The Brilliant Fighting Master
1583 The War Begins!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1583 The War Begins!

The Fire Field was a powerful field, thanks to the influence of Jiang Chen.

The Fire Field wasn't really big. While the Evil Demonic King's troops were still marching, other Demons had arrived here.

The biggest city in the Fire Field was its capital. It couldn't be compared to Sacred City, but it was also packed with people.

Under the protection of numerous armored soldiers, the capital was impregnable. Not even a fly could get into it.

However, the soldiers' hearts had sunk when the Demon army had appeared in their sights.

It was true no flies could get in, but they couldn't keep the Demons away either.

"Wen Xin, you see? I didn't lie to you. Leave here with me."

Young Master Tian Wen showed up beside Wen Xin again. He spoke hurriedly, "The Milky and the True Force Realms will be conquered very soon. The Demons are extremely aggressive this time. It's impossible to keep them away. We should give up for the moment and figure out a way later. That's the only plausible way."

Wen Xin was standing in the air. Gazing at the Demons spreading across the sky in the distance and feeling that stifling Demon energy, she pulled a long face.

Young Master Tian Wen was extremely anxious. He was calling her by her name.

"I'll stay with the people here until the very last minute. Young Master Tian Wen, it's up to you to decide what you're going to do," Wen Xin responded.

"You're courting death!"

Young Master Tian Wen was very well-informed. He knew that everyone was going to suffer a great loss.

People thought that the Demon troops that were invading the Fire Field were the entire fighting force of the Demon invasion.

But this was a huge mistake.

Seeing the Demons approaching, Young Master Tian Wen felt extremely upset. He said, "Jiang Chen hasn't shown up yet. He must've been scared off after learning the situation was so bad."

Wen Xin threw him a disdainful look when he mentioned Jiang Chen. She said, "Jiang Chen would never do that."

"Yeah?" Young Master Tian Wen neither agreed nor argued. He didn't understand how she could trust Jiang Chen to such an extent.

In the city, many soldiers found that they had gotten sweaty palms. They looked around, as if they were waiting for a savior.

However, the man they were expecting hadn't shown up yet.

Seeing the Demon army approaching, some Ancients had identified what was in their lineup. They were scared out of their wits.

The army was led by three Celestial Demonic Emperors and 12 Celestial Demonic Kings. It was an army made up of tens of thousands of Celestial Demons, Human Demons, and Earth Demons.

Such a lineup was enough to eliminate the Three Lower Realms.

"Jiang Chen must've been scared off..."

The Ancients in the city panicked. They were considering escape.

The people of the Fire Field gave the Ancients an angry stare, because they had given Jiang Chen 100 percent of their trust.


Jiang Chen didn't disappoint them.

"A Universe of Dharma-Laksana!"

Outside of the city, a golden figure arose from the earth. It soon became 1,000 feet tall, and then it surpassed even 10,000 feet.

Although its back was facing everyone in the city, people still recognized from that giant back that it was Jiang Chen.

The entire city became very quiet, either because his appearance was so sudden or because a Universe of Dharma-Laksana was too shocking. People opened their mouths so wide that they could've put a whole egg in there.

"Tathagata Divine Palm!"

Jiang Chen didn't say anything unnecessary. He threw his palm over directly.


The black dragon showed up as soon as the palm attack was launched. His giant metal-like dragon body wasn't quite as impressive as Jiang Chen's.

The dragon whirled around Jiang Chen's arm and then arose with the giant golden palm.

"That's not good!"

The Demons in the front were given a good scare. They didn't have the nerve to fight back at all. Instead, they escaped as fast as they could.

Since the target of this palm attack of Jiang Chen's covered an enormous area, three Celestial Demonic Emperors escaped successfully.

But the ten-odd Celestial Demonic Kings and Celestial Demons behind them experienced a catastrophe. They were smashed into pieces.

This was only the beginning. The great golden palm and the black dragon kept charging ahead like invincible chariots. The demons they passed by were all killed.

This splendid scene made numerous people petrified.

The Demon army was cut down the middle by Jiang Chen.


Numerous soldiers in the capital were so excited that they even shivered. They exerted all their strength to shout.

They knew now that Jiang Chen wouldn't forget about them!

"Jiang Chen," Wen Xin felt dizzy. Mentally exhausted, she only felt soothed when she'd seen that figure.

Next to her, Young Master Tian Wen knew he'd never be able to replace Jiang Chen in Wen Xin's heart.

"He's alone. He won't be able to change anything. While he's fighting the Demon army, the capital will be destroyed," he said unhappily.

"Is that what you expect?" Wen Xin said coldly.

Young Master Tian Wen was instantly speechless. He certainly didn't want to see that happen, but he didn't like to see Wen Xin and others pin so much hope

on Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen wasn't a god. How could he always succeed?"

As he was speaking, the Demon troops cut in the middle didn't gather together again. They kept advancing in two groups, trying to bypass the range of Jiang Chen's Universe of Dharma-Laksana.

Jiang Chen and the black dragon killed numerous enemies. However, some Demons still managed to crack the defenses and enter the capital.

The Demons were so strong that the soldiers in the capital had no way to resist them at all.

When Young Master Tian Wen's prediction was about to come true, a majestic celestial palace tore the air apart and appeared over the capital. It was the one Jiang Chen had gotten.

Every time the celestial palace rotated, the Demons' action would be slowed down.


In the celestial palace, led by several Martial-level strongmen, numerous Star Venerables confronted the Demon army.

"My gosh! It's the leader of the Natural Law School, Su Xiuyi."

"And the Three Clarities of Natural Law. They've all achieved Martial-level status. How's that possible?"

"Jiang Qingyu! It's Jiang Qingyu, Jiang Chen's father, the legendary swordsman from the Fire Field."

"Good heavens. Since when are the Jiangs so powerful?"

In the capital, those from the Fire Field were petrified. They recognized these strongmen. They were from the Natural Law School and the Jiangs from the Hundred Thousand Mountains who had vanished from sight for a long time.

After all these years, they'd finally come back. All of their important members had had great leaps in terms of fighting force.

Of course, this alone was still far from enough.

Human Demons and Earth Demons were able to kill Martial-level strongmen. Although Jiang Chen's Buddhist light had weakened their fighting forces, the Demons still outnumbered the humans.

As a result, Empress Ling Long arrived, leading the Ling Long Army and the Xuanji Army. Both Cang Yue and Tian Ling were there.

The party at an advantage and the party at a disadvantage reversed in an instant.

"Kill the Demons. Don't leave even one of them alive!" Jiang Chen shouted at everyone.

"Kill! Kill!"

The people in the city became extremely thrilled, as if they'd been injected with adrenaline. They, including the Ancients who'd never been optimistic about the situation, dashed toward the Demons.

Looking toward Young Master Tian Wen, who'd been struck dumb, Wen Xin said, "Now you understand what's so special about Jiang Chen?"

Young Master Tian Wen was speechless and extremely ashamed.


An enormous war had started.

The same thing happened in the Green Field.

One of Jiang Chen's practicing bodies led Gao Qiufeng and the members of the aristocratic family of the inheritance of celestial phoenix to confront the Demons.

However, the war had not started yet in Sacred City.

But the people in Sacred City had seen the Demon troops approaching.

"Get ready!"

Jiang Chen's true body gave the order to everyone in the city.


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