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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1563 Wind Mark

Jiang Chen decided to stay in the Monster Palace for a few days, waiting for Whitey to transform successfully.

However, he certainly couldn't leave such an enormous responsibility as mobilizing the Heavenly Palace to start an expedition to others.

He traveled to a very remote place. The ring on his right hand started to shine once again.

He'd invented this ring as a method of keeping in touch with his people. It represented his identity as the Lord of the Heavenly Palace. It was used mainly for communicating with members of the Palace, but it also had extensive other uses.

However, Wu Ming thought Jiang Chen was using the ring because he'd become lazy.

As soon as he switched on the ring, his projection appeared in the Cloud Reaching Hall of the Heavenly Palace.

He could've left a practicing body in the Heavenly Palace as he had previously, but, since his situation had become more dangerous, he thought that it'd be better not to separate the practicing bodies from the main body.

"Are you still in the Realm of Monsters?"

This was the first question that Wu Ming asked Jiang Chen's projection.

The projection looked very real. If it'd not been for the beam of light emitted from the projection, it would've been very hard to tell the projection from the real Jiang Chen.

"Yes. I'm going to stay here for a bit more time. Master, how did our disciples react to the expedition?"

This had been the first time the Heavenly Palace took the initiative to launch an attack. Jiang Chen was extremely concerned with the repercussions.

"Everyone was excited about it. All of our disciples enjoyed it!"

Wu Ming became flushed as he talked about it, because he too had enjoyed it.

The Heavenly Palace had been advancing slowly but surely, and they'd had many difficult experiences. Originally, the palace had been a target that all the other groups had used as a punching bag, but now it had climbed to the top of the Realm of Heavenly Martial Arts.

"That's fantastic. How did the three forces respond?" asked Jiang Chen.

He supposed that they'd already heard all about the Heavenly Palace's venture.

"They're focusing on the Venerable Sovereigns at the moment. They didn't have the time to pay attention to us," said Wu Ming.

He continued, "After all, Venerable Sovereigns can be used as threatening weapons now."

Jiang Chen understood what the three forces were thinking and planning.

No matter how many disturbances the Heavenly Palace and the Ling Long Celestial Palace created, as long as the three forces had enough Venerable Sovereigns, they still would be able to sweep away all their enemies.

However, if there was a Divine King, the Divine King would be able to unite the entire Black Yellow Great World.

"Master, you still have a lot of potential. Pick a divine fruit from the Divine Tree of Creatures to prepare for your breakthrough to Venerable Sovereign," Jiang Chen told his master.

"Venerable Sovereign..."

No one would refuse the chance to get stronger. Wu Ming wasn't an exception.

However, to become a Venerable Sovereign, it wasn't enough to simply rely on outside resources.

"Your apprentice doesn't have a Sovereign Soul, but I have something even better," Jiang Chen said with a mysterious smile.

The memory of a Sovereign Soul would not arise on its own in daily life. It would need Jiang Chen to dig and seek it.

Fortunately, it wasn't difficult to find information about Venerable Sovereigns.

And it was time for the Heavenly Palace to have a Venerable Sovereign.


Jiang Chen sensed something weird from the Monster Palace. He informed Wu Ming about what he was sensing and then cancelled the projection.


He flew to the central square and looked around. He saw 11 wolf monsters on their way over.

The number of the wolf monsters reminded Jiang Chen of the deal he'd made with the chieftain.

However, he wasn't sure whether the chieftain still wanted to pick a fight with him.

Jiang Chen seemed to realize what was going on when he saw the look of hatred on the chieftain's face.

"Jiang Chen, come out!"

The wolf monsters shouted from outside the Monster Palace. They didn't land on the mountain where the Monster Palace was situated.

Apparently, they didn't want to offend the Monster Palace.

"Advanced Wolf Tribe, go home."

Several high-level monsters rebuked the wolf monsters for showing up at the Monster Palace.

Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster didn't make appearances lightly, and he and the Monster Palace had guaranteed Jiang Chen's safety.

"Jiang Chen and our chieftain had a deal. He stated that he'd fight 11 strong warriors. This isn't about any conflicts between us. It's about warriors' dignity."

