The Brilliant Fighting Master
1588 Two Important Reasons
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1588 Two Important Reasons

Long Xing was the most influential man in the entire Black Yellow Great World.

In people's eyes, he was the person who had deployed the Sovereign Spirit Project who had gained 500 extra years for all the races.

The Blood Race had invaded the Black Yellow Great World once every few thousand years. Compared to that, 500 years was not that much time.

However, taking the Blood Race's final goal into consideration, these 500 years had been crucial.

The Blood Race had deprived all races of the possibility of achieving the states of Venerable Sovereign and Divine King. Then they gave the Black Yellow Great World thousands of years to develop.

It was as if they were rearing a large herd of beasts in pens. When the beasts had grown to certain extent, they would be killed.

The key was in the timing.

If it was too early, the beasts were not nutritious enough.

If it was too late, the beasts would have grown into ferocious animals and they would fight back.

These 500 years had become an opportunity for the beasts, after a few thousand years' development, to take the leap to grow ferocious.

The Sovereign Spirit Project was what had made it possible.

When people in various worlds had learned about the Sovereign Spirit Project, they were all amazed by Long Xing's brilliant talent.

So far, no one had ever figured out the answers to two important questions, among others.

First, how did the Sovereign Spirits come into being?

Second, the Blood Race hadn't been able to conquer the Wall of the World in the Sacred Zone over the past 500 years. How had that been achieved?

Everyone was curious about the answers to these two questions, but no one knew them.

Because Long Xing never brought them up.

"He doesn't know how these were achieved. How would he be able to tell people?" Jiang Chen realized this was the answer after learning about the situation.

Long Xing was only a chess piece in the plot that Jiang Chen had used to con the Blood Slaves.

In order to keep it a secret from the Blood Slaves, Long Xing wasn't told what Jiang Chen had been doing even when the Blood Race had really come.

But at the moment, the whole world admired Long Xing.

If Jiang Chen insisted that he didn't care, it would be a lie he told to himself.

"Jiang Chen, please! Xuan Qing was caught by the Demons too!"

Seeing Jiang Chen lost in thought, Ye Qiu thought he wasn't going to help.

"What?" Jiang Chen came to himself. He was surprised that Xuan Qing had come to the Three Lower Realms as well.

"She heard you were here, so she wanted to come here to fight with you," said Ye Qiu.

Jiang Chen frowned. He had no special feelings for Xuan Qing.

He knew that it was impossible for her to have the blood of the Heavenly Bestowal Woman.

He'd agreed because he'd needed her to open a way for him in the Demonic Abyss, and he didn't want the descendant of the Goddess of Empyrean to live such a hard life.

However, she'd gotten into a dangerous situation because of him. That was something he'd never anticipated.

"What are you waiting for? Why haven't you gone to her rescue?" Jiang Chen asked anxiously.

The longer they waited, the more dangerous it would be for those who had been taken by the Demons.

"We can't make the same mistake again. We can't enter the Alien Battlefield recklessly! The Demon Slayers Palace actually wants to form a dare-to-die team to probe into the Alien Battlefield," said Ye Qiu.

Jiang Chen became emotional when he heard about this plan. He said, "It's not gonna work. The Alien Battlefield is very big. The Demon Army can hide anywhere. Countless time and a great number of dare-to-die teams will be required to probe into it. And when you know everything about the lay of the land, it'll be too late to act."

Ye Qiu's plan had sounded reasonable. However, there was no right or wrong about plans on the battlefield. The only thing that mattered was results.

Sometimes, foolish plans could have a wonderful effect.

"That's why we need you."

Ye Qiu seemed to finally see the light after learning of Jiang Chen's opinion. He wondered why he and others had never thought about that.

"Call Venerable Sovereigns together and send them there. That's the most effective way," said Jiang Chen.

There had been dozens of Venerable Sovereigns in the current Great World.

"But won't that be more dangerous? What if we lose a Venerable Sovereign?"

Ye Qiu couldn't go on speaking because he couldn't even bear the thought of this.

"It's not so easy for Venerable Sovereigns to die, especially when they are together. If they run into danger, we'll be able to probe the Demons' strength for real," said Jiang Chen.

"Okay. I'll tell them your opinion." Since it was an emergency, Ye Qiu turned around to leave.

Not long after he left, a white-clothed woman came to see Jiang Chen. She was in a long silver skirt of the court style. Her pretty face looked worried.

"Elder brother, Long Xing has found you."

She was Lin Yu'er.

"I know. I was told just now that Long Xing wants to meet me," Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Lin Yu'er was here to tip him off, but Ye Qiu had beat her to it.

"What? Elder brother, don't go!" Lin Yu'er said anxiously.

"You think he knows about me?"

"I'm 100 percent sure. The Sovereign Spirit Palace collected your information a long time ago. And it's the same name. Long Xing only needs a glance to know the truth," said Lin Yu'er.

"Then why hasn't he come to kill me?" asked Jiang Chen.

Lin Yu'er didn't have an answer for that. She didn't look as if she could figure it out either.

"If he knew it was me, shouldn't he have come to assassinate me? But he asked me to go to see him. That's not usual."

As well as he knew Long Xing, whether to kill him or not, he would show up at the earliest possible time. Unless Long Xing wasn't sure about his identity yet.

"He must intend to use you," Lin Yu'er said confidently.


"The realization of the Sovereign Spirit Project and the Wall of the World, elder brother, how did you achieve them?" asked Lin Yu'er.

Jiang Chen frowned. His sworn younger sister had asked him a forbidden question that she shouldn't have asked.

Lin Yu'er seemed to realize it too. She added, "This is what Long Xing wants. If he wants to lie to the whole world and claim he is the person who saved the Black Yellow Great World, he has to know the answers to those two questions."

"That's true," Jiang Chen nodded. He looked as if he was pondering something.

"Elder brother, hide," said Lin Yu'er.

"Oh? Now?" Jiang Chen looked surprised.

"The Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace aren't strong enough yet. They'll be walloped. It's too dangerous. Just leave it to the Three Great Forces and the other races."

It would have to be the strong ones' jobs to deal with such a dangerous situation.

Jiang Chen didn't intend to make a great effort to turn the tide and eliminate all the Demons. He'd only wanted to try his best to do something.

"But if even the selfish Three Great Forces were dealing with the Demons, how could he excuse himself from the disaster?"

"You know me well," said Jiang Chen.

"But what are you gonna do about Long Xing?" Lin Yu'er looked very anxious.

"I'll go to meet him. What can I lose? After all, I don't even know what he's thinking. It's absurd to worry too much about it. Take it easy. I'll send a practicing body to see him."

Lin Yu'er knew she wouldn't be able to talk Jiang Chen out of it when he had finished speaking.

If it was a practicing body that went to see Long Xing, it wouldn't matter so much, even though it was still dangerous, and he'd be able to probe Long Xing's thoughts.

"Someone is coming. I gotta go."

Lin Yu'er sensed something. She turned into a beam and flew away at high speed.

Soon Ye Qiu came back again. He was very disturbed. "No Venerable Sovereign is willing to do it. And they swore at me."

"I really think you all might as well kill yourselves because of your stupidity. Fine. I'll go to see Long Xing with you."

"For real?!"

Ye Qiu was pleasantly surprised to know Jiang Chen was willing to help.


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