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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1569 Anger!

Among the monsters, low-level monsters were classified into four levels and high-level ones were classified into three levels.

Above high-level monsters were Monster Emperors, Venerable Monsters, and Monster Gods.

Similar to the situation with the humans, there'd been no Monster Gods for thousands of years.

However, the monsters didn't give up hope to some day have a Monster God, so they invented a new state.

This new state was called the God of Carnage!

If a tribe had a God of Carnage, it would be a king-level tribe.

That was the original plan of the Advanced Wolf Tribe.

Now, about the high-level monster who had walked out of the street of the monsters to challenge Jiang Chen, he was at the peak, almost as strong as the ox monster and the elephant monster that Jiang Chen had run into before.

This monster was a bear monster.

The human figure he had transformed into was a muscular man who was so big and strong he looked like an iron tower.

Muffled sounds came while he was walking, as if the ground couldn't support his weight. The whole street was quaking.

He clutched the air. The sucking force generated by this made Jiang Chen unable to move.

That wasn't enough for the bear monster. He increased his efforts secretly. The sucking force became more dreadful, as if it was going to draw Jiang Chen's blood right out of his body.

His invisible destructive power was extremely terrifying.

Jiang Chen brandished his sword. The lightning streaked out like a trace of water to cut the sucking force in two.


The bear monster was so shocked that he almost retreated.

Then the dense hair on his arms stood on end. A fire of anger was burning fiercely in him.

"Are you eager to die?"

However, Jiang Chen was even angrier than the bear monster was. Normally, he probably would have let it go, but he hated it that the bear monster was causing him trouble at such a crucial moment when all he wanted was to be on his way.

"You insulted the Holy Wind Tribe. The only way to atone for this is through your death."

The bear monster's voice was dull and low. He didn't speak in a loud voice, but the entire Freedom City could hear him.

"Luo Man?"

Those from the Monster Slayers Palace were still hesitating.

Stationed in the Orderless Land, they weren't just posing. The chance they could use to build their prestige had finally come. They certainly couldn't miss it.

However, because Jiang Chen was a part of the incident, they really didn't want to help him.

"The bear monster is a Big Dipper Bear, one of the best among the high-level monsters. He is as great as Martial Arts Saints at the peak."

The woman called Luo Man told Jiang Chen after thinking over the situation.

"As long as you'll remember the mercy you receive from the Monster Slayers Palace and understand how ugly and evil the monsters are, we'll solve this problem for you and you can leave anytime," she went on.

Jiang Chen threw her a look without speaking.

However, Luo Man understood what that look meant. She gnashed her teeth and closed her fists tightly.

Jiang Chen didn't only refuse her, but it was a disdainful refusal.

"I want to see how you die!" Luo Man and the other four from the Monster Slayers Palace stepped back into their roles as onlookers.

This Big Dipper Bear hadn't acted yet because he'd been observing the Monster Slayers Palace's attitude.

Seeing them retreating, a cruel smile emerged on his face.

"I'm not interested in wasting my time here with you. I'll give you a chance to stay alive, as long as you leave here immediately," Jiang Chen interjected.

Those from Freedom City looked at each other in wonder. It would've made more sense if it had been the Big Dipper Bear who had said that.

However, everyone felt it was so weird that it was Jiang Chen who'd said it.

"Go to h*ll!"

The Big Dipper Bear, as giant as a mountain, flew off the ground. His speed was beyond imagination. With an infinite monster force, he could kill people just by colliding with them.

At the same time, a strong wind was converging around him.

The strong wind was not any energy of the universe. Instead, it was a born talent of the Big Dipper Bears.

It enabled him to move fast and crack the enemy's defenses. With these advantages, he'd gotten rid of endless enemies and this was how he'd become a high-level monster.

"Unique Theurgy: Interceptive Divine Finger."

"Unique Theurgy: A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights."

As Jiang Chen claimed, he didn't have the time to fool around here.

His strength was boiling. He pointed at the air with his right hand.


The Big Dipper Bear gradually slowed down. Horror was written on his face.

