The Brilliant Fighting Master
1570 Returning to the Realm of Nine Heavens
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1570 Returning to the Realm of Nine Heavens

"Wow, that's powerful!"

The faces of the five people from the Monster Slayers Palace were stricken with awe. One of them couldn't even keep himself from shouting out.

Watching Jiang Chen's figure in the air, Luo Man forgot to shut her mouth.

Not until then did she realize that Jiang Chen had broken through to the stage of a Martial Arts Saint from his previous stage as a Martial Emperor.

The more excellent a person was, the more changes he or she would receive from a big state breakthrough.

Jiang Chen was the best of the best. He'd had to make a great effort to deal with Wind Mark before the breakthrough.

However, he'd killed the Bear monster with one sword strike after his breakthrough.

After taking the Human Emperor Arrow back, Jiang Chen flew away from the Orderless Land without looking back.

Now, just like when he had come here, he met plenty of ignorant guys on his way.

Jiang Chen did not show any mercy. He used the bronze cauldron to smash these ignorant ones to death.

The sky did not go back to normal until after he'd left the Orderless Land.

Jiang Chen was teleported back to the Ling Long Celestial Palace.

This was the only method he could use in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts, because he had to be in the same world where the Heavenly Palace existed.

"Vice leader?"

The First Elder was surprised to see Jiang Chen return. Noticing that he was in such a hurry, the Elder thought that something severe must have happened.

"First Elder, get the teleportation formation ready for me. I want to go back to the Heavenly Palace."

After Jiang Chen had relayed his instructions to the Elder, he went to Xiao Nuo's palace.

"I'll take care of it right away."

The First Elder had never seen Jiang Chen like this before, so he took it very seriously.

Watching Jiang Chen going into the palace of the Venerable Leader, the First Elder was worried that something dreadful was impending.

Suddenly, he turned pale as he realized what it was that was different.

He mumbled to himself, "The Vice Leader has broken through to a Martial Arts Saint!"

The First Elder was pleasantly surprised by this revelation and felt that it was beneficial to the Ling Long Celestial Palace.

This was because no matter how many times they had seen Jiang Chen's superb actions, people would gossip when their vice leader was simply a Martial Emperor.

Now, however, everyone would be extremely pleased that Jiang Chen was a Martial Arts Saint.

Even though Jiang Chen was only in the preliminary stage at this time, the First Elder was strongly shocked.

He was fairly certain that even he wouldn't be a match for Jiang Chen if they fought.

"The Venerable Leader really has a good eye for people. This man who she has chosen to stand by her side is really great."

The First Elder felt lucky to have Jiang Chen in the celestial palace. He couldn't imagine what the celestial palace would be like without him.

So he went to prepare the teleportation formation himself.

"What's up? Oh? It's your true body? You have come back. Is your thing in the Realm of Monsters finished?"

In her palace, Xiao Nuo at first thought Jiang Chen was only a projection again. When she realized this was the real person, she stopped practicing.

Jiang Chen was apologetic. If he had been disturbed so many times while practicing, he would've been pissed.

However, he believed that Xiao Nuo wouldn't be mad at him.

Jiang Chen told her about what was happening on the Alien Battlefield.

"It's impossible for you to resolve such a big crisis alone. It's the three great forces who will need to figure out a solution. You can't do it alone, no matter how anxious you are." Xiao Nuo didn't understand Jiang Chen very well.

Jiang Chen knew that the merger with the Sovereign Soul had more or less changed Xiao Nuo's point of view.

If it had been Xiao Nuo before the merger, she would have asked in a caring matter what was going to happen to the creatures of the Three Lower Realms.

Of course, this didn't mean that Xiao Nuo was colder than before. It was just that her attitude had changed.

Even if she had been extremely anxious and about to be burned to death, she would change nothing.

As she'd said, it was the three great forces who should be held responsible for whatever was going on.

"I have acquaintances in the Realm of Nine Heavens and the Realm of True Force. I need to take them to a safe place."

This was why Jiang Chen was so anxious.

According to the way the three great forces operated, they wouldn't act until blood was flowing like rivers.

"Go ahead. I'll start to prepare as well. However, if you want to spread the news, don't spread it through the celestial palace, because the three forces will crack down."

Jiang Chen's plan was Xiao Nuo's first priority. She was willing to cooperate with him unconditionally after understanding his concerns.

"Okay. Let's keep in touch."

