The Brilliant Fighting Master
1585 To Kill the Demon King
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1585 To Kill the Demon King

Jiang Chen agreed for some reason.

The bronze cauldron was a treasure of the Black Yellow Great World. In the system of weapons, after putting the fragments he had collected together, what he had could be compared to a Holy Artifact.

However, the bronze cauldron was not a weapon used to attack.

All of its wonderful uses had been developed by Jiang Chen.

For example, he could increase or decrease its size, and it could be used for defense. In fact, it was kind of slow in attacks.

It could attack average Martial-level strong people by surprising them and smashing them to death.

But the Demon King before him was obviously not average.

It had worked before because the Demon King was too proud, and he chose to fight the bronze cauldron despite its difficulty.

As long as Demon Kings who could learn a lesson knew how to avoid it, it would be difficult for the bronze cauldron to inflict harm on them.

As a result, the Evil Demonic King thought he had taken the advantage, but in fact he had not.

To some extent, the retreat of the Demon Army could be a great opportunity.

Seeing Jiang Chen take the bronze cauldron back, the Evil Demonic King laughed and relaxed.

"I won't bully you. I'll only defend without attacking with 100 blow exchanges, so that you'll have an opportunity," he said confidently.

He didn't take a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage seriously at all. He thought he could kill the latter as soon as he wanted.

He'd made the offer mainly because he didn't want to be seen as a bully in front of his subordinates.

"100 blows?"

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously. This Demon King was really overconfident.

Demon King was a title only demons above Celestial Demons could get, which meant the enemy was actually a Mysterious Demon.

It was only possible to run into Mysterious Demons on the fourth layer of the Demonic Abyss.

More important, the Demons here in the outside world were much stronger than those living in the Demonic Abyss.

"Unique Theurgy: Interceptive Divine Finger!"

Jiang Chen attacked without reserve.

The air rippled. The energy emitted from Jiang Chen's finger pierced everything and flew toward the Evil Demonic King.

"This is...this is that b*tch's theurgy. Wait. I've changed my mind!"

Now the Evil Demonic King was completely irritated. He had become even more emotional than he'd been when he learned that Jiang Chen was the person who'd deployed the ward.

The b*tch he'd just mentioned was certainly the Goddess of Empyrean, the wonder woman who'd led all races to defeat the Demons.

The Blood Race living in the World of Bloody Sea hated Jiang Chen's Sovereign Spirit Project. Similarly, the Demons from the Alien Battlefield hated the Goddess of Empyrean to the core.

"They are just as discombobulated as I expected," Jiang Chen thought.

He knew from his reading that common sense did not apply to Demons.

They would befriend you and then kill you immediately.

This was why people would say a person was possessed by Demons when things went wrong as they were practicing their cultivations.


Their lore could be compared to the lore of Taoism and Buddhism.

"You want to intercept my energy? You're not good enough to do that!"

Since Jiang Chen had attacked first, the Evil Demonic King had failed to dodge the attack, but he didn't think it was a problem.

Unique theurgies were also based on people's states.

A Martial Arts Saint could intercept at most 1 percent of his energy through this kind of attack. That was nothing to fear.

A mysterious Demon flame arose from the Evil Demonic King. He was burning up.

Facing the Divine Finger, he threw a punch over directly, although he knew it was in vain.

The Divine Finger hit him in the air. It was impossible to avoid it or dodge it.

"How's this possible..."

After being hit, the Evil Demonic King found to his surprise that more than 10 percent of his energy and strength had been decimated. More precisely, almost 40 percent was gone.

"You have an immortal Martial Dais?"

The Evil Demonic King realized what was going on very quickly.

"You are too arrogant. Are Demons all as stupid as you?" Jiang Chen taunted him.

Then he threw his sword over decisively.

"Sacred Seal in the Sword!"

"Buddha's Sacred Anger!"

To deal with Demons, the Red Cloud Sword was certainly the best choice.

The strongest fire energy in the world, the Solar Golden Flame, and the most violent Alien Flame, the Sky-burning Evil Flame, turned into endless Sacred Flames that were emitted from that sword.

"What is this?"