His strength, his energy, everything he had was abruptly cut down by 30 percent.

He lost those advantages so suddenly that he couldn't even struggle or resist to prevent it from happening. He couldn't figure out what was going on.

The next sword attack was the most dreadful.

The Heaven-Punishing Sword of the Immortal Artifact level exerted the power of the unique theurgy perfectly while getting ready for the attack.

The sword blade looked brilliant. Fierce electric arcs swam around it like dragons or snakes.

It took the sword three seconds to get prepared, which was fatal for a Martial-level strong practitioner.

Xiao Nuo could exert it instantly. This was the difference between a Venerable Sovereign and a Sacred Lord.

Fortunately, affected by the Interceptive Divine Finger, the Big Dipper Bear couldn't take advantage of these three seconds to fight back.

During these three seconds, the cooperation of Wind Cloud Will and the law of thunder played the most important role.

Many people in the city knew how to use thunder methods.

They were more shocked than those who didn't know how to use them.

"Why can he control Holy Thunders to such an extent? Besides, aren't his Holy Thunders way too furious?"

The Du Tian Holy Thunders were powerful and difficult to manipulate.

However, since Jiang Chen's law of thunder had achieved the state of transformation, he certainly could do it with high proficiency.

And before this, the Black Yellow Great World's knowledge of the inheritance of the law of thunder still had nothing to do with laws.

Countless people felt it incredible when Jiang Chen had mastered the laws and even when he had achieved the state of comprehension.

In the end, when A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights had been successfully exerted, many inheritors of thunder methods in the city felt a new door had been opened.

Those who didn't know thunder methods well could also sense his power through the theurgy.

As a Martial Arts Saint, Holy Thunders were Jiang Chen's trump card.

His Du Tian Holy Thunder had achieved level four!


Jiang Chen brandished his sword and launched an attack as soon as the sword momentum took shape.

"Wait…wait a minute."

The Big Dipper Bear kind of panicked. This sword attack was so fast that he couldn't follow it at all.

"Storm's Wild Tear!"

The Big Dipper Bear wasn't easy to deal with at all.

Monsters usually couldn't see through humans' mysterious and wonderful martial arts techniques while fighting them, but it was often the monsters who won.

Why was this?

Because they were mad and adventurous. Although they didn't have any movements, their attacks were more threatening than any movements.

The Big Dipper Bear threw caution to the wind. He exerted the most scary monster method.

His strength soared. With whooshing sounds, the strong wind and he turned into a storm.

This storm could whirl thousands of times each second on average.

If it hit the ground, it would create a giant crater similar to a meteorite crater.

The storm confronted Jiang Chen's sword momentum with a well-matched speed.

The two bumped into each other at high speed, both with a power destructive enough to destroy mountains and split the earth.

The onlookers in Freedom City switched their protective energy jars on. None of them wanted to die just because they had been looking on.

Jiang Chen and the Big Dipper Bear entangled themselves in an instant.

The expected great disturbances didn't come. Jiang Chen cut the storm open from the middle with a FIZZ. Then he dashed backward thousands of miles, with the electric arcs jumping behind him.

Then the Big Dipper Bear's Storm Fist exploded. A fierce wind started. Fortunately, he was in the air. Otherwise, everything would've been destroyed.

"D*mn…d*mn it!"

The Big Dipper Bear lowered his head to check out his chest. A fatal wound had opened up from his left shoulder to his flank, and it took his life away.

"You asked for it," Jiang Chen said. He didn't feel pity at all. He put the Heaven-Punishing Sword back.

Regardless of the surprised looks of the onlookers, he took out the Human Emperor Bow to prepare for shooting.

"That's not good!"

The fox monster realized the situation wasn't favorable for him. He ran toward the abyss on the street of the monsters, intending to flee back to the Realm of Monsters.

However, he was nailed to the ground by a Human Emperor Arrow and died after just a few steps.

"You shouldn't have pissed me off at this point."

Jiang Chen made this remark in a cold voice. He was angry.


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