The Brilliant Fighting Master
1596 The Shadow Yama
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1596 The Shadow Yama

Jiang Chen had always wondered why, no matter where he'd gone, he'd been hated. He couldn't figure out how he had somehow offended all the forces in the Three Upper Realms.

Now, it turned out to have been the work of the Nether World School.

"Now you know everything you should. You can go to h*ll," the shadow vanished as soon as he'd finished speaking.

Jiang Chen was shocked. This was like an attack from outer space. A sense of danger swept over him like a freezing tide. He hid in the cauldron, and made it swirl rapidly.

But somehow his sense of danger wasn't alleviated. Instead, it got even more intense.

"The bronze cauldron can ward off direct attacks, but my attack is out of its range."

Jiang Chen heard an ice-cold voice. Before he could react, a blood-red, sharp claw appeared in the cauldron, clutching toward his heart.

Jiang Chen stiffened, as if he couldn't do anything except wait for his death.

"Great Method of Void!" Jiang Chen came to himself at the crucial moment. He exerted a unique theurgy.

He was spirited thousands of miles away together with the cauldron.

After getting far from the danger, Jiang Chen continued gasping for air. He touched his chest, where he felt a burning pain. If he'd reacted a little bit more slowly, this practicing body would have died right there.

"I have to admit your void method is superior to mine, but your skills and strength don't hold a candle to mine."

To his surprise, the shadow's voice came again. It was like an cancer growing in his bones, which he couldn't get rid of.

"You are neither a human nor a ghost now. Is it really so much fun to be a Blood Slave?" Jiang Chen questioned the shadow in a loud voice.

"I can be immortal and master unique methods of all the races. Why isn't that fun?" the shadow answered with a question.

It made Jiang Chen speechless. After the last attack, the practicing body and the true body were farther away from each other than ever.

It would be okay if the practicing body died, but it would be absolutely a big loss if the bronze cauldron fell into the hands of the enemy.

"I really enjoy seeing you, my targets, forcing yourselves to stay calm when you are actually feeling desperate," the shadow said in a sarcastic voice.

Jiang Chen's sense of danger came again as he listened to that voice, but he couldn't use the Great Method of Void again.

As Jiang Chen was thinking whether he should teach the enemy a lesson even if the bronze cauldron could be stolen, a sharp WHOOSH sound could be heard.

"Elder brother, don't be afraid!"

A figure had arrived, who had turned into a flowing light, dressed in white and holding a sword, extraordinary indeed. This was Lin Yu'eru.

She seemed extremely aggressive. Her sword was pointed at the shadow. Nothing could stop her.

"Don't come near here. I'm only a practicing body," Jiang Chen hurried to warn her.

The shadow was strong. Lin Yu'eru was not a match for him.

However, Lin Yu'eru behaved as if she hadn't heard him. Her blade began moving even more aggressively.

The shadow snorted since Lin Yu'eru's appearance had hindered his plan.

"Smelting Heaven Formula!"

The shadow didn't dare be careless facing Lin Yu'eru's attack. He exerted a Demon method. His palm attacked. The sky over them was collapsing.

Lin Yu'eru was shaking like a person in an earthquake. She could die at any moment.

"The Sun and the Moon Glow at the Same Time!"

However, Lin Yu'eru had been living for 500 years. She certainly wasn't an average person.

Her sword gave off a sparkling radiance. The space steadied itself very soon.

Both the shadow and Jiang Chen were surprised. The strength Lin Yu'eru had shown was beyond that of a Martial Arts Saint or even an Extraordinary Martial Arts Saint.

In an instant, her sword attacked the shadow.

The shadow seemed to be poor at defense. Demolished by the sword, he turned into a great amount of smoke and vanished from the world.

"It's not wrong that people call you a fairy. Your fighting force is really great," unfortunately, the shadow's voice could be heard again.

The smoke turned into a human figure, but this time it was no longer just a shadow. It was a real human.

