The Brilliant Fighting Master
1586 Demon Fetus
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1586 Demon Fetus

Jiang Chen had killed the Evil Demonic King, and thus the crisis that had befallen the Realm of Nine Heavens was temporarily resolved.

None of the three fields fell.

"Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen!"

All of the creatures in the Fire Field, the Dragon Field, and the Green Field started cheering for Jiang Chen as the Demons had all started disappearing gradually from their fields.

Even the Ancients who had a prejudice against Jiang Chen were cheering.

People felt lucky and grateful when they'd heard the bad news that came from the Realms of True Force and Milky.

If it hadn't been for Jiang Chen, they would've ended up in much worse trouble.

Outside of Sacred City, after the Demon Army had been eliminated, Jiang Chen was gasping for air. He was really exhausted.

This battle was one that he'd really enjoyed, and he'd fought it without reserve. He'd used everything he could, and, because of that, he'd learned what his limits were.

Unfortunately, he couldn't keep everyone safe in such an enormous battle.

He looked toward Sacred City and saw that the greatest city in the Realm of Nine Heavens had been totally ruined. Blood flowed in it like a river. Some of the blood came from the soldiers who'd guarded the city, but more of the deaths were of the Demons.

They'd won the battle, but they'd still paid an enormous price.


As Jiang Chen was resting, and feeling despondent, loud drumbeats started booming out.

At first, he thought someone had had a state breakthrough and become a Venerable Sovereign, but he soon realized that wasn't what was going on.

As the drumbeats stopped, it started to snow.

However, the temperature didn't drop.

So Jiang Chen knew it wasn't actually snowing.

He was in the air, so he was the first one to be exposed to the "snow". This thing like snow penetrated the protective energy jar and made contact with his body. Then it pierced through his skin.

Jiang Chen was startled, extremely surprised.

"What's this? Is this the Spirit of the Natural Law?"

Despite his vast knowledge and his holy soul, he was still deeply shocked.

The Will of the Natural Law was the law of balance.

All creatures meant the same to the Will of the Natural Law.

For the Will of the Natural Law, noble Divine Kings were not better than a stray dog.

As a result, it was almost impossible to sense the existence of the Will of the Natural Law except from kos of thunders.

The Will of the Natural Law wouldn't meddle in affairs unless all creatures were about to be eliminated. In that situation, it would send the Spirit of the Natural Law to guide creatures out of the darkness. But that would happen only in a once-in-a-billion scenario.

The Spirit of the Natural Law had fallen before the catastrophe involving the Blood Race.

Now it must have appeared again because of the Demon invasion.

Jiang Chen suddenly realized that in Sacred City, and even in the entire Realm of Nine Heavens, any creatures who had killed Demons would receive the Spirit of the Natural Law.

The amount of the Spirit of the Natural Law one received corresponded to the amount of Demons that'd been killed.

As to the functions of the Spirit of the Natural Law, there were many.

One of its best-known functions was to offset the kos of thunders.

When enough of the Spirit of the Natural Law had been accumulated, the Natural Law would not send out kos of thunders to balance the energies in the world in the event of a state breakthrough.

Because the practitioners had proved themselves through gaining the Spirit of the Natural Law.

However, Jiang Chen didn't feel happy about this at all. Instead, he felt worried.

The fact that the Will of the Natural Law had meddled meant that this disaster caused by the Demon was even more severe than he'd imagined.

Jiang Chen told his master who was guarding the Heavenly Palace about this as soon as possible.

"The Spirit of the Natural Law? What's that?" Wu Ming had never heard of it.

He was very surprised after Jiang Chen explained it to him.

"Does that mean as long as you kill enough Demons, you'll be recognized by the Natural Law, and you'll be able to realize a state breakthrough very easily in the future?" asked Wu Ming.

"You could say that. The Spirit of the Natural Law not only can offset kos of thunders, but also can bring people good luck."

