The Brilliant Fighting Master
1599 Extraordinary Powers
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1599 Extraordinary Powers

"You're right. How smart a scheme is depends on how smart the schemer is."

"However, if you think you can control me simply because you have some extraordinary powers, that's stupid."

Looking at Long Xing, who couldn't even move, Jiang Chen spoke in a very calm tone.

He wasn't showing off or deliberately trying to attack Long Xing. After all, Long Xing had always been a special person for him.

The thing was, people changed.

Long Xing's apprentice Xiao Hongxue had gotten too big for his boots since he'd become a Venerable Sovereign. He'd even looked down on his master aunt and grand master.

Long Xing had been in a paramount position for a long time. How could it be possible that he was willing to become ordinary again?

The more highly people thought of him, the less he could accept Jiang Chen's return, because Jiang Chen would take everything away from him.

Long Xing couldn't speak, although he was trying very hard to open his mouth.

However, the crystal had taken all of his strength. He could only express himself with looks.

"You want to know where you lost?" asked Jiang Chen.

Long Xing tried his best to blink.

"Because, whether it was going to be you or Yu'eru, be it either betrayal or exploitation, I'd already thought of all of the countermeasures," Jiang Chen said.

Although he couldn't adopt a different facial expression, it was obvious that Long Xing was greatly shocked by Jiang Chen's speech.

He instantly felt as if it was 500 years ago again, when he'd held Jiang Chen in awe. Jiang Chen had known everything and was capable of everything.

"You! Will! Die! By! My! Hand!"

In the end, Long Xing made an enormous effort to speak, gnashing his teeth and struggling, regardless of everything.

The divine crystal flew out of his body as soon as he'd finished speaking.

"Oh?" Jiang Chen had a hunch that something wasn't right. In Long Xing's state, his extraordinary power shouldn't have been absorbed so quickly.

"A transformation body?"

Seeing Long Xing dispersing throughout the world, Jiang Chen tumbled to the facts of the situation. He began to understand how the killers of the Nether World School had felt when they'd realized they had only killed a practicing body despite the great effort they'd made.

Jiang Chen threw the divine crystal to Lin Yueru to give her all of the extraordinary power it had taken in.

With the addition of this extraordinary power, Lin Yueru's state had a great leap. She was almost a Martial Sovereign now.

"Flowers in Mirror and Moon's Reflection in Water!"

With her strength improved, Lin Yueru took advantage of this crucial moment to throw her sword over. A bleeding hole appeared where the Shadow Yama's heart had been.

If it hadn't been for the Blood Slaves' strong vitality, this sword attack would've killed the Shadow Yama.

"What a terrifying person."

However, it wasn't Lin Yueru that the Shadow Yama was most afraid of. It was Jiang Chen.

The tide had turned in an instant.

"Blood Demon Dissembles!"

The Shadow Yama knew that if he didn't leave as soon as possible, he would die here. He paid a huge price to exert a unique theurgy to run away. He exploded and turned into a bloody fog. Then he vanished.

Xiao Hongxue had even less reason to stay for a desperate fight.

He had been retreating farther and farther away while fighting Xiao Nuo from the beginning. Smoke was rising from him.

"Jiang Chen, I don't believe you'll be able to hide behind a woman forever," Xiao Hongxue shouted loudly as he turned tail and fled.

Xiao Nuo wasn't going to let him go. There was only coldness in her pretty eyes.

Just as she was about to kill him, Jiang Chen stopped her.

"Save your energy. We have the Demons and the Blood Race to deal with later. He is after all a Venerable Sovereign. He'll cause Long Xing a bunch of trouble when he goes back."

Jiang Chen wanted to kill Xiao Hongxue himself, but he knew it wasn't time to do it yet.

"This is great." Tt this moment, Lin Yueru touched his face with her delicate hand, exultant.

Jiang Chen hadn't discussed anything with her beforehand, so she was as surprised as Long Xing had been.

"Elder brother, how do you know about these extraordinary powers so well?" asked Lin Yueru.

Long Xing had had the nerve to scheme against Jiang Chen because he thought the latter knew nothing about the extraordinary powers.

Not even Divine Kings could have extraordinary power. Only real Heavenly Gods could have it.

Even though Jiang Chen was the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone, he shouldn't have known anything about extraordinary power.

How would she and Long Xing have known of the holy soul Jiang Chen had?

Jiang Chen took the divine crystal back. This was a useful weapon to deal with Long Xing.

Lin Yueru was obviously very afraid of the divine crystal.

"Long Xing and I got the extraordinary power to stay ageless and immortal from the divine crystal. We split the extraordinary power 50-50."

"I got the immortal part, but I'll get old. Especially when my state can't be improved anymore, I'll fall asleep every once in a while. A few months at first, and then a few years, and then dozens of years."

"Every time I fall asleep, I'll be an old lady."

Lin Yueru stopped here. She looked very sad. She didn't like having an immortal body.

"Being ageless and being immortal are actually the same extraordinary power. They shouldn't have been split at all. It's a secondary effect that makes you fall asleep. It's the same for Long Xing. That's why he wants the immortal part back. You and Long Xing, only one of you can survive."

"I feel the extraordinary power of being ageless has been functioning in me. I haven't gotten old or fallen asleep at all over the last 100 years," said Lin Yueru.

She meant she didn't want to antagonize Long Xing. She must've heard what Long Xing had said earlier. Being a woman, she would feel sentimental.

"People are greedy. Do you think Long Xing will allow this?" Jiang Chen asked helplessly.

It was something simple. He didn't have to make a big effort to explain it.

"I can't go back to the Sovereign Spirit Palace anymore," Lin Yueru said with a sigh.

"Come to my Ling Long Celestial Palace," offered Xiao Nuo, standing next to them.

"Elder Sister Xiao Nuo." Seeing Xiao Nuo, Lin Yueru beamed.

"Now you're calling me elder sister again? Who didn't want to speak to me and called me a b*tch?" Xiao Nuo asked with a smile.

Lin Yueru looked awkward. She said, "It was because I didn't know about the Sovereign Spirit Project. I thought my elder brother had died that way."

"Ahem, ahem." Jiang Chen recalled his cause of death that Xiao Nuo had announced to the world. He was so embarrassed that he cut in immediately.

"We should focus on the current problems, which are the most important things at the moment," said Jiang Chen.

Both Xiao Nuo and Lin Yueru understood what he was talking about.

Then they went to find the Demon Slayers Palace's team. The Demon Slayers Palace hadn't let Jiang Chen down. They had gotten a lot of information.

"There are Ghost Sovereigns above the Yamas and a Great Sovereign above the Ghost Sovereigns. This is the line-up of the Nether World School and the Blood Slaves."

"The Demons are a smaller threat. They have nine Demon Kings and a General Demon."

They had learned every detail about the Alien Battlefield after a desperate fight.

"Have you found the Demon Fetus's location?"

This was the most important thing.

"Some people sensed the energies of these creatures. They're scattered in three places. Theoretically, only one of the three places is real. The other two are just traps."

"Even so, we'll have to investigate each place to rule out those two."

"I agree with you."

After speaking to Ye Qiu, he sent reinforcements to the three places.

Putting the grudges between Jiang Chen and the Sovereign Spirit Palace aside, their ultimate goal was to frustrate the scheme of the Demons and the Blood Race.

The Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace headed for one of the three places to investigate.

By then, the movement of the Alien Battlefield had made the entrance of the Realm of Nine Heavens drift.

On the other side, it was also docking with the entrance of the Three Middle Realms.


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