It was a man who looked very gloomy and was wearing dark clothes.

"The Shadow Yama," gazing at him, Lin Yu'eru said his name.

"I didn't expect Fairy Yu'eru to remember me," the Shadow Yama said with a cold smile.

"You chased me for months. How could I forget you?" Lin Yueru said in an equally cold voice.

"If we hadn't chased you, you wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to be immortal, would you?"

Next to them, Jiang Chen frowned. He felt this whole dialogue was strange.

This Shadow Yama didn't seem to be anxious.

He'd been telling Jiang Chen various secrets since the very beginning.

Jiang Chen had assumed he'd been doing so because he was enjoying the fun of hunting. But now it seemed it was because of something else.

"Then let me express my gratitude to you," Lin Yu'eru threw her sword over again.

Jiang Chen found with surprise that his younger sister's sword attainments were as good as his.

Most important, Lin Yu'eru had reached the peak in terms of the property of water.

"Fairyland with Water and the Moon!"

She threw her sword over again. Under the moonlight, the sword's radiance was flowing like an ocean current.

"Sura's Demonic Knife!"

The Shadow Yama flipped his palm and a Demonic knife showed up in his hand.

Blood Slaves could launch attacks in many different ways. It was difficult to figure out their habits.

However, the Shadow Yama had exerted more than one Demon method. Supposedly, this was because he had connections with the Demons.

Seeing what was going on, Jiang Chen didn't stay where he was.

"Unique Theurgy: Interceptive Divine Finger!"

"Buddha's Spirit and Taoist Temperament, Buddhist Light Shines on the World!"

He wanted to assist Lin Yu'eru in fighting off the Shadow Yama.

"Fella, you are courting death!"

"Thousands of Demonic Shadows!"

The Shadow Yama was irritated. He exerted his unique movement directly. Instantly, his shadows were everywhere, shuttling between Lin Yu'eru and Jiang Chen.

Each of his Demonic shadows was so vivid. And they were not incomplete shadows at all. They launched attacks at the same time.

Compared to his previous attack against Jiang Chen, this movement was the Shadow Yama's best move.

"The Moonlight!"

Lin Yu'eru didn't let him reach his goal. She pointed her sword at the sky. The moon rose.

The moonlight had sharp edges. The Demonic shadows were eliminated in an instant.


The Shadow Yama looked pissed off. With Jiang Chen restraining him, he'd suffered a great loss in this blow exchange.

"Lin Yu'eru, are you sure you want to antagonize me?" the Shadow Yama shouted.

His question made Jiang Chen kind of confused.

"Jiang Chen, watch her change carefully," the Shadow Yama warned him out of good intentions.

Jiang Chen looked over and was startled.

Lin Yu'eru, showing all of her strength, looked like an unreal fairy. People would hold her in awe just by looking at her. And Jiang Chen noticed that Yu'eru's black hair had all turned white.

This reminded Jiang Chen of the poison that his mother had had in her body. Every time she fought, her life span would be lowered, and she would grow older.

But Lin Yu'eru's condition apparently had nothing to do with poison.

"She is a Martial Arts Saint at the peak, and she has managed to fight me. Don't you think she must've paid a price?" the Shadow Yama asked.

"Cut the cr*p!"

"Pick the Moon!"

Lin Yu'eru didn't let him continue speaking. She threw her sword over again.

"Let's kill this guy first and talk about other things later."

Jiang Chen knew they shouldn't be distracted, so he started to read the scripture silently, and also sent the bronze cauldron out.

"Huh, Lin Yu'eru, you'll regret it when I come back again."

Seeing the situation was becoming unfavorable for him, the Shadow Yama was going to run away.

"Elder brother, don't let him run. I'll be much weaker next time," Lin Yu'eru hurried to say.

"I'm the Shadow Yama. I can go wherever I want. Who can stop me?"

The Shadow Yama smiled disdainfully. He exerted an escaping method of the void and vanished from where he was.


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