Jiang Chen then explained that this wasn't the most important part of what the Spirit of the Natural Law could do. He added emotionally, "The Demons have alerted the Will of the Natural Law. This means they may be strong enough to eliminate the Black Yellow Great World. The appearance of the Will of the Natural Law is a sign for us to act, so that a ko of thunder against the Demons can be formed!"


As calm as Wu Ming usually was, he couldn't help but turn pale after hearing this conclusion.

"Master, inform the Realm of Divine Martial Arts of the news immediately," said Jiang Chen anxiously.


Soon, the news about the Spirit of the Natural Law had alerted the Realm of Divine Martial Arts and shocked all races.

"The Will of the Natural Law? Does it really exist?"

"I'm the one who can decide my fate. The Will of the Natural Law? What the h*ll! It must be a lie."

"I agree. Even if it really exists, why would it happen to our generation?"

Many people turned up their noses at the news. They thought it was only one of many rumors.

Many different rumors had appeared because of the Demons. People took it for granted that the Will of the Natural Law was also one of those rumors.

"The Will of the Natural Law does exist. The Spirit of the Natural Law has fallen. The crisis caused by the Demons will be more severe than that caused by the Blood Race. I, Long Xing, appeal for joint action of all races here. We should spare no effort in eliminating the Demons!"

Not until this voice had been heard by the entire Realm of Divine Martial Arts did people realize this was no rumor.

Because this man was Long Xing, the lord of the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

His life-or-death seclusion had ended, and he had become one of the few Venerable Sovereigns.

This appeal came as a shock to all races.

"I thought the Blood Race was the one who was going to bring us a real catastrophe. I never expected it to be the Demons."

"Actually, it could also be the Blood Race. Rumor has it that the reason the Demons have made a comeback is that the Blood Slaves are manipulating them."

"Where'd you hear that?"

There were all kinds of opinions. All races and all forces were calling people up to fight the Demons.

Besides the effort to defeat the rise of the Demons, many people also wanted to gain enough Spirit of the Natural Law to be recognized by the Natural Law.

Especially those Martial Arts Saints at the peak who wanted to be Venerable Sovereigns. They were too worried about kos of thunders to give it a try. However, if they were recognized by the Natural Law, everything would be different.

At the same time, the Three Great Forces were wondering why on earth the Demons had caused the appearance of the Spirit of the Natural Law.

"Maybe there is a Demon fetus."

Jiang Chen was also very busy. He told the forces in the Realm of the Divine Martial Arts through the Heavenly Palace everything he knew, as well as his assumptions.

A Demon fetus. The start of all Demons.

The Demons who had invaded could only grow from a Demon fetus.

This was only an assumption, but when he'd heard about the situation in the Realms of Milky and True Force, Jiang Chen was almost 100 percent sure.

The Demons didn't occupy the Realms of Milky or True Force after the invasion. They only took countless creatures to the Alien Battlefield after defeating all enemies.

"There must be a Demon fetus. They took those creatures there so that the Demon fetus could absorb them as nutrition."

"The Alien Battlefield is a special plane's world. It's closely connected to the Nine Realms and can move up and down."

Jiang Chen inferred more details from all kinds of small clues.

"That's not good! Blood Slaves must be manipulating this in the dark. They want to move the Alien Battlefield to the Three Upper Realms and use it as a platform to enter the Sacred Zone and the Nine Realms, so that the Blood Race will be out of trouble."

Jiang Chen was deeply shocked. He thought, "No wonder the Spirit of the Natural Law had fallen".

In the old days, it was exactly because of the Blood Race that the Will of the Natural Law had agreed to the Sovereign Spirit Project.

Now the Demons, plus the Blood Race, could cause a great catastrophe.

He told Wu Ming, who was still in the Heavenly Palace, about these assumptions.

However, Jiang Chen didn't know that in the Realm of True Force, General Demon was holding a mysterious mirror in his hand.

In the mirror, it was Jiang Chen who was speaking.

The Realm of True Force was between the Realm of Nine Heavens and the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. General Demon tapped at Jiang Chen's picture that was showing up on the wonderful mirror in his hand.

"We must kill this Jiang Chen," General Demon said coldly after hearing what Jiang Chen was saying.


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