The Brilliant Fighting Master
1594 Grabbing a Soul Under Orders
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1594 Grabbing a Soul Under Orders

"Is that Jiang Chen again? The guy has no common sense. Isn't he afraid that we'll ambush him?"

The General Demon reacted strongly when he'd heard that name again. He was very interested in Jiang Chen.

"If he acted with common sense, he would've been killed by us from the Nether World School many times already."

The man behind the General Demon looked like a ghost. He was basically just a black shadow.


The General Demon didn't respond. He looked as if he was disdainful about everything that the man said.

"Don't underestimate that Jiang Chen. My informer has just told me that even Long Xing has been treating Jiang Chen with great respect. The rumors about him might be true," the black shadow answered patiently. He knew what the General Demon's reaction meant, but he wasn't pissed off.

"That there is someone else behind Long Xing...?" the General Demon asked curiously.

"Yes. There was a man called Jiang Chen as well in the Sacred Zone 500 years ago. He was called the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone. His talents were extraordinary."

The General Demon wanted to hear more, but then he realized something. He turned serious, "This is your Blood Race's trouble. Now four Venerable Sovereigns have come."

The black shadow knew things had gotten trickier since the Venerable Sovereigns had come. But now that things had developed to this stage, they wouldn't be able to go back anymore.

"Let's start then. Leave Jiang Chen to us."

"Are you sure? You've been making such a great effort to develop the Nether World School. Once we start, you will be known by people."

"Train an army for 1,000 days so that it can be used in an hour. Extensive preparation will eventually pay off," said the black shadow.

"All right. Let's start then."

The General Demon's eyes that had always seemed wise were now tinged with craziness. This meant the real craziness had started!

The reinforcements of all the races had just arrived. They had not started to act when they found the world in front of them was shaking. They naturally thought it was an earthquake.

But soon, all of them realized they were in the air. They felt the shaking because the whole world was shaking.

"Bad news! The Alien Battlefield is moving up!"

"Good heavens, Jiang Chen was right!"

"The Demons are working with the Blood Race. They are going to make the Alien Battlefield connect to the Three Upper Realms!"

People realized that the sword that had been hanging over everyone's head was finally falling! And it had fallen silently, without any omens.

Many people were not ready yet, because the Era of the Sovereign Spirit had just started.

"Call all of the Venerable Sovereigns in. We must frustrate the Demons' plans at all costs!"

"Where is Jiang Chen? Ask him for a solution."

"Yeah. Jiang Chen must have a solution."

Suddenly, the Demon Slayers Palace team was the center of much attention, because Jiang Chen was with them.

"Guys, it'll take the Alien Battlefield three days and three nights to move up to the Three Upper Realms," Jiang Chen said to everyone through the Demon Slayers Palace.

"This is good news for us. It means the Demons and the Blood Race feel threatened. And we can do a lot of things during three days and three nights."

What Jiang Chen could do was to pacify the soldiers and inform them of the detailed information.

"Three days and three nights? That's not too bad. We've still got time!"

"No wonder the Spirit of the Natural Law is falling. The crucial moment of life or death has come."

"To save the world, kill!"

As Jiang Chen had said, the shaking was slowing down. The entire Alien Battlefield was moving at a very slow pace.

"We've already got almost 30 Venerable Sovereigns. If we go all out, the Demons won't be able to cause us any trouble," Ye Qiu was also analyzing the situation. Once they had enough time, they would be able to resolve the crisis.

"In this case, we should try our best to save people."

Jiang Chen said, "Find the creatures brought here. They will lead us to the Demon Fetus."

"Exactly. Let's do this," Ye Qiu nodded.

He felt lucky that he had brought Jiang Chen here. Jiang Chen's speech wasn't great, but it was quite comforting.

It was like a lamp that could point the way to people and disperse the darkness.


Tragic screams kept ringing out as the Demon Slayers Palace was about to act.

Jiang Chen and Ye Qiu turned pale. Then they saw something that would be difficult to forget. An Elder of the Demon Slayers Palace suddenly attacked some people. Those people happened to be standing next to him. They were also from the Demon Slayers Palace.

"Liu Zheng, what are you doing?"

Ye Qiu stared at the Elder. He was a calm person, but at the moment he was in great anger. He rushed over immediately to stop the Elder.

"Ghost King from the Nether World School, I'm grabbing your soul under orders!"

The Elder called Liu Zheng looked indifferent. Blood was dropping from the sharp blade in his hand.

"Blood Slave!"

Jiang Chen was shocked. He hadn't expected Blood Slaves to have infiltrated the Demon Slayers Palace, which scarcely showed up in the world.

Most horrifyingly, nothing had looked wrong with this Elder Liu Zheng on their way here.

Even he, a Buddhist disciple, hadn't noticed any traces.

But the most shocked person was Ye Qiu. He'd been a member of the Demon Slayers Palace since he could remember, and Elder Liu Zheng had been in the Demon Slayers Palace the whole time.

Ten-odd years had passed, and it turned out this Elder Liu Zheng was actually from the Nether World School. He just couldn't believe it.

In the meantime, the same thing was happening within the three great forces' team and other races' teams. Suddenly, there were traitors everywhere.

"A Ghost Sovereign from the Nether World School!"

Most surprisingly, one of the Venerable Sovereigns was also from the Nether World School!

People finally realized why the Nether World School couldn't be eliminated. Because the Nether World School had infiltrated every corner of the Black Yellow Great World.

Consequently, it wasn't surprising at all that the Nether World School had the most comprehensive information.


On the Demon Slayer Palace's team, Ye Qiu kept staring at Liu Zheng. Then the latter suddenly launched an attack.

"The Escaping Method of the Nether!"

Liu Zheng disappeared with a shake. He'd exerted the best theurgy of the Nether World School.

"Jiang Chen, watch out," Ye Qiu shouted in a hurry.

Liu Zheng was grabbing someone's soul under orders. And this someone was none other than Jiang Chen!

"How could you show off such a crappy escaping method in front of me?" Jiang Chen was disdainful. Liu Zheng had disclosed his identity, but it didn't mean that his strength would be greatly enhanced. He was still a Martial Arts Saint at the peak.

Jiang Chen had exerted the Great Method of the Void to dodge the Ghost King's fatal attack.

"You know who I like to kill most? It's people like you, who can't be exposed to the light!"

Jiang Chen showed up behind Liu Zheng. The resplendent Buddhist light made the Ghost King have nowhere to hide.

"Dark Clouds Just Method!"

Ye Qiu took the chance to attack. He killed Liu Zheng to get rid of the traitor of the Demon Slayers Palace.

"We are doomed. A calamity is coming," after satisfying his anger, Ye Qiu murmured to himself. He was as pale as a ghost.

It was so all of a sudden. There had been no sign at all.

They thought the falling of the Spirit of the Natural Law was a good thing in the beginning. But then they'd realized that the Spirit of the Natural Law was just helping them out because they seemed too weak.

"Calm down. We only have a few traitors and Blood Slaves. What they can do is at most prolong things. We still have hope."

Jiang Chen realized how tricky things were. He'd started to wonder whether the Wall of the World of the Sacred Zone could resist the attack from the Alien Battlefield.

The answer made him scared.

An unprecedented crisis was coming silently.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was truly resentful.

He hated the leaders of the three great forces. All they'd ever cared about was power. They'd never done anything useful.

If he'd not showed up, the evil plan of the Blood Race and the Demons would have been completed successfully.

"A bunch of cr*p. I should have lived for 500 years all by myself," Jiang Chen couldn't help but swear.


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