The Brilliant Fighting Master
1579 The Day Breaker
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1579 The Day Breaker

Jiang Chen seemed to have not heard them. He kept pushing them and made them become Star Venerables in one go.

Thunder roared. The kos came.

"You need to work this out yourselves."

Jiang Chen left the range of the kos of thunder. Of course, if the two women couldn't handle it, he still would help.

The kos of thunder of the Star Venerable level were not threatening for him at all.

But he hoped the two women would make the efforts to go through the last step themselves.

Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang were not prepared for this at all. They hadn't gotten used to the new strength they had gained. They felt the kos of thunder they were facing were too scary to deal with.

Their confidence shattered, they looked toward Jiang Chen, asking for his help.

Then, all of a sudden, their eyes got wide. The same thing occurred to both of them at the same time.

They thought of the four women Jiang Chen had mentioned.

They might not be able to catch up with them. However, they should at least be brave.

In this way, the two women made up their minds.

"Let's go."

Looking up at the kos of thunder, the two women stated that at the same time in steady voices.

They went through the kos of thunder smoothly after an outbreak of lightning and thunder. They became Star Venerables officially.

"My gosh!"

Then they found out something incredible after their success.

They had become not only Star Venerables, but also the greatest Star Venerables!

They could work on the Four Qi simultaneously in the Constellation Palaces.

Xuan Qing Qi, Xuan Ling Qi, Xuan Kong Qi, and Xuan Ming Qi could all be worked on at the same time!

This was the greatest status of a Star Venerable. Almost no one in the Three Lower Realms had ever achieved such a status.

They couldn't figure out why they had achieved that, because they had only become Star Venerables thanks to Jiang Chen.

Did that mean Jiang Chen could create as many perfect Star Venerables as he wanted?

They knew Jiang Chen was infinitely resourceful, but this had gone beyond their imaginations. It was like magic.

Jiang Chen flew over, smiling. It was certainly impossible for him to create perfect Star Venerables ceaselessly, but he was completely capable of doing so as long as the number was below ten.

In ancient times, there were two standards to be a Heavenly God.

First, to be immortal.

Second, to be able to create.

A Heavenly God could only be called a Heavenly God when these two standards were met.

It was with the help of the Holy Soul's memory and the Black Yellow Force that Jiang Chen was able to make Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang perfect Star Venerables.

"Take these."

Jiang Chen did not explain much to the two women. He understood what would bother a perfect Star Venerable the most.

He waved his hand. The two women immediately found four different scriptures had appeared in their minds. They were the practicing methods for the Four Qi.

These had greater values than the fact of being a perfect Star Venerable itself.

"Elder brother."

Yin Shuang was very touched. She could not help but cry a little.

"Judging from your ages, you won't be regarded as geniuses, but you are now in a perfect status. Don't worry about your potential. As long as you work hard toward Martial-level practitioners, come to my Heavenly Palace and I'll give you some divine fruits. They'll inspire your potentials," said Jiang Chen.

The two women didn't know how to answer him, because it was really beyond their imaginations.


Far away, the true body and the black dragon had found the dragon vein located in a remote area of the Dragon Field.

A great dragon energy had been accumulated somewhere deep underground.

"You should practice Dragon Fist here. If you are smart enough, you will master the first five movements in one go," said the black dragon.

"Have you ever seen anyone smarter than I am?" Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

"That's true." Thinking of Jiang Chen's incredible talents, the black dragon nodded. He started to teach Jiang Chen the third movement without saying anything else.


The next day, it was hustling and bustling in the Realm of Nine Heavens because of the possible invasion of the Demons. If one could be up in the sky and overlook the entire continent, one would see numerous people moving about.

Soon, news came from the Realm of Milky and the Realm of True Force as well.

People were getting panicky gradually. They kept swearing.

Fortunately, strong people from the Realm of Divine Martial Arts soon arrived one after another before the panic could spread too far.

The weakest of these strong people were Star Venerables at the peak. And there were countless Martial-level strong people among them.

Due to the tearing force in the plane channels, the folks of the Three Lower Realms couldn't gather together. As a result, these strong people had to split them up into three groups to deploy defenses in the Three Lower Realms.

The forces from the Realm of True Force included the Ten Strongest Sects, the Six Greatest Aristocratic Families, and the Three Dragon Dynasties.

So, these forces brought the people from the Realm of True Force together and arranged strong people to protect them.

It worked in the same way in the Realm of Milky. This spacious continent was occupied by nine forces.

The Realm of Nine Heavens was the trickiest case.

The forces here were in disunity. They were distributed in different fields, and each field was separated by numerous forces.

The Holy Martial Arts City of the Realm of True Force, where the Great Competition of the Three Realms had been held, was where the base camp to resist the Demons' invasion was located.

The three great forces sent strong people over to be directed and dispatched by the Demon Slayers Palace.

At the moment, they were all discussing the situation in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

"It'll be really difficult to save the Realm of Nine Heavens. The population there is widely dispersed."

"We'd rather use that place as a battlefield than waste our energy in saving them."

"I agree. If we manage to keep the Demons from attacking the Milky and the True Force, they'll all go to the Realm of Nine Heavens, and then we'll go there to fight them."

"In this way, the Milky and the True Force won't suffer from wars."

In the base camp, the strong people from the three forces were airing their opinions.

It was interesting that although everyone put it in different words, they actually all meant the same thing, which was to sacrifice the Realm of Nine Heavens.

"Guys, don't you feel guilty? Only because Jiang Chen is in the Realm of Nine Heavens, you'll sacrifice all the people's lives there?"

Ye Qiu, the vice leader of the Demon Slayers Palace, gazed at those people coldly.

The people were irritated immediately. However, they looked away with guilty consciences when they were about to refute Ye Qiu's accusations.

"So, what do you Demon Slayers Palace think?"

"The Realm of Nine Heavens is so big. What will you do?"

Ye Qiu was very calm. He said coldly, "The Ling Long Celestial Palace sent people to talk to us. We don't need to meddle in the incidents that happen in the Realm of Nine Heavens. Just leave it to the celestial palace and the Heavenly Palace. We only need to do one thing: don't make things worse."

Facing such a reply, the people on the scene were certainly speechless.

After some more discussion, the forces left the base camp.

"This is a great chance. It's once in a blue moon. If we don't take this opportunity to kill Jiang Chen, we won't have another one like this!"

"Exactly. That guy is too lucky. He is already a Martial Arts Saint. What can we do if he becomes a Venerable Sovereign?"

"The Nether World School won't let go of this chance either. If you agree with us, why don't we form a temporary team?"

Some of Jiang Chen's haters gathered together to talk about the ways to get rid of Jiang Chen.

These people came from the Monster Slayers Palace of the Sovereign Spirit Palace and the two kingdoms of the Xia. Xia Jiang from the Martial Divinity Palace was among them too.

They all wished they could kill Jiang Chen immediately.

"Okay. Let's start a team then. But what shall we call it?"

"Since the goal is to kill Jiang Chen, let's call it the Day Breaker."

"That's right. Jiang Chen's name means morning. The Day Breaker is a wonderful name."

In this way, a team against Jiang Chen was formed. They called themselves the Day Breaker. Its members included all of Jiang Chen's enemies.


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