The Brilliant Fighting Master
1598 Scheming against Each Other
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1598 Scheming against Each Other

Long Xing was scared of Jiang Chen from the bottom of his heart.

It was because of this fear that he'd convinced himself that Jiang Chen had been relying on his distinguished identity to predict things with miraculous accuracy.

He'd assumed that Jiang Chen had achieved things that average people couldn't achieve simply because Jiang Chen had had all kinds of endless resources.

In other words, Long Xing had assumed that Jiang Chen was only a mediocre man who wouldn't have achieved anything without his identity and resources.

He was even surer of this after seeing Lin Yueru get injured. This was why he had arrived laughing.

"You behaved as a lying hypocrite in our meeting in the Realm of True Force to mislead the world so that I would be targeted by the Demons and the Blood Race. Also, you weren't sure whether I was the practicing body or the true body at that point," Jiang Chen said slowly.

Lin Yueru was in a very bad situation. The crystal in her back would pierce through her entirely very soon.

"You're right," Long Xing admitted his duplicity straightforwardly, because he knew it would be meaningless to deny it in front of Jiang Chen.

"You let your apprentice be humiliated because you know what kind of person he is. You wanted him to come after me to kill me at all costs," Jiang Chen added.

Long Xing smiled without speaking. He neither admitted nor denied it.

In the opposite corner, Xiao Hongxue looked as if he was pondering the situation. He seemed to be in the throes of very complicated feelings.

"In addition, Yueru doesn't want to be ageless like you. It's you who want to be immortal like her. Am I right?" Jiang Chen made the most important point.

"That's right," Long Xing became rather emotional when this topic was brought up.

Seeing Lin Yueru getting old rapidly, he said coldly, "Being ageless and immortal were not separated in the first place. I was in love with this woman and gave her one of those two. However, 500 years passed, and during these 500 years, you were the only person this woman was thinking about. No matter what I did, I just couldn't impress her."

It was hard to tell whether Lin Yueru had heard this speech. The divine crystal had pierced into her body completely, and she couldn't even move.

"So I returned to the relics where we had been and found the divine crystal. It used to bear the ability to be ageless and immortal. I wanted to fetch what is supposed to be mine.

"However, the divine crystal has a specific purpose. The ability to be ageless and immortal is supposed to be inseparable. I couldn't do it myself, and if I wanted to make others do the work, nobody would be able to because Yueru is too clever."

Jiang Chen looked awful by then. "So, you thought of me."

"Exactly. You told me if I wanted to convince someone, I would have to make him believe he's the one who has the control," Long Xing said with pride.

"So you even knelt down in front of me and told me you didn't mind disclosing our secret to the world, and you gave me the divine crystal."

"Yes. You wouldn't know that the crystal could activate itself. That was your blind spot. Even though you were the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone, there's no way you could know the function of this divine crystal." Long Xing didn't deny anything. However, at the mention of kneeling down, his eyes flashed with hatred.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen said, "Your plan isn't complicated."

"The more complicated a plan is, the more flaws it'll have. You said that also," Long Xing said complacently.

"What about him?"

Jiang Chen pointed at the Shadow Yama with a serious look.

If Long Xing was collaborating with the Blood Race, it would be a very bad situation.

"Him? We take what we want. That's all. I'll kill him after you die," Long Xing said calmly.

"As long as Lord Long Xing can stop me," the Shadow Yama wasn't angry. He smiled weirdly.

Jiang Chen looked toward Xiao Hongxue, who was observing the situation. He said, "You know so many secrets of your grand master's, and you've disrespected him to such an extent. You even wanted to grab his immortal body. How do you think you will end up?"

Xiao Hongxue, who had been very silent, suddenly turned pale, as if he was facing a dangerous enemy. He was on his guard.

"Hongxue," Long Xing yelled.

Xiao Hongxue came to himself and gave Jiang Chen a stare.

"The First Young Master of the Sacred Zone is trying to drive a wedge between my apprentice and me. What a low move! It's true that resourcefulness is restricted by position. Currently, you can only resort to such a low move," Long Xing said sarcastically.


Jiang Chen applauded. He said with a smile, "Your plan is too simple, but extremely effective. That's not bad. After all, we worked together for such a long time."

"Huh, it makes sense to bring this up at the moment. Although you've already realized what's going on, you said yourself that there is only a thin line between geniuses and stupid people. Geniuses can figure things out in the first place, while stupid people can only figure things out in hindsight."

Long Xing seemed rather unhappy. He said, "And now, you're the latter."

"Not necessarily. Maybe I'm the former," Jiang Chen smiled more.

"What?" Long Xing frowned, not feeling good. That being said, he didn't think Jiang Chen could turn the tide since the die had been cast.

"The smart part of your calculation is that I would've tried to verify what you told me, even though I didn't know the divine crystal well.

"Even though I was baffled, pushed by you, I would be in danger, and Yueru would have to approach me.

"You worked along two lines. That's great indeed."

By then Long Xing had thrown out his shoulders with pride.

"But you neglected one thing. Even if Yueru really was going to grab your ageless body at all costs, I would help her," Jiang Chen suddenly changed his tone, which charged the air with tension.

"So what? You were doomed to failure the moment you took the divine crystal," Long Xing shouted.

"It's actually the contrary. The moment I took the divine crystal is when your failure started.

Jiang Chen laid his eyes on the divine crystal in Lin Yueru's back. He said, "This is a vehicle of Extraordinary Power. It can take the Extraordinary Power in you and Yueru back by force. But you don't know how to use it, so you wanted to use me.

"The thing is, I know this thing better than you do. Yueru, surprise him."

As soon as he'd finished speaking, Lin Yueru, who had been lying motionless, suddenly recovered completely.

The divine crystal pierced into her body turned into a flowing light. It penetrated Long Xing's body at a speed that was even too high for him.


"Whaaaat?" Long Xing could only give one tragic scream. Then he froze just like Lin Yueru had a moment ago. All of his strength was taken away.

At the same time, driven by the divine crystal, his strength whooshed across the sky and flew into Lin Yueru's body.

Lin Yueru gave a joyful scream. Her white hair became black and shining once again rapidly. Her skin became elastic again.


This sudden twist made the Shadow Yama and Xiao Hongxue realize the situation had become unfavorable for them. They launched an attack against Jiang Chen at the same time.

Lin Yueru obstructed the Shadow Yama without effort.

However, Xiao Hongxue was about to succeed in killing the true body. But, in the end, Jiang Chen didn't even throw him a glance. He flew over toward Long Xing instead.


The sound of an electric shock rang out, and Xiao Hongxue was sent flying.

"You are so arrogant just because you are a Venerable Sovereign? How sad!" Xiao Nuo flew over. There was only coldness on her pretty face.

"Jiang Chen calculated all this!"

Seeing Xiao Nuo show up, the Shadow Yama knew this couldn't be good for him. It was impossible to kill Jiang Chen. He started to think about escaping.

However, Lin Yueru didn't give him the chance. Getting the ageless body helped her take a big leap in her fighting force. Every movement of her sword was fatal.


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