The Brilliant Fighting Master
1572 The Lightning Thunder Race
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1572 The Lightning Thunder Race

Jiang Chen certainly did not mean it. This young lady had brought him some amusement and cheered up his mood a bit, which had been very down.

He was sure that her father had lied to the folks of the Realm of Nine Heavens, who knew nothing about the outside world.

Cheng Hong snorted. She might have perceived the sarcasm in Jiang Chen's tone and thus be pissed.

At this moment, a luxury carriage drew up to the gate.

"Okay. Don't waste any more of my time."

Cheng Hong got into the carriage, and those were her parting words to Jiang Chen. She moved fast and nimbly.

Jiang Chen watched the carriage driving away. It suddenly occurred to him that the carriage was driving toward the city center, namely, where the Sacred Institute was.

"We are on duty today, so we can't go. What a pity."

"Exactly. The Lightning Thunder Race is extremely competitive. I really want to see how the Sacred Institute handles this."

Knowing where their young lady was going, the two servants were expressing their envy. They would have loved to see the race.

"The Ancient Race has challenged the Sacred Institute?" Curious, Jiang Chen asked them a question.

"Yes. The Ancient Race that is living in the Dragon Field wants to rule the Sacred City. Of course, they'll need to conquer the Sacred Institute first. It's a big obstacle for them."

"Our lord is there cheering for the Sacred Institute. You can go and check it out."

The servants didn't mind who Jiang Chen was and what was going on with him anymore. They didn't hold anything back from him as long as it was not any secret that they were forbidden to disclose.

"Okay, I'll go and see what the great man that instructed Jiang Chen looks like."

Then Jiang Chen moved super-fast and disappeared suddenly.

"Is he a ghost?!"

The two servants were only in the Mental Wander State. They had never seen such a technique. Jiang Chen's physical movement really scared them.

At this moment, the downtown area where the Sacred Institute was located was packed with people. It was impossible to move around.

Some people were even standing on the roofs.

Flying objects were not allowed to park in the Sacred City. If they had been, the situation would have been even more spectacular.

On the square outside of the Sacred Institute, people who Jiang Chen knew well were standing close together.

Shi Gandang, the dean of the east courtyard, and Nan Gong were among them.

A group of strong Ancients was standing opposite them.

They were from the Lightning Thunder Race.

Races related to thunder were normally strong. So were they.

The Lightning Thunder Race held a high position in the Ancient Race. They were even strong enough to have gained a foothold in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

This group in the Realm of Nine Heavens was only a collateral line of the Lightning Thunder Race.

Even so, they were still strong in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

"Have you thought it through? Who will you send? If you lose again today, you will have to leave the Sacred City."

The leader of the Lightning Thunder Race looked complacent, as if he was sure they would win.

It was hard to identify the Ancient features in him. It was almost impossible to see the electric arcs jumping from time to time in his body unless you really paid attention to him.

The people who had gathered there knew something about him.

This leader was called Shuo Jin. He was the chieftain of the group from the Lightning Thunder Race that were living in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

He had a good-looking daughter, who was standing next to him. She was slim, graceful, and very pretty.

Most important, to put it in humans' words, she was a talented strong woman.

The Lightning Thunder Race was aggressively competitive. They wanted the Sacred Institute to get out of the city.

"The strong must be respected. The weak must surrender. This has made sense since ancient times. It's impossible for you to occupy the best place just because you are associated with the Sacred Institute."

"There are ten hero statues standing in the Hero Palace, aren't there? For their sake, we'll give you ten fights. As long as anyone from your Sacred Institute can defeat my daughter, we'll leave."

That was what Shuo Jin had said nine days ago.

One fight a day. That meant nine fights were already over.

And they were still here. This meant that the Sacred Institute had lost nine fights in a row.

"Don't hesitate. You disciples of the Sacred Institute are just a bunch of crap. Whoever comes to fight me, the result will just be the same. If you really can't find anyone, you can send those nine craps who already fought me, but together."

Shuo Jin's daughter, Shuo Xin, took a step forward. Her eyes were filled with disdain.

Her nine consecutive victories had bored her. She thought this was much ado about nothing.

Those from the Sacred Institute looked downtrodden, and no one replied. Their lips were compressed into thin lines.

Because, just as Shuo Xin had said, the Sacred Institute had already sent their best disciples.

Even including Ying Wushuang!

This woman was a good friend of Jiang Chen's. She had gone to the Flying Dragon Dynasty of the Realm of True Force to practice.

When she'd returned, no one could be a match for her in the Dragon Field.

Unfortunately, now that the Ancients had appeared, she wasn't a standout fighter anymore.

During this stalemate, Cheng Hong's carriage arrived.

She pushed her way through the crowd disdainfully and went straight to the front.

She almost shoved some people to the ground. They were about to criticize her, but stopped when they realized who she was. Then they shut up immediately.

Her father was the man who was apparently strong enough to instruct Jiang Chen.


Cheng Hong walked up to a tall, large middle-aged man. It was Cheng Renlong, who had been in the limelight lately in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

Cheng Renlong did look extraordinary.

It was not that this middle-aged man was extremely handsome, but he had a face of emperors. His majesty was natural.

Those standing next to him could feel how strong his presence was.

As a result, as crowded as this place was, no one was around him.

Jiang Chen had also arrived secretly. He saw Cheng Renlong too.

But he was 100 percent sure that he didn't know this person.

He definitely didn't think a three-star Star Venerable could offer him any instructions.

"Oh? Wushuang?"

Jiang Chen suddenly saw a woman standing among the people from the Sacred Institute. He couldn't help but smile.

Ying Wushuang was a good friend that he'd made in the Hero Palace. Both of them were elbowed out back then.

He had thought she would stay in the Realm of True Force.


Something occurred to Jiang Chen. He looked again into the crowd and saw another pretty woman, just as he'd expected.

Yinshuang, the woman whose voice seemed to be the most beautiful he'd ever heard, was here also.

It had been a few years ago when he'd met them in the Flying Dragon Dynasty. It was true that the two women couldn't stay in a foreign country forever.

"Are you ready or not?!"

Shuo Xin urged them to make a decision.

Those from the Sacred Institute looked worried. They exchanged glances, wondering whether they should really send those nine together.

It would certainly bring them a great shame. But more than that, once they lost, the Sacred Institute would never be able to turn the tide.

Ying Wushuang still looked as if she wanted no one to approach her. She was still wearing black close-fitting clothes.

The clothes made her attractive body even more charming, but she looked like she had no idea about that at all.

Closing her fists tightly, Ying Wushuang was gazing at Shuo Xin.

"Wushuang, have you decided?"

A handsome man appeared next to her. There was passion in his eyes when he looked at Ying Wushuang.

"I'll help you resolve this crisis as long as you say yes to me. Otherwise, no one from your Sacred Institute will be able to deal with her," the man said.

Ying Wushuang looked as if she was pissed, but she had to admit his words made sense.

The man wanted her. What made her struggle was that the man was strong indeed.

"Don't waste my time. I'll give you ten more seconds!"

Shuo Xin started to count down.

Nan Gong and Ying Wushuang were both hesitating while Shuo Xin was counting down.

One was thinking whether to send those nine together, while the other was thinking whether to say yes to the man.

"Three, two!"

Shuo Xin sounded oppressive, as if once the counting was over, something bad would immediately happen.

Nan Gong and Ying Wushuang let out a sigh at the same time. They were going to compromise.

"Let me, a crappy disciple of the Sacred Institute, learn from your great skills."

However, a voice rang out before the two could speak.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》