The Brilliant Fighting Master
1578 That“s Too Fast. We Can“t Take It Anymore.
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1578 That“s Too Fast. We Can“t Take It Anymore.

"So we're here again."

Returning to the Realm of Nine Heavens, Azure Demon looked as if he had missed this place a lot.

He used to be a member of the Azure Gang of the Realm of Milky. The Azure Gang had been eliminated when they attacked the upper realm, the Realm of True Force. In this way, his soul had drifted to the Realm of Nine Heavens.

When he met Jiang Chen for the first time, he'd wanted to seize Jiang Chen and occupy the genius's body.

Jiang Chen recalled that the Azure Demon had met many people before him, but had been satisfied with none, so he had killed all of them.

Now, Azure Demon's cunning and cruel side seemed to be completely gone.

He looked more like a kind senior.

Jiang Chen supposed it was the Buddha's spirit that had purified the evilness in him. In other words, a butcher becomes Buddha the moment he drops his cleaver.


The black dragon, who had long been accustomed to freedom, couldn't put up with the life in the Buddhist Relic at all, no matter how short it was.

He flew around in the sky and chimed loudly and clearly as soon as he got out of the Buddhist Relic.

The people of the Sacred City were all given a scare. It was really shocking to see a dragon suddenly appear in their sights.

Some people were worried that the dragon might attack the Sacred City.

"Black dragon, you can't fly around the Sacred City."

Jiang Chen shouted at him to come back.

So the black dragon returned and transformed to a human and landed beside Jiang Chen.

Almost at the same time, those from the Sacred Institute ran to the Gao Mansion. They shouted hurriedly, "It's okay. It's okay. We've lifted the flying restriction."

They didn't have the nerve to stop a real dragon from flying.

The most striking thing about the situation was certainly that the dragon was so obedient to Jiang Chen. He stopped flying as soon as Jiang Chen told him not to.

In this way, 15 minutes later, the flying restriction in the Sacred City was removed. Flowing lights across the sky could be observed from time to time.

"Jiang Chen, there is a dragon vein here. It can help your Dragon Fist improve."

The black dragon in a human figure was knitting his brows tightly, as if he was pondering something.

He told Jiang Chen about this after having confirmed his assumptions.

Jiang Chen was surprised. Then he recalled that this was the Dragon Field. When the Dragon Realm had not yet come into existence, this place was one of the habitats of the Dragons.

It was highly possible that a dragon vein existed here. As a real ancient dragon, it wasn't difficult for the black dragon to discover it.

"Let's go."

Jiang Chen created a practicing body. He left the practicing body in the Sacred City, while the true body went to study the Dragon Fist with the black dragon.


Not long after the true body had left, Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang came to visit him.

They had arranged the meeting before. They had agreed to meet to catch up after Jiang Chen had finished arranging the deployment.

The practicing body found by careful observation that the two women had both put on new clothes and made up their faces immaculately.

With the makeup that suited her perfectly, the features of Yin Shuang's fair oval face appeared to be more delicate. It looked like it was painted with white powder and carved out of jade.

Even Ying Wushuang, who never usually made up her face, was also wearing a light makeup, which made her look amazing. And she was wearing a long skirt, which she usually wouldn't wear. She really looked full of charm in that skirt.

"Just for one moment I thought two fairies had come to visit me," Jiang Chen complimented them.

All women like compliments, especially compliments from people like Jiang Chen. The two women really enjoyed it.

Then Jiang Chen went to a teahouse with them to catch up.

"Alas. What a pity! Two beautiful ladies..."

Watching the three leaving, Azure Demon couldn't help but shake his head.

He certainly knew how Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang felt about Jiang Chen.

He was sure that as long as Jiang Chen wanted, the two women would wait for him in bed willingly

However, this wasn't what Azure Demon was thinking about.

He'd said it was a pity because he knew Jiang Chen very well.

Jiang Chen would never do that. It was just impossible between the two women and him.

Azure Demon supposed after knowing such an excellent man as Jiang Chen, it would be difficult for the two women to ever take a fancy to other men. They probably would end up being alone forever.

Azure Demon recalled that Jiang Chen had drowned his sorrows every day when he had been lovesick in the Three Middle Realms, and then he had been seized by love, which meant he was not a heartless man.

If the Azure Demon could see through the two women, Jiang Chen certainly had seen through them too.

He knew the two women's feelings about him, but he couldn't accept their love.

For this reason, he specifically told them about his relations with Ye Xue, Nangong Xue, Man Tianyin, and Xiao Nuo.

While he was speaking, Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang exchanged a look. The light in their eyes immediately dimmed.

They sensed Jiang Chen's love for the four women from his gentle and caring tone.

They were so jealous that they felt they were even close to going crazy. They wished they could be his fifth or even sixth woman.

But they knew it was impossible.

Ye Xue had a supreme Venerable spiritual heart. Nangong Xue was the Heavenly Bestowal Woman. Man Tianyin was a reincarnation of a Sovereign Soul. Xiao Nuo was the youngest female Venerable Sovereign ever.

And they? They were only in the three Venerable states, not even a Star Venerable or in any Martial-level state.

When their hearts had sunk to the bottom, Jiang Chen suddenly did something unexpected. He held the two women's hands.

Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang were so surprised that they were going to retract their hands immediately, but they found they were too weak to do that.

Especially Yin Shuang, she felt all of her strength had been drawn away. A flush emerged on her fair skin.

"We can't live without each other. It's destiny. We'll be a family," Jiang Chen said seriously.

Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang's hearts beat faster. Before Jiang Chen, the two beautiful women were like two sheep who could not resist him.

"So, if you don't mind, you can call me elder brother, and you'll be my sworn sisters," said Jiang Chen.


This sudden turn caught Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang unprepared. They didn't even know what to say.

Then the two women shook their heads with a bitter smile. They thought that was what should happen.

"Elder brother," Ying Wushuang called him gently.

"How do I know you're older? How old are you?"

Looking up, Ying Wushuang asked in a kind of provocative manner.

"26," answered Jiang Chen.

"Oh? In which month were you born?" Ying Wushuang asked, frowning.



Ying Wushuang seemed reluctant. She was born in May, so she could call Jiang Chen elder brother.

"By the way, elder brother, could you relax your grasp?" said Ying Wushuang.


Not until then did Jiang Chen realize he was still grasping their hands tightly. He let go of them.

Flushing, Yin Shuang retrieved her hand. She left her hand under the table, feeling the remaining body temperature of Jiang Chen's. She felt something really special and exciting.

"Now I have younger sisters. Waiter, bring us some liquor, please," Jiang Chen said happily.

No matter whether in this life or in his previous lives, Jiang Chen had always been an only child. He kind of felt lonely.

He wished he could have had an elder brother in his previous life.

But in this life, he had always wanted to have a younger sister.

The three drank one cup of liquor in an indescribable mood. Then, regardless of the two women's uncomfortable faces, Jiang Chen took them into the air.

"This is your gift from your elder brother."

Then Jiang Chen patted their backs.

Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang felt their state force soaring wildly and dashing around madly like an uncontrollable mustang.

The three Venerable states included Martial Venerable, Spiritual Venerable, and Celestial Venerable.

The two women were already Spiritual Venerables since they had traveled to the Realm of True Force to practice.

With Jiang Chen's help, the two women broke through to Celestial Venerable and were even close to achieving Star Venerable.

"Elder brother, that's too fast. We can't take it anymore."

Yin Shuang hurried to tell Jiang Chen to slow down.


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