The Brilliant Fighting Master
1582 Difference between Demonic Things and Demons
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1582 Difference between Demonic Things and Demons

In the Dragon Field in the Realm of Nine Heavens, in a remote mountain area, five or six people were advancing toward a jungle.

The group was composed of men and women, old and young people. It wasn't difficult to figure out that they were a family.

"Grandpa, why don't we go to the Dragon Field to take refuge? Didn't Elder Brother Jiang Chen say he would protect us?"

Led by her grandpa, a seven- or eight-year-old girl was walking behind her parents, who were leading the way.

"Yue'er, there are so many people. Elder Brother Jiang Chen won't be able to protect everyone. But if we hide in this remote place and live in seclusion until you grow up, I believe everything will have been resolved by then."

Her grandpa, with a wrinkled face, spoke in a low voice.

The little girl didn't understand her grandpa's explanation very well. Tilting her head, it was evident that she was thinking.

"Let's stop here. There's a mountain and water. We'll build a cottage here and live a wonderful life."

Her father, who'd been leading the way, turned around. He had an ax in his hand.

He was in the Reaching Heaven state. It wasn't difficult for him to walk in the jungle.

"Yue'er, you'll live a carefree life here. You won't need to go to the academy anymore," said her mother.

"That's great!"

Learning she didn't have to go to classes anymore, the little girl jumped around happily.

The grown-ups burst out laughing.

Many people had had the same thoughts as this family. They didn't go into the three fields to take refuge. Instead, they chose to distance themselves from the world and retreat into the mountains.

It was such a big world. They supposed the Demons wouldn't search for such a small amount of people.

If the Realm of Nine Heavens under Jiang Chen's leadership could resist the Demons, it would be perfect.

However, these people had definitely underestimated the Demons.

As the family was looking forward to their future, a WHOOSH sound could be heard from everywhere, even from overhead.

"That's not good!"

The grown-ups turned pale, while the little girl shrieked.

Looking up at the sky, it was easy to see that the jungle had been surrounded by Demons.

Some tragic screams could be heard from the jungle. Then the world quieted down again.

Cruel killing was happening again and again in the Three Lower Realms.

The Demons were so aggressive. No one had anticipated their level of aggression.

In Sacred City, old people, sick people, fragile people, and disabled people had all gone underground to seek refuge. Those who could fight were standing on the city wall, which had been heightened and strengthened.

Fortifications had been built every three miles around the city wall. Small strategic weapons were set up every 30 miles.

Hundreds of warships of the type that Jiang Chen had used to conquer Black Dragon City stood outside Sacred City.

"Get ready for war!"

Jiang Chen stood up in the air. Gazing all around him, he looked completely serious.

It was neither the black dragon nor the Azure Demon who were standing next to him. It was the Evil Blood Emperor.

He looked really scary, but he was one of the eight groups that was shrouded in Jiang Chen's Buddhist light.

Jiang Chen saw something at this moment. He took out the Human Emperor Bow.

As soon as he pulled the bowstring, the world started to rotate, with him being at the center. Wind flew. The attention of all creatures in Sacred City was drawn to him.

"Is that the Human Emperor Bow?"

However, only the Lightning and Thunder recognized the Human Emperor Bow.

Others in Sacred City only knew it was a powerful legendary weapon.

However, when the arrow had been shot, they found that they had underestimated its power.

Even the air was shaking with the bowstring as it pushed the arrow out.

The arrow turned into a flowing light. It flew away toward somewhere that couldn't be observed by the naked eye.

At a distance, the Evil Demonic King was leading a Demon army. They were advancing aggressively.

As the distance between them and Sacred City got shorter, the Evil Demonic King also grew more excited.

As he traveled, he believed he was approaching the man who had deployed the ward outside the channel.

Thinking of the pain the man had brought on him, the Evil Demonic King's face turned hideous.

He was followed by eight Celestial Demons.

The lineup of this Demon army could be described as impressive.

A General Demon, ten Demon Kings, and numerous Celestial Demons led by each Demon King.

Beside them were troops made up of Human Demons and Earth Demons.

Different from the Demonic things in the Demonic Abyss, each Demon here looked more complete and more real.

Human Demons and Earth Demons couldn't fly outside.

So the army was basically traveling by land. Only the strong ones and the spearhead were traveling in the air.

In addition, some Demon troops were traveling by water.

"Demon King..."

A Celestial Demon was about to say something. However, as soon as he opened his mouth, a flowing light flew over.

"Watch out!"

The Evil Demonic King was the only one who'd recognized the danger in time, but he still couldn't stop the Human Emperor Arrow.

The Human Emperor Arrow shot at the Celestial Demon. He'd been flying. As the sound of the arrow got close, he lost his balance and fell backward.

The Evil Demonic King and the other Celestial Demons were very surprised. They hurried to inspect their surroundings.

"Who had the nerve to attack me by surprise?!"

Soon, the Celestial Demon who'd been shot by the arrow got back in formation. He was angry.

He was bleeding, but it wasn't too severe.

The Evil Demonic King showed a disdainful cold smile after checking up on the Celestial Demon. He decided that the Human Emperor Arrow was not as great as he'd thought.

Over in Sacred City, Jiang Chen was frowning.

He knew one Human Emperor Arrow only had limited power to kill or hurt the enemy, but it shouldn't have been this weak.

In the Demonic Abyss, one Human Emperor Arrow could injure a Celestial Demon heavily.

So, there were only two ways to explain it.

Either the invading Celestial Demons were actually Celestial Demonic Kings or Celestial Demonic Emperors.

Or the Demons in the Demonic Abyss were all weaker than the Demons here.


It was important to know how strong the enemy was before the war officially started.

So Jiang Chen put another six Human Emperor Arrows on the bowstring.

Seeing him doing that, the Lightning and Thunder couldn't help but swear at him.

They knew what the Human Emperor Bow was. They certainly understood what it meant to shoot six arrows in a row.

Soon the six arrows lined up and flew over.

Halfway to their destination, the last Human Emperor Arrow sped up to bump against the tail of the arrow ahead of it.

Both the speed and the power of the next-to-last Human Emperor Arrow were enhanced by 10 percent in an instant. Then it bumped against the arrow before it as well.

Similar things happened next with the other arrows. When the first Human Emperor Arrow had been bumped, it was almost powerful enough to tear the sky apart.

In the team led by the Evil Demonic King, the Celestial Demon who had been shot was recovering.

However, to his surprise, a familiar flowing light came again.

This time, even the Evil Demonic King hadn't detected it.

"Why me again?"

At the last minute, that was the only thing that came into that Celestial Demon's head.

This time, the arrow shot through him directly. An opening appeared in his chest.

Then his corpse turned into pieces and vanished from the world.


Seeing a subordinate killed in front of him, the Evil Demonic King flew into a rage. His Demon energy gushed out wildly.

In comparison, the other Celestial Demons were all trembling, afraid they would be the next targets.

"Morons! Do you think he can do it again so soon?"

Seeing them reacting this way, the Evil Demonic King got even angrier.

"Advance at full speed! I'll cut that guy's head off and kick it as if it's a ball!"

The Evil Demonic King gave the order.

The Demon troops immediately sped up, heading for Sacred City like turbulent waves.

"Well, they can be killed."

Jiang Chen put the Human Emperor Bow aside. It was true he couldn't shoot six arrows together again in a short time.

However, at least he knew the Demons were not unconquerable.

At the same time, in the Fire Field, the Demon army had launched another attack.


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