether World School were not a match for all these fighters. They kept retreating and were finally forced out of the battlefield.

But the Demons refused to retreat any further. They wanted to keep the enemy outside the city.

"The creatures from the Three Lower Realms are kept in that big city," someone good at inspecting told people about this immediately.

"Capture the city!"

Countless people got anxious. They wanted to eliminate the Demons right away.

However, they were frustrated very soon. It was impossible to capture the city, because Venerable Sovereigns were forbidden to enter there. The Venerable Sovereigns were excluded.

Without the Venerable Sovereigns leading the team, the others couldn't enter either.

A long time passed, but they still hadn't succeeded. Seeing this, the strong ones from the three great forces and the other races had to give up for the moment.

The Blood Race and the Demons were guarding the big city resolutely. They refused to leave.

"Jiang Chen, what's going on? Why is the big city excluding Venerable Sovereigns?"

"How should we capture the city?"

"The Demons seem to be getting stronger and stronger. At least seven or eight of the ten Demon Kings have been killed, but we ran into another ten just now. It's strange."

Leaders of all the teams contacted the Demon Slayers Palace, or, precisely speaking, Jiang Chen, to ask about the next step of their plan.

"The Demon Fetus can move the Alien Battlefield, and it can change the Natural Law to a small extent. For example, people above certain states can be kept away from entering many relics. It's the same."

Facing this crisis, Jiang Chen didn't panic. He said, "The thing is, even though the Natural Law has been changed, it still sees all creatures in the same way. That's why we can't enter there, but the Blood Race and the Demons can't enter there either. They can only guard the place from outside."

It reminded others. What he said seemed to be true. The strong ones of the Blood Race and the Demons were also out of the city.

"Strong ones below Venerable Sovereign will form a storm troop. Venerable Sovereigns will cover them so that they can enter the big city," Jiang Chen told them his plan.

"That sounds great. Let's do it." None of them disagreed.

"Titled martial arts practitioners, get prepared. The task to eliminate the Demons is now assigned to you!"

Titled martial arts practitioners were the strongest among those below Venerable Sovereigns.

"I don't have any problem with that decision, but I want him to go inside with us," a titled martial arts practitioner said. The practitioner insisted that Jiang Chen go inside with them.

Those from the Ling Long Celestial Palace reacted strongly when they'd seen this titled martial arts practitioner.


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