The Brilliant Fighting Master
1593 Counterattacking the Demons
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1593 Counterattacking the Demons

"Yueru won't die, but she will get old. She still looks young and beautiful, but actually she's already old. She needs to stay in seclusion for a long time every time after she travels outside."

"Young Master, if you don't believe me, please take this divine crystal. When you approach Yueru, this divine crystal will disclose the truth to you."

Long Xing took out a rectangular crystal carefully. It was only ten feet long. It was thin but, holding it in his hand, Jiang Chen felt it was heavy.

"Young Master, I'm loyal to you. You must believe me. If you don't believe me, I will tell people the truth immediately. I can tell them now."

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen said, "It's not necessary. It's an unusual time. If such news spreads, it will create a great disturbance. It won't do us any good."

"People should know who the person that really saved them is." It seemed to matter a lot to Long Xing.

"Let's put this aside for the moment. What matters most are the Demons. Let's talk about that first."

No matter what the truth was, it was not a good thing to antagonize Long Xing.

Since Long Xing was treating him with respect, at least the Sovereign Spirit Palace wouldn't make things difficult for him later.

The two of them returned to the Holy Martial Arts City safely.

The tension on Lin Yueru's pretty face was relieved. She looked toward her elder brother with a question mark in her eyes.

Jiang Chen had a subtle feeling. The divine crystal was in his storage ring.

"Jiang Chen, Lord Long Xing, let's talk about the important thing. The situation can get worse at any minute," Ye Qiu said anxiously.

It was certainly the Demon Slayers Palace who cared about the Demons most.

"Okay. Summon everyone," said Long Xing.

Ye Qiu nodded. Then he went to contact the Martial Divinity Palace and the Xia.

These Three Great Forces were enemies and competitors. During this special period, the Demon Slayers Palace was what connected them. The Demon Slayers Palace had arranged a meeting for the Three Great Forces and the strong ones from all races.

"Demon Fetus!"

Everyone at the meeting was shocked when Jiang Chen told them his conclusions. Most people didn't know much about the Demon Fetus, but a few of the older participants pulled long faces.

"A Demon Fetus is the start of all Demons."

"It's also because of the Demon Fetus that the Demon Army became so aggressive."

"A Demon Fetus has its childhood, puberty, adulthood, and complete body."

Jiang Chen said, "The Demons would take great risks to protect this. It means the Demon Fetus is developing toward puberty."

As he spoke, the participants of the meeting whispered to one another. There were all kinds of opinions.

"What I want to tell you is that when the Demons damaged the Black Yellow Great World, the Demon Fetus then was also in puberty."


The participants were shocked. Didn't that mean that the crisis had been very severe?

"Really? Why do you know the Demons so well?"

Certainly, not everyone trusted Jiang Chen. Those who were hostile to Jiang Chen expressed their doubts.

"Jiang Chen stopped the Demon Lords in the Demonic Abyss from awaking, and he protected the Realm of Nine Heavens from being occupied by the Demons. Such facts mean he knows the Demons better than anyone," Ye Qiu said immediately.

"The Sovereign Spirit Palace trusts Jiang Chen 100 percent," said Long Xing.

Long Xing's opinion was more influential than Ye Qiu's.

"Lord Long Xing, you are abusing your authority." Whoever had the nerve and seniority to say this was certainly not simple.

He was the vice leader of the Martial Divinity Palace, one of the few Venerable Sovereigns at the moment: Jian Jingfeng.

He was a white-haired old man, but he still had an edge that uniquely belonged to swordsmen.

Long Xing was so obedient to Jiang Chen. This had affected his authority severely.

Once Jiang Chen made any mistake, Long Xing would be implicated as well.

However, Long Xing only grinned. He didn't respond.

"All right. Tell us about your plan. We've wasted quite some time here," someone said impatiently.

Jiang Chen said, "I suggest we send all of our fighting forces to the Alien Battlefield to kill all of the Demons."

It started a great disturbance at the meeting.

"This is nonsense!"

An Ancient chieftain scolded, "We know nothing about the Alien Battlefield. If we go there so rashly, won't we just be courting death?"

"It's too risky."

"That's right."

Most people didn't agree.

"We don't know the Demons well. But similarly, the Demons don't know us well either. We need to seize every second at the moment. If safety is all that you think about, you'll pay a bigger price in the end," said Jiang Chen.

People quieted down. They kept staring at each other.

"I don't agree! If what you said is true, the Demons are going to use all those creatures as food. If we go in there so rashly, it's like sending sustenance to them." The Ancient chieftain objected again. He was not only questioning Jiang Chen's plan, but also questioning the latter's intentions.

"If that were the case, why would Jiang Chen have offered the Realm of Nine Heavens as his protection," Ye Qiu asked the chieftain.

The Ancient chieftain was instantly speechless.

"Guys, I agree with Jiang Chen. If we are hindered by our concerns, we'll only give the Demon Fetus the time to grow."

"If you're worried, the Sovereign Spirit Palace will be the first to go. You can join us when things become clearer." Long Xing got to his feet. As he said, he was giving Jiang Chen his unconditional support.

It was certainly a good thing that the Sovereign Spirit Palace was willing to take the lead. However, the Martial Divinity Palace and the Xia started to hesitate.

The Spirit of the Natural Law was falling. If the Sovereign Spirit Palace took the lead, they would beat everyone to the punch.

If they beat the others once, they would keep on beating them all the time.

"We've been to all kinds of dangerous places. Why should we be afraid of the Alien Battlefield?"

"Exactly. Let's kill our way into there. Show the Demons how great we are!"

In this way, thanks to Long Xing's endorsement, the participants of the meeting decided to carry out Jiang Chen's plan.

Then Jiang Chen told them about the details of the plan.

There was only one goal: to find the Demon Fetus and get rid of it!

Once the Demon Fetus was destroyed, the Demons wouldn't be able to cause them any more big problems.

"We must spare no effort in destroying the Demon Fetus! It's for all of the creatures in the world."

"That's right. At all costs!"

In this way, the reinforcements from all those races headed for the Alien Battlefield after stopping in the Realm of True Force for eight hours.

It was Jiang Chen's plan, but it didn't mean he would lead the team.

Every force had its own plan. The Demon Slayers Palace was the one who managed everything. As a result, Jiang Chen acted with the Demon Slayers Palace.

In the Realm of Nine Heavens, the true body took the members of the Heavenly Palace toward the planes' channel leading to the Alien Battlefield.


Due to the war that had broken out previously, there were many military constructions on the Alien Battlefield. Now these constructions had facilitated the Demon Army.

In the city located in the center of the Alien Battlefield, the General Demon suddenly dashed out of his camp. He looked up at the sky.

He sensed people were entering the Alien Battlefield without cease.

"The Three Great Forces are always competing with each other. Why are they entering the battlefield so decisively?" The General Demon was kind of surprised.

"It's that Jiang Chen. He's the one behind all this."

A figure showed up behind him as he was feeling baffled. Surprisingly, this figure was not a Demon.

However, this human was enjoying what was going on more than any Demon on this gloomy Alien Battlefield.


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