That was exactly what Jiang Chen had expected. He now returned to the Heavenly Palace through the teleportation formation after leaving Xiao Nuo's palace.

All these teleportations made him a little dizzy.

"Jiang Chen? Is that you?"

Wu Ming felt as if it was incredible to see Jiang Chen appear before him in that surprising way.

"You are already a Martial Arts Saint?!" Wu Ming was extremely excited when he realized his apprentice's change.

"Yes, I am."

Jiang Chen smiled. Then he told his master about what was happening on the Alien Battlefield.

"It has been very unpeaceful recently."

Wu Ming frowned. After a long sigh, he said, "I'm afraid the people of the Three Lower Realms will suffer."

Strictly speaking, the Alien Battlefield was a World of Meson.

What made the situation extremely dangerous was that it was connected to the Nine Realms.

The Alien Battlefield had almost become a worthless ruin after the war with the Demon.

Originally, the Alien Battlefield had been connected to the Three Upper Realms.

But as time went on, the Three Upper Realms thought that the Alien Battlefield had become a burden, as well as a bomb that could explode at any time, so they shifted the responsibility for the Alien Battlefield to the Three Lower Realms.

Once another war broke out on the Alien Battlefield, the Realms of the Nine Heavens, Milky, and True Force would all be attacked by demons.

"You are the Lord of the Heavenly Palace. Tell me what you want to do," said Wu Ming.

"Release the news, so that the Realm of Divine Martial Arts will know about it. This will pressure the three forces to act as soon as possible."

What happened on the Alien Battlefield was actually the responsibility of the Three Upper Realms.

As the current overlord of the Three Upper Realms, the three forces couldn't shift this responsibility to others.

But Jiang Chen was afraid they wouldn't take it seriously enough.

"Place the Heavenly Palace on a war footing. Wait for my orders. I'm going to go to investigate a little bit."

This was a serious matter. Jiang Chen couldn't send all of the fighting power of the Heavenly Palace without knowing exactly what he was up against.

"Okay. I will do as you say."

There was a teleportation formation that hadn't been used for a long time in the Heavenly Palace.

This teleportation formation could take people to the Realm of Nine Heavens directly, avoiding the need for them to go through the Three Middle Realms, the Realm of True Force, and the Realm of Milky.

It was the same teleportation formation Jiang Chen had used to pick up his clansmen from the Heavenly Defense Field before the Wizards took their revenge.

Back then, the teleportation formation had moved thousands of people from the Jiangs, the Gaos, and the Natural Law School.

They had been moved smoothly, but a great amount of resources had been consumed.

Teleporting Jiang Chen alone wouldn't consume a lot of resources, but that was not what he was worried about.

He was thinking about whether the people of the Three Lower Realms would be able to retreat.

Plane channels had a tearing force. People who were below the Reaching Heaven State could not travel through them.

The only way they could travel was through this teleportation formation.

However, there were hundreds of millions of creatures living in the Three Lower Realms. Even if all of the resources of the Heavenly Palace were consumed, it would be impossible to rescue all of them.

Jiang Chen felt helpless at the thought of possible casualties.

He could only take good care of those he knew in such a situation.

Jiang Chen went to check on the ward of the Alien Battlefield as soon as he arrived in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

His ward had mainly been used to strengthen the connection between the Alien Battlefield and the Three Lower Realms. It had been broken.

Fortunately, the Alien Battlefield had its own laws to isolate demons and that hadn't been broken yet.

However, the writing was on the wall. It was only a matter of time.

Jiang Chen spent a few days strengthening his ward so that it would last longer.

"One month. That's my limit."

Jiang Chen thought of the three great forces. He hoped they wouldn't be a drag on him and would try their best to reduce casualties.

Then Jiang Chen headed for the Dragon Field, which was the center of the Sacred Zone.

He still remembered how he'd been forced to flee to the Realm of Milky by the Murongs and the Dragon Rebel Kingdom.

He had come back twice after that, but he'd been on a tight schedule both times.

This time, when he returned to his old home, Jiang Chen felt something subtle shift within him.

The Realm of Nine Heavens had been the start of everything. He'd been developing rapidly after his life here, like a runaway carriage.

He had fled to the Realm of Milky, joined the army on the Alien Battlefield, and taken part in the Three Realms Competition held by the Realm of True Force. Later, he had competed in the Title Battle in the Three Middle Realms.

After so many hardships, he had finally steadied himself in the Seventh Realm.

It was time to come back to pay a visit.


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