A wolf monster lifted his head and threw his shoulders back. He wasn't scared of those from the Monster Palace at all.

"Jiang Chen is very special for the Realm of Monsters. You can't do whatever you like to him."

Those from the Monster Palace were surprised that these wolf monsters had the nerve to talk back. They were really pissed off.

Outside the Monster Palace, the monsters from other tribes were confused also. They didn't know what the Advanced Wolf Tribe was up to.

"Were they going to go against the Monster Palace?"

"Would we throw the monsters' traditions away for a human? Would we violate the Warriors' Promise?"

The leader of the wolf monsters looked as if his eyes were about to explode with fire. He showed no respect to those from the Monster Palace at all.

However, this time, those from the Monster Palace looked at each other, feeling that they'd gotten involved in a tricky situation.

The Warriors' Promise was part of the monsters' tradition indeed. The two who had made the promise shouldn't violate it, and no one should be able to stop them.

"Jiang Chen, when you made the deal with the Advanced Wolf Tribe, did you mention the Warriors' Promise?"

A member of the Monster Palace asked Jiang Chen a question.

"What is the Warriors' Promise?" Jiang Chen responded, not knowing what he was talking about.

"It's something like that "deal" that you humans say."

"Then, yes."

Those from the Monster Palace felt as if the circumstances had just gotten even trickier after getting Jiang Chen's answer.

Jiang Chen understood their struggle. He shrugged his shoulders, knowing he'd need to come forward.

"What's your relation with Black Wind?"

Looking toward the leader of the wolf monsters, Jiang Chen asked this question.

"He is my father."

The wolf monster answered in an indignant voice. He sounded as if he was struggling to hold in his temper.

"I see," Jiang Chen responded, comprehending what was going on.

Only hatred could make a person lose his sanity to such an extent that he'd rather vent his anger regardless of benefits, gains, or losses.

If it'd been his father who'd been killed and others kept telling him to put the interests of the whole above everything else, that would just have been like adding fuel to the flames.

"I understand how you feel. I agree. But whether you can avenge your father will depend on your own ability," said Jiang Chen.


Bai hurried to dash out of the Monster Palace to stop him almost as soon as he'd finished speaking.


However, it was too late. The wolf monster had responded.

In this way, the Monster Palace now had no right to intervene.

Even if they killed Jiang Chen, how the Advanced Wolf Tribe would be affected would be discussed much later.

"Jiang Chen, his name is Wind Mark. He is Black Wind's son, a genius of the Golden Clan. In terms of age, he can be compared to the human geniuses who arose last year."

Bai explained the facts to Jiang Chen anxiously.

It was a bit like the relation between the Sword King of Breeze and Jiang Chen.

However, Wind Mark was not as strong as a titled martial arts practitioner.

"Our monster rule is, no matter what weapons you use, you must hold them in your hands."

Bai continued, "That means you can fight in an immortal armor, as long as you have one, but the thing is, you can only carry a limited number of things with you, from your body to your limbs."

This was actually not restricting any external forces, and it wasn't as strict as the human rules.

If you had a Divine Artifact, you could use it as well.

Jiang Chen happened to have the bronze cauldron and the Buddhist Relic with him, thankfully.

He could hold one in either hand. In this way, he would never be defeated.

But he wouldn't pay attention to the monster rules. He was a human. Even though this was a fight with a monster, he wouldn't use two important weapons at the same time.

"Let's start."

Wind Mark was going to try to end the fight quickly, because, if it lasted a long time, the Monster Shrine of the Advanced Wolf Tribe might find out about it and make them come back.

In that way, he wouldn't be able to avenge his father.

Jiang Chen flew into the air. Glancing over at the group of 11 wolf monsters, he already had a plan.

"Let's start then."

He had been relaxed when he had been making the deal with the chieftain. So in the same way he was relaxed now.

He didn't exert all of his strength when he defeated those eight low-level monsters.

This day, he hoped these wolf monsters wouldn't disappoint him.

"I'll fight you."

To his surprise, Wind Mark was the first to fight.

He was the strongest among the 11 wolf monsters.


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