The Brilliant Fighting Master
1564 Wild Wolf Status
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1564 Wild Wolf Status

They sent their strongest fighter right away. That signified that the so-called warriors' tradition was nothing but an excuse.

Wind Mark was here to get revenge!

At this moment, noise could be heard from the teleportation formation outside the Monster Palace. It was Golden Roc and his three high-level subordinates of the Advanced Wolf Tribe. They'd just arrived in a hurry.

"Are we late?"

Golden Roc turned pale as he saw the two in the air.

"Why would the Monster Palace have permitted this?"

Golden Roc hurried over to Bai to ask her about the situation.

After learning that it was Jiang Chen himself who had agreed to fight, Golden Roc said anxiously, "Wind Mark has gained a lot from his adventures in the outside world. He's as good as most high-level monsters already."


Bai looked shocked. Sudden anxiety was apparent in her eyes.

There were five levels of monsters in the Realm of Monsters. It is unnecessary to explain all of them here.

The only thing we need to know for this story is that those that could realize a breakthrough from low-level monsters to high-level monsters could be compared to Martial Arts Saints of the human race.

Since monsters were usually stronger than humans, the situation was even worse for Jiang Chen.

No matter how amazing Jiang Chen was, Bai didn't believe he'd be able to handle the fight well.

"Wind Mark didn't say anything after learning about his father's death. We thought he was going to be able to live with it, but, to our surprise, he summoned ten warriors that night and traveled here directly. He didn't even use the teleportation formation."

Golden Roc was annoyed. If things had worked out differently, they might've discovered his plan earlier.

"The Golden Clan must know about it, but they've obviously acquiesced in his plan," Bai complained.

The wolf monsters were from the Golden Clan. Their chieftain must've heard something.

He might even have encouraged them to do this, not to mention not to stop them.

Although she had joined the Monster Palace, Bai still hoped the Advanced Wolf Tribe would get more powerful. However, this behavior by the Golden Clan disappointed her a lot.

Meanwhile, up in the air, Wind Mark took his black robe off. He was wearing a close-fitting armor.

It was roughly made, without any patterns or adornments. What made it stand out was the material it was made of, Fire Pattern Steel, which was a steel that could be used to cast Immortal Artifacts. It would provide a first-class defense.

Wind Mark was one of the few monsters who knew how to use weapons. His weapon was a long knife.

This was all that he showed. Once the fight started, he couldn't use any other trump cards.

He was staring at Jiang Chen, his eyes extremely red, waiting for the latter to show his swords.

Jiang Chen was holding the Heaven-Punishing Sword and the Red Cloud Sword in his left and right hands, respectively. He unsheathed the swords smoothly.

The two Immortal Swords had different sword radiances, but both of them left a mark of light in the air.

The strong sword energy was boiling. Jiang Chen looked much more aggressive.

"That's it?" Wind Mark gazed at him, not affected by the Immortal Swords.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He knew out of instinct that the guy in front of him wouldn't be easy to deal with.

He made a decision. The Infinite Sai turned into armor.

He was tightly wrapped by steel all over, but he didn't look clumsy. The armor resembled tights, which made him look leaner, more like a swordsman.

"That's much better."

Wind Mark grinned wildly while looking at Jiang Chen's three Immortal Artifacts. He said, "Otherwise, if it's too easy to kill you, it won't be any fun at all."

"Looks like you think you'll definitely win," Jiang Chen said with a small smile.

"Is there any suspense?"

Wind Mark held the long knife in his hand high and released a strong monster force. Even the air was shaking.

"He is a high-level monster!"

The monsters that were looking on kept exclaiming.

It was as if they were saying it was incredible for Wind Mark to be a high-level monster at such an early age.

Golden Roc smiled bitterly. They had reacted in the same way when they had learned about Wind Mark being a high-level monster.

High-level monsters were classified into three levels as well.

Wind Mark was still not a high-level monsters at the peak, thank goodness, like the ox monster, the elephant monster, and the lion monster were.

"Oh? Looks like this time I finally can enjoy myself to the full."

Jiang Chen couldn't control his eagerness to fight. He didn't look panicked. Instead, he looked as if he was anticipating a treat.

