The Brilliant Fighting Master
1566 Breakthrough to Martial Arts Sain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1566 Breakthrough to Martial Arts Sain

Jiang Chen had developed this movement from the Star Formation Painting.

After illuminating the seven stars through his practicing bodies, he had gradually comprehended the true meaning of the Star Formation Painting.

Then, on a whim, he'd used the practicing bodies to create the Seven Stars Sword Formation.

It was much easier to use than the Star Formation Painting, and its power was greater too.

As soon as the sword formation was started, the sword power that could be compared to Heaven Striking and Heaven Breaking became fantastic after the evolution of the mystery of the Star Formation. It became as wonderful as a unique theurgy.

The three swords struck Wind Mark hard with a vast sword spirit that could destroy everything just when he was going to launch an attack.

This time, no matter how powerful his defense was, it wouldn't be able to handle the attack.

Wind Mark was drowned by the sword radiances. Their destructive energy destroyed him ruthlessly.


Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. This sword attack had exhausted much of his energy. Many of the Heavenly Thunders remaining in his body were absorbed. His state became unstable.

A figure jumped on Jiang Chen's true body like lightning and sent the true body flying just when he'd been thinking that it was about time for him to become a Martial Arts Saint.


Jiang Chen took a deep breath, gazing at Wind Mark in front of him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

He was still alive after such an attack!

But, of course, Wind Mark was already heavily injured. His hair was burned. He looked much smaller, as if his body had shrunken.

The only thing that remained the same was his red eyes, expressing a craziness and a resolution to kill.

"We monsters have a strong vitality. The more depressing a situation is, the more potential we can show!"

"No matter how wonderful human attacks are, they aren't a match for absolute strength."

The monsters on the scene all knew Jiang Chen had gone all out. However, Wind Mark wasn't killed. Death would be the only thing that was waiting for him!

"Jiang Chen, look out! In the Status of Mad Wolf, he is more terrifying than when he is dying," Bai warned, worried.

Even if she hadn't warned him, Jiang Chen could sense Wind Mark's change as well.

"You can survive. Don't force me to kill you."

To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen, who should have surrendered, warned Wind Mark instead.

"What kind of trick is he playing? He is facing the Status of Mad Wolf! What a pity!"

The wolf monsters who had come with Wind Mark thought Jiang Chen was just bluffing.

Wind Mark roared in a hoarse voice and then turned into a shadow that could only be vaguely seen.

When he'd showed up again, a scarlet paw hit Jiang Chen's true body.

The true body was sent flying. His chest was bleeding badly.

"So you are courting death."

Jiang Chen sheathed the Heaven-Punishing Sword despite his own wounds. He closed his fists.

"Thunder Dragon Fist!"

Somehow, he exerted a Dragon Fist instead of going on using a sword.

The dreadful dragon power might be able to restrain monsters, but it was useless against Wind Mark in the Status of Mad Wolf. Instead, he became even more irritated.

Wind Mark exerted another movement. This time he scratched Jiang Chen's neck.

If nothing surprising happened, Jiang Chen would die like his father.

Bai didn't have the heart to see him die. She couldn't help but lower her head.

She shut her eyes tightly for a few seconds. However, the disturbances of killing didn't come as she expected.

Instead, she heard numerous monsters exclaiming.

Bai looked up. She saw Wind Mark's paw grasped by Jiang Chen's hand with electric arcs flashing.

"I'll send you to reunite with your father."

Then Jiang Chen threw his other fist over hard.

More than half of Wind Mark's strong vitality disappeared immediately.


The two always had a gap of strength between them, and they used different techniques.

But things had changed by then. It was Jiang Chen who had the advantage of strength now.

All of the monsters naturally supposed it was because Wind Mark had been exhausted.

But he didn't look exhausted as they took a closer look.

"It's Jiang Chen. He's had a state breakthrough!"

Someone finally realized what was going on.

The reason he chose to use the Thunder Dragon Fist was to digest the Heavenly Thunders that had accumulated in his body.

This fight was even greater than they had imagined. Jiang Chen went all out and went beyond his limit.

And he finally got to the top by becoming a Martial Arts Saint.

As for things like the ko of thunder, he had gone through them earlier. His current success was a natural result that he had earned.

Breaking through to a Martial Arts Saint was a big state improvement. It brought him an improvement dozens of times stronger in almost all aspects.

As the owner of the flawless divine body, now that his state had caught up with his body, how could he be afraid of any enemy?

Punch after punch, he took the dreadful vitality of Wind Mark, a monster, away completely.

Wind Mark finally fell weakly. He turned into ashes while falling.

"Did he win?!"

The turn happened in the last brief minute. Many monsters hadn't realized what had happened yet.

Bai and Golden Roc were dumbfounded.

"I still underestimated him."

Bai couldn't help but think no matter how much she appreciated Jiang Chen, she would still be amazed by him.

"D*mn it. This human broke through in the fight. Otherwise he would've been dead."

"Exactly. That's why luck is also a part of one's strength."

"What a shame. Wind Mark was a brilliant monster with great talent."

Many monsters who had witnessed the fight felt sad. They thought Wind Mark's death was unfair.

If Jiang Chen hadn't realized a breakthrough in the fight, he absolutely would've been the one who lost his life in the last minute.

"He managed to fight Wind Mark so desperately before the last minute. That wasn't just luck."

Some reasonable monsters pointed out the truth of the situation.

"What the h*ll. Who are you? Are you a monster or a human? Why do you speak for other races?"

However, such reasonable voices were drowned out very soon.

The monsters didn't care about right or wrong. They only wanted their clansmen to win.

That was why they had pinned their hopes on Wind Mark in the first place.

Now Jiang Chen had taken their hopes away ruthlessly. They felt sad and refused to admit Jiang Chen was great.

However, some young monsters were looking at Jiang Chen with fear from the bottom of their hearts.

"And you. Are you gonna fight me one by one or together?"

In the air, Jiang Chen shouted at the other ten wolf monsters. He didn't forget that these wolf monsters had claimed they had come for the so-called warriors' tradition.

The wolf monsters almost fled because of fear after Wind Mark's death. How would they have the nerve to accept the challenge?

Golden Roc came to himself. He hurried to fly up to tell Jiang Chen this was a misunderstanding.

Wind Mark fought Jiang Chen on behalf of himself.

"He came to take revenge on me. It's totally okay. I won't blame the Advanced Wolf Tribe for that. Anyone who wants to take revenge on me can do it. But before that, you'd better get your coffins prepared."

Jiang Chen was taunting the monsters a bit.

He meant what he said. He really appreciated that Wind Mark had had the nerve to try and take revenge on him.

He also gave Wind Mark a last chance to stay alive.

As to blaming the Advanced Wolf Tribe, it wasn't true at all.


Golden Roc was finally assured. He took the chance to say to Jiang Chen, "Jiang Chen, we at the Monster Shrine didn't know it was the Golden Clan who deliberately made Whitey go crazy."

He was still fighting for the chance for Whitey to be the Advanced Wolf Tribe's God of Carnage.

"It's not important anymore. I think you know this clearly," said Jiang Chen.

Golden Roc understood what Jiang Chen meant, but he didn't give up.

It was for the tribe!

Then Jiang Chen landed on the square. He said to Bai with a smile, "I told you it'd be fine."

Gazing at his shabby clothes and the blood on the clothes, Bai said with a smile, "But you have to admit this was much more difficult than you'd imagined."


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