The Brilliant Fighting Master
1581 The Demons“ Invasion
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1581 The Demons“ Invasion

The General Demon had a perfect human figure and the richest Demon energy.

He looked young and majestic. His thick brows turned upward. His eyes were deeply set. The high bridge of his nose resembled a mountain.

His hair was as black as pitch. The armor he was wearing was also black.

He also carried with him a strong smell of black ink. All of these traits made him look like a person who had just walked out of a painting.

All of the Demons standing around stopped working as soon as he appeared. They looked at him with awe.

The Evil Demonic King swallowed. He approached the General Demon in order to show that he wasn't intimidated.

However, he couldn't help but stop when he was about six miles away from the General Demon.

Because suddenly a Demon army appeared behind the General Demon.

There were so many of them that they even blotted out the sky, but, most important, these Demons were highly disciplined. They were lining up in orderly rows.

There were nine Demonic Kings behind the General Demon, all of whom were gloating.

The Evil Demonic King knew that the reason he'd been elbowed out was that he was too arrogant, but he'd never considered it a problem before.

Because he was the strongest Demonic King. He even thought he was strong enough to fight this General Demon.

However, at the thought of all the rumors he'd heard about the General Demon, the Evil Demonic King didn't feel as confident as he had before.

"Hasn't the channel opened up?" the General Demon asked about what he cared about most. He didn't care how the Evil Demonic King felt at all.

"The ward has been strengthened from the outside. So seven days won't be enough to open it," the Evil Demonic King plucked up his courage to respond.

"You signed a military order."

The General Demon's energy had cooled down. Now his energy soared, leaving people feeling its huge pressure.

"General Demon, as long as you give me, the master, no, your subordinate, some more time, like ten days will be enough," the Evil Demonic King hurried to say.

The General Demon didn't respond. He approached the plane's channel to look into it.

"You are intending to open a gap by sacrificing countless Demons. However, if you want to succeed, a certain intensity level must be achieved. On a scale of one to ten, where do you think you are?"

The General Demon asked the Evil Demonic King this question, with his back facing the latter.

The Evil Demonic King was struck dumb. After pondering for a while, he said, ", it should be six."

"Achieve ten by the end of the day," the General Demon suddenly said.

"It's impossible!"

The Evil Demonic King thought it was impossible. If he really could've achieved that, he wouldn't have waited.

However, the General Demon disappeared from in front of him even before he could finish speaking.

Then he was pushed to the plane's channel by an infinite power, which he could in no way resist.

He was identified as a Demon as soon as he entered the channel. A fierce fire started to burn in the channel.

"D*mn it!"

Not until then did the Evil Demonic King understand what the General Demon was up to. He was a Demonic King beyond the comparison of average Demons. His sacrifice would make them achieve ten on that scale from one to ten.


He snarled in anger. He kept making a great effort to resist, reluctant to die this way.

The entire channel became rather unstable. Energy kept fluctuating. It even started to distort.

"If you run into troubles or problems difficult to resolve, you should figure out a proper way to resolve them. Military orders are serious. No one should disobey them."

Looking toward all the Demons who had been completely shocked by his actions, the General Demon shouted in a stern voice.

The nine Demonic Kings, who'd been expecting to see the Evil Demonic King make a laughingstock of himself, were also startled. It was beyond their imagination that he would end up so tragically.

"Understood?!" the General Demon shouted.


Tens of thousands of Demon soldiers responded in such loud voices that even the ground shook.


Coincidentally, at this moment, the ward of the channel was broken. The restriction against the Demons was about to be lifted.


The General Demon was the first to dash forward. He flew into the channel. His majestic Demon power tore the channel apart in a merciless manner.

The Demon army also flowed into the channel like a tide.

"That's not good!"

In the Realm of Nine Heavens, Jiang Chen was the first to detect this change. He informed the Heavenly Palace and the celestial palace right away.

At the same time, strong people from the three great forces were guarding the channels of the Realm of Milky and the Realm of True Force.

In the Realm of Milky, it was two strong Martial Emperors in the late stage who were guarding the channel.

They were a man and a woman. The woman was really pretty, while the man was ordinary-looking.

They were both in their 30s or 40s. In the past Era of Geniuses, they had been neither good nor bad.

They were not super-talented, but neither were they average people.

Both of them were pretty content with achieving a Martial-level state. In the next dozen years, they might even become Martial Arts Saints.

Besides, they had seen too many extremely talented people die at an early age because of being too showy.

The woman's pretty face looked a little bit worried.

The man said immediately, "Apprentice younger sister, don't worry. Even though the Alien Battlefield is out of control, the Demons won't pose any threat to us. The best ones of them are only Celestial Demons. The others are just a bunch of low-level Demons."

"It's true. However, it's a really unusual period. It's hard to be assured," the woman said, remaining worried.

"You always overthink things, don't you?"

The jade token handed out by the Demon Slayer's Palace, which was hung at the man's waist, shone while he was speaking.

According to the Demon Slayer's Palace, the token would react when it sensed Demon energy.

Shining once meant there was a group of Demons.

Shining twice meant there was a powerful existence in the Demon group.

Shining three times meant there was a Demonic King.

Soon, however, both the man and the woman had become panic-stricken.

Because the jade token kept shining. It was impossible to count how many times it had shone.

Besides, both of their tokens were reacting like this, which meant it was not a mistake.

They looked toward the channel in a terrified manner. The only feeling they had was despair.

Disturbances came from the Realm of Nine Heavens and the Realm of True Force at the same time.

The disturbances in the Realm of Nine Heavens were the greatest. Outside the channel, Jiang Chen had deployed a tactical formation and a ward. The first batch of Demons were all killed.

In only a few seconds, more than 10,000 Demons had been killed or injured.

Not until the appearance of ten-odd Celestial Demons were the tactical formation and the ward cracked.

"The man who strengthened the channel is in this world."

Judging from the ward and the tactical formation, the Celestial Demons came to this conclusion.

Soon, a Demonic King arrived aggressively.

It was the Evil Demonic King. He wasn't dead!

He looked terrible. Although heavily injured, his strong vitality had helped him survive. And he was recovering at a dreadful speed.

"I'll shatter the man who set the formation's dead body into pieces when I find him."

"Kill! Let the races in this world know that we Demons are back!"

Infinite Demons flew out of the channel and into all parts of the Realm of Nine Heavens.

These Demons were split into three groups. They flew toward the Dragon Field, the Fire Field, and the Green Field respectively.

The Demons had the talent to sense creatures' energies.

As a result, the creatures living in these three fields were guiding them like radar.

"Fortunately, I've prepared for the worst-case scenario."

In Sacred City, Jiang Chen knew the Demons' invasion was not a trifling matter.

He was the person who was the most pessimistic about the situation.

However, the reality was even worse than he'd imagined.

He realized that the people of the Realm of Milky and the Realm of True Force would be caught by surprise, and numerous people would be killed or injured.

"Alas. This invasion will plunge the people into misery and suffering," Jiang Chen exclaimed. He hurried to move the troops as planned to prepare for the war.

As he'd imagined, the strong people in the Realms of True Force and Milky who were supposed to slay the Demons couldn't resist the Demons' army at all.


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