"You look confident."

Wind Mark was kind of disappointed that Jiang Chen didn't look scared. He wasn't seeing the facial expression he'd been expecting. His eagerness to fight was also aroused.

When the killing intent, the wrath, and the eagerness to fight all mixed together, he looked like a pile of fire burning fiercely.

"Traceless Wind, Shadowless Knife!"

Wind Mark threw his knife over. He disappeared from where he'd been, leaving no trace behind.

It was like a jump of electric arcs. They disappeared as soon as they were noticed.

"He is fast."

Jiang Chen was a little surprised. The speed that could arouse his admiration had to be unbelievably great.

"However, not fast enough..."

Then Jiang Chen thrust the Heaven-Punishing Sword into the air.

There was nothing at all where the blade was pointed, but suddenly clashes of metal rang out and sparks flew all around.

There were four clashes. Wind Mark launched four knife attacks before anyone even realized it.

However, Jiang Chen parried all of them precisely.

"Not fast enough, but fierce enough," Jiang Chen said to himself.

The Heaven-Punishing Sword shook slightly from the enemy's knife force. After all, his strength was between a Martial Arts Saint in the late stage and one at the peak.

His hands would've been wounded if he hadn't had the Immortal Swords in both hands.

"Your speed!"

Wind Mark tensed up. He seldom had a match in terms of speed. Once the enemy slowed down, he could gain the victory easily.

"Incomplete Wind and Knife Shadow."

Wind Mark's attacks didn't become milder. He kept throwing his knife over.

This time, he didn't seek to defeat Jiang Chen with speed. Instead, he aimed to make Jiang Chen fail to support his attack.

When the knife was thrown, knife shadows appeared all around Jiang Chen. The knife had struck.

"The First Movement of Azure Lotus: Azure Lotus Appears in the World."

Jiang Chen had to exert an ultimate-level sword method, since average sword methods couldn't resist this knife attack.

An azure lotus emerged. Thousands of sword blades bloomed around the azure lotus, like omnipresent wind.

The knife and the sword clashed, so that the azure lotus failed to bloom in a perfect manner.

Staying within the range of its influences, Jiang Chen was affected by Wind Mark's energy fluctuations, but fortunately he was wearing the Infinite Armor.

"You managed to take two knife attacks from me. That's not bad," Wind Mark sounded scornful.

Wind Mark had gained an advantage in both blow exchanges.

"Take a sword attack from me."

"Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud, Peerless Beauty."

Jiang Chen took the initiative to launch a sword attack. He certainly wouldn't stand there waiting for the enemy to punch him.

His sword momentum was similar to Wind Mark's knife thrusts. They both tried to restrain the enemy with speed.


Wind Mark was surprised that Jiang Chen could launch such a fast sword attack.

It was totally different from knife attacks.

"Wind Wave."

Wind Mark realized Jiang Chen's swordsmanship was outstanding. He couldn't be too careful. He kept throwing his knife over to stop Jiang Chen from getting too close to him.


However, Jiang Chen suddenly exerted another sword movement. Not only did his sword move faster, but the blade seemed to get sharper.

The three laws, the law of wind, metal, and thunder, were all used in this sword attack. It cracked Wind Mark's defenses successfully. The sword wind aimed at Wind Mark's throat.

Seeing the fight about to end, Wind Mark's face turned hideous, as if he was going crazy. A paw clutched toward Jiang Chen's heart.

Jiang Chen moved his sword blade in another direction suddenly. It left a wound on the right shoulder of Wind Mark.

At the same time, the paw touched Jiang Chen's stomach.

The man and the monster retreated at the same time.

"Don't think you can gain a victory using weapons with the human race, especially me," said Jiang Chen.

He'd gained the advantage after this sword attack.

"Great. That's great."

Wind Mark flew into a violent rage. He threw his knife away. His paws grew long talons. His hair became much thicker.

"The Status of Wild Wolf!"

Those from the Advanced Wolf Tribe were all shocked.

The wolf monsters didn't expect to see the Status of Wild Wolf so soon. Then all of them got excited.


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