The Evil Demonic King was startled. He had to admit that Jiang Chen was much better than he'd given him credit for.

He hadn't only inherited the unique theurgy of the Goddess of Empyrean, but he also was a Buddhist disciple.

This sword attack made the Evil Demonic King feel as if it was a great calamity.

"Unfortunately, you are only a weak Martial Arts Saint!"

The Evil Demonic King was very impulsive. He flew into a rage once again after the surprise.

"Evil Demon Kills God!"

He exerted a Demon method that had the power to destroy the world.

It reminded Jiang Chen of the monsters. Demon methods were as powerful as monster methods, and they were also as mysterious as human martial arts.

That was why the Demon was ranked very high among all races.

The Evil Demonic King dashed into the Sacred Flame. The Demon flame surged madly. Unexpectedly, it even conquered the Sacred Flame.

He dashed into the center of the Sacred Flame and made contact with the furious sword blade.

The Evil Demonic King threw an aggressive punch over toward the blade tip.

The Red Cloud Sword bent 90 degrees. It was almost broken. All of the Sacred Flames disappeared immediately.

The Evil Demonic King was not in a good situation either. His entire arm was burned. The bleeding of his fist just wouldn't stop.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha."

However, the Evil Demonic King didn't care at all. He burst out laughing. Sounds like roaring thunder were emitted from his body.

Jiang Chen heard a PAH, and he immediately turned pale, because that meant the enemy had struggled out of the restrictions of the Interceptive Divine Finger.

"Not only the effect of the Interceptive Divine Finger will be affected by the enemy's strength, but also the duration of the effect..." Jiang Chen thought to himself.

He kind of regretted he hadn't gone all-out just now.

"Die. Die."

The Evil Demonic King launched another attack. He looked so confident that people watching thought he was going to have a sure win.

Compared to him, Jiang Chen did seem weaker.

However, surprisingly, resplendent golden lights started to be emitted from Jiang Chen, and a vast Buddhist power swept over.

The Evil Demonic King turned pale. The Buddhist power was beyond his imagination.

"Tathagata Divine Palm!"

Jiang Chen looked extremely solemn and inviolable. He threw a palm attack over with some effort.

At the same time, the Buddhist relic flew into the air and shone.

The origin of Jiang Chen's Buddhist power was the eight groups of spiritual beings that lived in his Buddhist relic..

In other words, he'd resorted to external force.

However, since he was dealing with a Demon, it wasn't accurate to put it this way.


The Evil Demonic King was extremely startled. The only thing that came into his head was that this was impossible.

"Are humans really so strong? A Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage is so unbelievably powerful?"

The Evil Demonic King started retreating quickly as he thought about this.

However, the giant golden palm followed him. No matter how much he accelerated, he just couldn't get rid of it.

"Slaughter the city!"

The Evil Demonic King shouted in a loud voice right before he was hit by the palm.


As soon as he'd finished speaking, the Evil Demonic King was hit by the palm. He was broken into pieces. His remaining dead body was then burned by the Sacred Flame.

"A Universe of Dharma-Laksana."

Jiang Chen didn't relax after getting rid of the Demon King. Facing the Demon Army, he switched on the Dharma-Laksana.

"Fight the enemy!"

The morale of the people in Sacred City increased because of Jiang Chen's victory!

They finally believed his claim, that the Realm of Nine Heavens would be better protected than the Realms of Milky and True Force.

The Demon Army didn't retreat because of the Demon King's death. Instead, they grew even madder. They launched an attack against Sacred City and were willing to sacrifice their lives.

"Kill all of the Celestial Demons," Jiang Chen gave the order.

The Evil Blood Emperor followed Jiang Chen's order. He dashed into the Demon's troops, as if it was a place with no one around. He killed one after another of the Celestial Demons.

"Unique Theurgy: Sky-burning Anger!"

Jiang Chen exerted another unique theurgy. When the flame was at its peak, its power was as great as a unique theurgy.

The most amazing thing about this movement was the range of its attack.

The sea of fire kept growing. Consequently, the temperature of the place soared.

Many people were sweating. The Demons turned into gas.


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