The Brilliant Fighting Master
1565 A Wild Strength
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1565 A Wild Strength

The Status of Wild Wolf represented the real strength of high-level monsters.

Once it was switched on, the warrior couldn't stop until he died.

"Wind Tide!"

Wind Mark launched another attack. His speed was incredibly fast.

He rushed at Jiang Chen. His paws attacked him like a storm, without any techniques at all.

Jiang Chen focused and held his breath. He threw the sword over quickly, parrying the wolf paws with the blade.


However, Wind Mark's attack seemed endless. The wolf paws came more and more frequently, aiming to tear him apart.

"24, 36, 48..."

The other wolf monsters were counting something, with cruel smiles hanging on their faces.

Bai was extremely anxious. Wind Mark's attacks were getting more and more oppressive, and it seemed as if they'd never end.

When there were only 12 attacks every second, Jiang Chen could still handle them easily.

But soon, the number of attacks in every second reached 24 after 100 blow exchanges.

When this change happened, Jiang Chen's use of his swords was obviously less smooth.

But fortunately, he adapted himself to the new situation very quickly.

However, this was only the start.

Bai knew the number of attacks would reach 3,000 by the time this was over!

When it had reached 500, the fight had become very desperate.

Many monsters couldn't understand how Jiang Chen had managed to use the sword so flexibly.

Soon, the frequency of Wind Mark's paw attacks changed again.

Now there were 48 attacks every second. And with his strong monster force and sharp paws, even copper or iron walls would be scratched into pieces.

However, Jiang Chen didn't suffer any losses after this change.

He managed to go all out because he'd anticipated the enemy's changes.

The Heaven-Punishing Sword was giving off an extremely brilliant radiance. Metal thunders kept alternating with wind thunders, and wind kept alternating with metal and thunder.

"This monster is really strong."

The monster race was stronger than most of the other races. Their attacks were not as profound or as extensive as those of the Martial Arts Doctrine, but they were wild and crazy.

For example, this Wind Mark was like an engine that could walk and keep accelerating.

Jiang Chen kind of felt like cursing after going through 1,000 attacks like this.

Some of the onlookers also couldn't help but curse.

But it wasn't because of Wind Mark, but because Jiang Chen had managed to parry 1,000 of his attacks!

The monsters were totally seeing the human race with new eyes.

"That sword is more than three feet long. It looks so strange. How can he use it so proficiently?"

Most monsters still couldn't understand Jiang Chen's swordsmanship.

The number of attacks was now approaching 1,500. Jiang Chen felt a little numb in his left arm.

"When will this movement of yours end?" Jiang Chen complained.

"Cut the crap. Go to h*ll!"

Wind Mark had to admit that Jiang Chen was more difficult to deal with than he'd imagined. But there were still more than 1,000 attacks to go. It'd be more and more difficult to parry them.

When there were more than 100 attacks in a second, Jiang Chen couldn't follow them anymore.

It was worth mentioning that the blade of the Heaven-Punishing Sword had turned red and its temperature had become surprisingly high. This was caused by the frequent strikes.

"Show me how you'll scratch me to death."

Jiang Chen called his practicing bodies out silently.

He threw the Red Cloud Sword to a practicing body. The Infinite Armor turned into the Infinite Sword and was caught by the other practicing body.

"A Mad Surge!"

"Sacred Seal in the Sword!"

"The Fourth Movement of the Azure Lotus Classic: Ultimate Sword of Azure Lotus!"

The three Jiang Chens each exerted a powerful sword movement respectively to attack Wind Mark, who had gone wild.

Wind Mark turned pale. He was too shocked to realize what was going on. He failed to exert 3,000 Wind Tides.

He could barely resist Jiang Chen's blades. It was almost too much for him in spite of the Status of Wild Wolf.

"Three Turns of Wind!"

Wind Mark's monster method was outrageous. It started a hurricane with a strong destructive power. It surprisingly cracked Jiang Chen's sword's blades.


However, after all this, Wind Mark was also exhausted. The blow exchanges had almost drained him.

"It's my turn."

The three Jiang Chens suddenly appeared around him, as if they'd arrived through teleportation. They threw their swords over decisively.

"This speed? No, it's not something that can be achieved simply by speed."

Wind Mark turned pale. Teleportation could only be realized by means of space.

It was true. What Jiang Chen had exerted was the Great Method of Void.

He appeared and disappeared mysteriously. There was no way to trace him at all.

The three Immortal Swords were making use of every bit of space. They were thrown over endlessly to attack Wind Mark madly.

"He's so strong!"

"This human is strong. Are the current young humans all this strong?"

"No way. He must be one of the best of the human race. Otherwise it'd be dreadful."

The monster onlookers started to take this fight seriously.

Then Jiang Chen experienced another of the monsters' strengths.

Wind Mark, in the Status of Wild Wolf, had rough skin and flesh. Although he had been wounded a lot by the sword, none of them was fatal.

Every time he had been struck by the sword, Wind Mark would become quite violent, as if he would lose his senses.

"He…is he going to switch on the Status of Mad Wolf?"

Bai was shocked after noticing Wind Mark's behavior. She could hardly believe it.

"His father died tragically. He might switch it on for real," Golden Roc said helplessly.

The Status of Mad Wolf was a unique talent owned by the Golden Clan of the Advanced Wolf Tribe.

The practitioner would sacrifice his sanity to get the most primitive and powerful strength in return.

"Jiang Chen, your techniques are better than mine, but there is a huge gap between our strengths. You're doomed."

Attacked by three Jiang Chens at the same time, Wind Mark's hair was all stained with blood. He was extremely brutal.

With his human figure already gone, he had turned back into a wolf again, but he was still standing on his hind legs like a human.

His paws were crimson and much sharper.

He was mumbling something. That was the name of the movement he was going to exert.

"Growling Proudly in the Wild Wind!"

Jiang Chen made a great effort to get the three first words Wind Mark had spoken. Then he turned pale.

Wind Mark, in the Status of Mad Wolf, jumped onto a practicing body.

His attack was similar to Wind Tide, but crueler.

The practicing body's defense was cracked, and he was quickly injured.

However, this also proved that in the Status of Mad Wolf, one could really lose one's senses.

Otherwise, he would have jumped onto the true body. It was easy to tell which was the true body from the swords they were holding.

"Interceptive Divine Finger!"

The true body didn't hesitate. He exerted a unique theurgy.

Wind Mark's strength was weakened by more than half immediately. The practicing body, who was in great danger, finally got a chance to fight back.




Three Jiang Chens took the chance to exert a unique movement.

However, an invisible air flow appeared around Wind Mark. The air flow had a great tenacity to stop the sword blades.

The blades didn't fall onto Wind Mark until most of the power of the blades had been consumed.

But Wind Mark was still slightly injured.

Wind Mark was irritated after getting injured. He cracked the Interceptive Divine Finger ahead of schedule.

He looked toward the true body and locked in on it, with cruel and angry lights shining in his eyes.

"He's a beast." Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

"I shouldn't hold back anymore!"

Jiang Chen knew he had to go all out, so he exerted the movement that he'd created himself.

The three Jiang Chens raised their swords before them, regardless of Wind Mark's situation.

"Seven Stars Sword Formation, start!"

The three sword radiances surged into the air and converged. A brilliant starry sky was formed.


Then the three Jiang Chens rushed at Wind Mark aggressively.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》