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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1597 A Scheme

It wasn't easy to detain a Yama, especially when the Yama was as strong as a Venerable Sovereign.

Jiang Chen cared more about how Lin Yu'eru was doing.

"Elder brother, don't come over here."

However, he noticed that Lin Yu'eru had turned around and stayed with her back facing him when he'd wanted to ask about her situation.

Her white hair was so striking. And it was not the crystal white of snow and ice. It was a paleness.

"It's all right, Yu'eru."

Women care about their looks. Jiang Chen felt as if this was what was bothering Lin Yu'eru.

"No, it's not because of that, elder brother," Lin Yu'eru sounded anxious.

Jiang Chen detected something coming. A familiar figure showed up before he could ask.

"Jiang Chen, I told you, you have nowhere to run."

It was Xiao Hongxue. Blood was dripping from the sword in his hand. He must have killed many from the Nether World School.

"You just won't give up."

Jiang Chen really didn't know what to say to him. He said to Lin Yu'eru through holy awareness, "You leave with my bronze cauldron. I'll distract him."

This was the wisest way.

However, he changed his mind due to what Xiao Hongxue did next. This young Venerable Sovereign threw Lin Yu'eru an aggressive look.

"Master aunt, you shouldn't have done this for him. Your immortal life will get weaker and weaker." Xiao Hongxue continued in a cold voice, "So why don't you give it to me?"

"What are you saying?" Lin Yu'eru was extremely shocked. She opened her eyes wide and couldn't believe what she'd heard.

She'd watched Xiao Hongxue grow up, but now he seemed to have been seized by such a crazy idea.

If she lost her immortal life, it was the same as taking her life away.

"Hongxue, do you know what you just said?" shouted Lin Yu'eru.

"I know well. You took care of me when I was small, but now you are treating me this way for his sake. Grand master is doing the same too," Xiao Hongxue said angrily.

Lin Yueru was really pissed off. She said, "It is because you did wrong in the first place."

"I did nothing wrong! The fact that I have become a Venerable Sovereign has proved everything. I will be the world's savior. All creatures will need my shelter. Why can't he give me that cauldron?" Xiao Hongxue yelled emotionally.

Lin Yu'eru really didn't know how to answer him.

"Does becoming a Venerable Sovereign change a person this way?" Jiang Chen thought to himself.

"Elder brother, let me deal with him. You leave as soon as possible," said Lin Yu'eru.

"Didn't I tell you? This is a practicing body," Jiang Chen said helplessly.

"You have no idea. Xiao Hongxue is able to track you down. He will lock in on your true body through your practicing body."

"Even so, I can't allow anything to happen to you."

"Elder brother, I'm immortal. In the worst-case scenario, I'll just sleep for a while."

Lin Yu'eru didn't believe Xiao Hongxue could take her immortal life away from her.

However, Jiang Chen still couldn't be sure, because Xiao Hongxue had sounded so confident, as if he was sure he would succeed.

"Master Aunt, just surrender. If you surrender, at least you can die with a pretty face."

"Dream on," Lin Yu'eru raised her hand. A resplendent sword radiance broke out.

"Finally." And Jiang Chen felt relieved. Because his true body had finally come, bringing the Buddhist Relic with him.

"I'm wondering what it feels like to kill a Venerable Sovereign," Jiang Chen looked toward Xiao Hongxue, who wanted to kill not only him but also Lin Yu'eru. It was really unforgivable.

"Elder brother," to his surprise, Lin Yu'eru shouted anxiously as soon as the true body showed up.

She'd seen the Shadow Yama, who'd retreated, get ready to launch another attack.

He was good at the law of space. It was really difficult to defend against him. And he was following the killers' law of launching one fatal strike after another.

"Tathagata Buddhist Robe!"

Jiang Chen reacted fast. He used all of the Buddhist power of the Buddhist Relic to put on a sacred robe that was giving off a golden light.

However, he'd underestimated the Shadow Yama's strength.

The Buddhist power had always succeeded in dealing with evil things, but this time it was overcome. It was only one strike, and Jiang Chen ended up heavily injured.

"Ha, ha, ha, aren't you gonna kill the Yama? How can you really do it if you are so vulnerable?" the Shadow Yama was complacent. He launched a second attack.

Lin Yu'eru gnashed her teeth. She threw caution to the wind and flew over to force the Shadow Yama to retreat with her sword.

The Shadow Yama wasn't angry. Instead, he showed a gloomy smile.

By Jiang Chen, the practicing body stayed not far away from the true body. That divine crystal in his storage ware started reacting strongly, although no one had ever consulted it.

BANG! The storage ware exploded. The divine crystal that looked like an icicle flew out and hit Lin Yu'eru's back. Half of it pierced into her body.

Lin Yu'eru screamed tragically, as if all of her strength had been absorbed by the divine crystal.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

A completely unconstrained laugh rang out. Xiao Hongxue was the most shocked of all, because the person who was laughing was Long Xing.

"I've made it! I'm good! I've schemed against the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone successfully."

Long Xing showed up again in front of Jiang Chen. His strong energy blocked the whole area.

It was strange that the Shadow Yama was not surprised at all to see Long Xing.

"Long Xing, what's this about?" Jiang Chen shouted.

"Watch your attitude, Jiang Chen. You are no longer the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone. And your father is not one of the Four Sages anymore either."

Long Xing's attitude had changed completely from previously. His respect for Jiang Chen and his sincerity were completely gone.

Jiang Chen realized that what Lin Yu'eru had told him wasn't a lie.

He'd had doubts, so he didn't go to see Lin Yu'eru with the divine crystal as soon as he'd gotten it. He was afraid that something bad would happen.

But he'd never thought of the possibility that the divine crystal could be started automatically in the storage ware.

"Jiang Chen, now admit it. Without a position that's high enough, without a highly developed information network, your wisdom is just bullsh*t."

"The First Young Master of the Sacred Zone? PEH! How would you have read those precious books without your father? How would you have learned all kinds of theurgies and martial arts techniques without your father?"

"You're just an average human in a closed and strange environment."

Long Xing was excited, because he'd managed to scheme against Jiang Chen successfully. He prided himself on this. His last bit of fear of Jiang Chen had all gone as well.

"Why has it turned out that you hate me so much?" Jiang Chen asked while keeping an eye on Lin Yu'eru.

"No, I really admire you. And I truly think that the current me is a better substitute for you."

Long Xing had really felt grateful to Jiang Chen for the first 100 years. He'd been amazed by the latter's ability.

In the next 100 years, the Sovereign Spirit Palace had grown, and he'd developed into a world savior respected by everyone from an average Martial-level strongman.

He'd really enjoyed it, but he was also worried. Especially as time went by, and more and more people had come to respect him.

He was afraid the world would find out that he was nothing but a scammer when Jiang Chen came back.

Consequently, his attitude toward Jiang Chen had changed.

"Now, do you care to listen to my plan, so that you can die knowing the reason?" asked Long Xing.

Jiang Chen showed a very mysterious smile. "Actually, I have an idea. I'll make a guess about your plan, and you can tell me whether I'm right or not. What do you think?"

Long Xing had been feeling relaxed, but seeing Jiang Chen reacting this way, he tensed up again.


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